Our Eagle Scout!

December 8, 2007

Jordan's Eagle Court of Honor was awesome! We invited 80 people and I am pretty sure they were all there. We had yummy Pozle' soup, almost ran out of food but didn't. The ceremony was super and Grandpa Skinner was the MC and did a great job. I don't think we could have asked for a better evening it was the perfect celebration for Jordan. He really has worked hard for this honor. He already qualifies for the silver and bronze palm. Horray Jordan! This is my thought about the "Mother's Pin" shouldn't that be a diamond tennis bracelet instead!

Aunt Bethany comes to Town!

December 3, 2007

Well as you can see it was some good fun to have Bethany here for Thanksgiving. After everyone got their haircut and colored.....hehe. How about that haircut Jord? The best part was the bangs! We love you Beth!

Grandma Skinner' Birthday

December 3, 2007

We had a lot of fun on Grandma's birthday. We went out to eat at the Hacienda and had some great food! We also ate some yummy cake and sang really loud!


November 15, 2007

We have three kids in braces! Holy Cow! Between keeping up with their appointments and the $$ it is alot to manage! After a pretty bad experience with an orthodontist here in Mexico we have changed Dr.'s and are basically having to start over, even though both Jordan and Victoria have had braces for more than a year. Oh Well....The new Dr. is great! We are hoping for some pretty amazing teeth when this is all over.
Here were are living the good life in Mexico! Kelly, Shelley, Jordan(14), Victoria(13), and our little Rooster Riley(10). I hope that this blog will help us keep in touch with family and friends a little better than we have in the past. We grew sunflowers this year (thus the picture) and it was a complete joy! The whole community enjoyed the fields full of sunflowers, it cheered us all. Hopefully we will grow again next year.
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