Raising An Ebenezer Stone...

August 28, 2011

Grandma Christine called the whole family together...it was FHE.
..She decided awhile back, that she
wanted to raise an Ebenezer stone in her yard to represent our commitment as a family
to Heavenly Father.  She selected the location...a place that everyone passes by, so that
it would be seen very often.  She had some large rocks brought to her home...and selected just
the perfect one....then had a little pad of cement poured, the rock placed in the center,
and it was about then...that the family arrived.

When we "arrive"...it is most often in a variety of off road vehicles...and this was no
different.  Grandma C. gathered the family around...and that is not an easy thing to do;)...
and she taught everyone what an Ebenezer Stone was and why it was important to our family.

History of the Ebenezer Stone;
The name Ebenezer is taken from 1Samuel 7:12, and translated means "the stone of help". According to the Biblical account, Samuel exclaimed "Thus far, the Lord has helped us" when he erected a stone, and named it Ebenezer. The Ebenezer Stone served as a memorial, to the children of Israel, of all the ways the Lord had helped them - routing their enemies, protecting their borders,
returning the Ark of the Covenant.       

Every person present placed their hands in the wet cement, and wrote their name below the
handprint....commiting to the words that Grandma C. also wrote in the wet cement...
"We will stand for right...even if we stand alone"

The family had a great time finding the perfect location for their hands...
All the while this was going on a big storm was looming above.  While some were still writing
in the cement...rain began to fall.  The Stone was quickly covered with a tarp and it
began to pour!  It was quite a storm...one that left alot of rain behind.


Even the littlest people...Gavin....put their small hands into the cement!

We were so happy that it was able to get done before The Boy left for his mission...there
is his hand above...and man are we missing him!!!

I appreciate so much, the efforts of a beloved Grandma who is always thinking of ways to
strengthen her posterity.  She offers counsel, writed sweet notes...and most of all
offers unconditional love.  This was a great unifying experience for our family!  As I have read
about Ebenezer Stones...what I have come to understand about them is that although raising a
literal stone is wonderful...it really is about offering thanks and recognition to a Heavenly
Father who has blessed us so much!  Our offering....is Our Boy...who left us this week
to serve his mission.  He is our Ebenezer Stone for the next two years...and he will be a
constant reminder of how blessed we are as a family!

Soaking It All Up....

August 18, 2011


Chicago....that is where I am today.
The Farmer has that conference thing again that he speaks at....and when he committed to speak, we really didn't have any idea when The Boy would be leaving for his mission.  So we packed The Boy along for the trip since he will be leaving us one week from today....
When I realized how close this trip was to his departure date...I asked him if he would like to go in my place and spend some one on one with The Farmer...without much thought he answered YES!
When I suggested my plan to The Farmer...he thought it would be great for me to come along...after all he says....he wouldn't do this conference thing if I didn't enjoy Chicgao so much.   Awwww...
I like that Farmer. The Farmer and I were counting the years that we have been luck enough to attend this conference...and experience this city...and realized that he gave his first presentation in 2001....wow....11 years ago.  We missed a couple of years...but for the most part we have been have had the great blessing of attending.  We learned to love this city when we lived in Cincinnati...Chigago was our temple..and we would travel 5-6 hours on temple trips with the youth and
 other members of our ward.  Those are some great memories! 
 We arrived yesterday...and will spend the next few days enjoying
our Boy...and enjoying this wonderful city.
Mission Photo 1

Sunday was The Boy's "farwell"....the Skinner Uncles arrived in force...cooked some great steaks...sang a song....and headed back to Mesa.  Their visit was just toooo short, but it was wonderful to have them with us.  I prayed for alot of strength...and not too many tears...and my prayers
were answered!  I don't want to upset The Boy with my tears....so I try really hard to keep them to
myself.  Sunday was a great day...we enjoyed a wonderful family dinner following church...Brisket with all the fixings...Uncle Dave did an amazing job on the meat!  We ate...we visited...we laughed...and ate more.  It was a great celebration of family, who have all helped raise
The Missionary Boy.  I appreciate so much the way this family supports
 each other...it is a great blessing!  Tuesday, The Boy visited the Colonia Juarez Temple...again a wonderful experience...again it was great to have the support of family and friends.
Our days are busy.....busier than I can ever remember being...but it is a great busy!
I am soooo far behind on blogging...my hope is that once The Boy is in the mission field...my
life will settle a bit and I can catch up....we will see...but for now...The Farmer and I are
enjoying our Missionary Boy....soaking him up!!!

Joe's Cafe

August 9, 2011


While in Utah...The Rooster golfed nearly everyday.  So that meant I was driving him from one course
to another...to another....so he could practice his "skills."  While driving I found myself
looking around...checking out the sights....One morning...before The Farmer joined us....I noticed
a little "hole in the wall" a place called Joe's Cafe.  It is very near to University Mall....it is located in
a little strip mall where in one stop you can get yourself a very fancy prom dress....buy a little insurance that you might need and plan your funeral....now that is one stop shopping!  Right in the middle of that strip mall is Joe's Cafe.  I noticed it because, painted on the window were the words...
"Best Biscuits and Gravy In Utah!!!"  Now, if you know The Farmer...you know that he LOVES
biscuits and gravy.  I mean LOVES!!!  Through the years I have tested many recipes, on the search
for the perfect biscuits and gravy.  We do have a favorite..and I have been making it for the family for a very long time.  Anyway....I made a mental note, that when The Farmer arrived we would try
Joe's Cafe and see if his claim to fame was really true.

One morning, after The Farmer joined us.....we carefully slipped away from The Darlings...and headed to Joe's for breakfast.  I don't thing Those Darlings even noticed we were gone...untile we arrived home and they said something like...."where did you go?"  We walked into Joe's and were greeted by
Joe himself...with a huge smile...and fun jokes.  We ordered...aside from our order, he brough us a bowl of his grits to try...and we were in heaven!  I mentioned to The Farmer that I felt like we had
been transported back to Cincinnati Ohio...where we spent a few great years.  Joe came and sat at our table and told us "his story" and how he ended up in Utah....of all places.  It was some great fun!
Our breakfast order arrived....The Farmer's eyes rolled to the back of his head, when he layed that first bite of those famous biscuits and gravy...on his tongue.  He announced that they were truly the best he had tasted....and he has tasted ALOT....I made the big mistake of asking him if they were better than my recipe that I make at home...and without hesitation he answered....YES!!!
Oh wow!  I told Joe I wan't sure our marriage would last after that comment...and he just laughed and laughed.  The cafe was filled with a very diverse group of people...some families...some bikers...some local athletes...some businessmen....they were all there for the yummy food...but also becuase they
love Joe!  He moved from table to table visiting with every guest, making them feel like they were a long lost friend.  When our meal was done....Joe took our picture to place on his wall....that is covered with most every customer that has walked through his doors. We left happy....very satisfied...and vowing to return with The Darlings...knowing very well that they would love Joe's as much as we had.

I few days later....we headed out on a trip to Martin's Cove Wyoming.  The Farmer suggested a stop at Joe's before we began our drive.  The Darlings were amused by Joe.  He treated them really well...
he again served us up some tasty food....and finally took more pictures for his wall. They loved the place....and the loved Joe!  We have since recommended it to several people...and they have each
enjoyed Joe's....and have promised to make it a regular stop.

The BEST Biscuits and Gravy in Utah!!!


PreShie, getting ready to dig into her yummy breakfast!

The Farmer's amazing "Joe's Burger"  It was so amazing that he had to eat it with a fork!



Joe really took to The Boy...they became dear friends instantly!  He made sure that I took this picture....just like it is!  If you are close to University Mall...stop in and visit Joe....
You will be glad you did!!

It's All Over....And Why Are All The Flies In Mexico????

August 4, 2011

(Llamafest....you can be sure I will be blogging about this a little later!)
We are home....our Summer adventure in Utah is done.
It was GREAT!  We couldn't have asked for anything more.  We saw lots of family....
spent time with great friends....made new friends....arranged a few marriages (The Darlings, of course), ate way too much....saw beautiful sights....laughed harder than I have laughed in a long long time.....shopped for our missionary.....hung out with Auntie...and much much more.
I had hoped to blog my way through our Summer fun, but almost a soon as we arrived in Utah...
my computer went on strike.  It went to the shop...they lost a ton of my pictures....said they repaired it,
and I brough it home.  I fired it up...and it almost immediately died....ugh!  Back to the shop it went...
a new hard drive was installed.....in the meantime....I found another computer....brought it home....The Farmer scowled at me....and I said..."I MUST have this computer so I can blog!"....The Darlings
all agreed....The Farmer said "fine" and we all moved on.  He is such a great sport!
Our trip home was a little crazy....it always is....The Farmer finds great deals in Utah on items that he really needs here in Mexico...and so we end up hauling alot of stuff home.  This year...among other things....he purchased a bunch of used drinking fountains for the chili plant.  Super idea...but the Border Agents, just couldn't wrap their minds around the drinking fountains....they gave us alot of grief over 4 fountains that cost $20 each.  They finally gave in....and we completed our
journey home.  Many things made the trip eventful...and I will write about them later...but for now...I thought I should make a few proper good-byes to Provo....

*Dear Luis and Cami at Sonic.....thank you for making it "your pleasure to serve me" day after day
when I arrived for my large cup of amazing sonic ice.  Thank you also for wishing me a "super Sonic day" EVERYDAY....as I pulled away with my ice.  Who knew it could be such  a happy place to work!  Is it sad/scary... that I know your names?????
I have since started searching the internet to find myself a pellet ice maker...but Auntie says it would
be easier to just get myself a Sonic franchise....hummm...now there is an idea;)

*Dear Nie Nie.....Let me begin this note to you by saying that I am not a creeper!  I had the good
fortune of coming upon your house one afternoon...ACCIDENTALLY.....as I was coming off
the hill, from visiting the home where I spent my early married days.  What a treat it was to see your
lovely home!  Your beautiful children were playing in the yard....was I tempted to stop and say hello, you ask????  Why yes I was!  When I proposed the idea to The Darlings they said no way....she will think you are a creeper.   I am pretty sure you wouldn't think that...but anyway...it was fun to see your home, and maybe next year I will stop by and say Hi!

*Dear People Of Provo....you are some happy folks!  Thanks for having such great manners...smiling all the time....keeping your yards beautiful....you inspire me!  Thank you for the cool evenings...and for making sure there were no flies while we were in town.  I didn't know what a gift that was....
until I came home;)

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