The Harvest....Continued

August 28, 2009

During the first day of harvest....six rattlesnakes were killed.
Dangerous....yes.....wasted.... NO!
They were saved by the workers, for a little treat later on that night.

Potatoes freshly pulled from the ground.
The women gather the potatoes and the men load them onto the trailers.


Loading....trailer after trailer. At the time we were in the fields, they had been working for
fourteen hours, and had several hours still ahead.
Waiting for the next section of potatoes to be dug up, so they could gather.
I thought they were beautiful ladies.

And finally, The Farmer, The Boy and Uncle Pinguino,
Enjoying the harvest!

Got Taters.....???

August 27, 2009

Harvest has begun!
Yesterday I took a little trip with The Farmer, The Boy and Rooster to watch the potatoes being harvested. It was so much fun and it was a new experience for me.
It was a beautiful afternoon, full of excitement for a harvest much anticipated.
This is the first year that The Farmer and his youngest brother, Uncle Penguin, grew potatoes. They learned alot.

This is just a little preview....I took soooo many pictures and am editing them right now. I will post the process of the potato harvest....with pictures....a little later today.

I love that Farmer of mine! (in the red shirt). I am so grateful that he is willing to do the right thing, because it is the "right thing." Even if others around him don't like it. Totally unrelated to the potates....


Not A Bad Thing......Right????

August 25, 2009

This when I need a little reassurance.....right about now!
THE DARLINGS are back to school,
I can't say that I am all that happy about it. You can call me a bad Mom...that's okay with me,
I just didn't get enough summer. It was to dang short!
and I miss those Darlings when they are gone all day. I am feeling like I want to keep them home all day, where I can see them. If I could I would probably wish for school again, but for now.....
PreShie....she is a Freshman....she can look me directly in the eye, and
her Mother thinks she is beautiful!
She has become very health conscious this year...that is rough on a sack lunch!
Oh....The Rooster...he is in high school now. This is him sitting on the ditch bank putting his shoes on, waiting for the bus to come. He is adjusting well. Not to sure I am, but he is.
The Boy. A Junior, and I am seriously sheding tears as I type that word.
He just has two years until he goes on his mission.
Where did the time go??????
He is working on playing quarterback this year.
And there they go! And I sadly return to my home to prepare for my day.
This is right outside my kitchen window. One of the first sounds I hear each moring is the sound of the hummingbirds beginning to feed.
Today we have a "swarm" of hummingbirds and I LOVE IT!!!
I fill our feeders atleast once a day and they promptly empty it.
They are a complete joy to watch.
Kitty Meow Meow, actually caught one they other day and it nearly broke the heart of
The Rooster. The cat sat for days and days hoping to catch another, but lucky for us
he hasn't been able to.
The Farmer's Mother came by last night. We really like that lady! She is a favorite around here.
Even the dogs know and love her. She came during dinner, and we invited her to join us, she announced that she had just eaten. When we offered her a little chocolate pie.....she quickly found that she was not as full as she had previously thought!
Oh we love her!!!
She brought with her a few of her organic yummy pears, that were grown in her own yard.
I had big plans for those pears.......
but so did The Darlings....and they are nearly gone. What a treat for us!
Life is pretty darn good around her.....but.......

I Love This Place!

August 20, 2009


It really is one of my favorite cities ever!
This is the view from our window,
The sheets are beyond wonderful!
(I have a thing for sheets)
This is The Farmer's breakfast....he thought it was pretty great,
me on the other hand
had a lovely plate of fruit.

The streets are lined with the most beautiful flowers.
Each year, when we return to this city
I am reminded again, why I love it so much!



August 17, 2009

I am fully aware that we here in Mexico have issues of our own....
I thought these cartoons were pretty great!
obama 4

obama 1

obama 3

obama 5
I think this one (above) is my favorite!

Socks.....Clean or Dirty???

August 13, 2009

First, can I just say...
and here is another reason why....
I have had a stiff neck for going on two weeks now. I know why. I have a terrible mattress! Seriously, The Farmer and I have purchased so many mattresses it is sillly. We cannot find one we love. That is another story completely. Anyway, back to the neck problem. I cannot turn my head comfortably in either I just move my eyes.
The sweet lady that helps us in our house, noticed that the problem just wasn't going away. She, very seriously approached me and said that she knew exactly what was wrong and how it could be fixed. She said...and I do quote...."the reason your neck hurts is because your husband has a noose around your neck and he is slowly tightening it," and this is where I said....hummmmmm..
..then she said, "If you want to fix your neck, take one of The Farmer's tube socks....put it behind your neck....hold each end with your hands...and move back and forth, massaging your neck....
and the pain will leave." The Farmer thought that sounded great...with the exception that, he recommended that the sock that he had worn for the entire day....with his boots....would be the sock I should use.
I didn't try it!
(but my neck is feeling a little better today..thank goodness!)
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