Found In My Email This Morning.....

October 31, 2011

Jordan Reading

Along with his weekly letter, Another letter was sent by the sweetest member of the
ward that The Missionary Boy is serving in.  Oh how it made my day!!!
She took this picture Sunday morning.
It was a Tender Mercy for me today!!!;)

It 's What He Dreams About......

October 28, 2011


When he was a little Rooster...he had the complete set of John Deere play
tractors....and he loved everyone of them!
And like the saying goes...
"The bigger the boy.....The bigger the toy...."
Every afternoon when The Rooster returns home from a long day at school...
He immediately locates The Farmer...and plans a trip to the nearest tractor.
Some days it works out for him...and some days it doesn't.
On this particular day...he longed for a tractor....The Farmer wasn't around...and so
The Rooster headed to the Solecito...a small farm close to our house....found
himself a tractor and climbed aboard.  He then called to let me know that he was driving
around...and invited me to come along to admire his "tractor driving skills!"
The sky was beautiful....the leaves on the trees are begining to fall...the colors
in the orchard are golden and beautiful!  It was a fun evening...watching The Rooster
enjoy what he loves such a beautiful setting!


So Very Scary........

October 27, 2011


The neighborhood has been...."Booed!!!"

Our Theme...A New School Year...And...I Am Way Behind Schedule!!!!

October 26, 2011


Life hasn't slowed down too much for us since June....
it seems like we have had event after event that has kept us both on the road...
and on our toes;) Every activity has been wonderful...and a complete joy...but it has
really been busy!!  The begining of school came and went...we did our traditional activites
like we have for many years...but without The Boy.  That was sad.
The Rooster and PreShie take the bus each morning for the is always a bit
of a guessing game when it will arrive;)  Some days we are out waiting too early...and
other the last several....we miss the bus all together...but here is the interesting thing...
we are out on the street each and every morning....AT THE SAME TIME!!!
(no...I am not bitter or angry!!!! hahaha)
PreShie began her Junior year...she and The Boy will be going to college at the very same time!
(we didn't plan that one too well...did we???)
She is happy...involved....taller than me...and has a great sense of humor:)
It is going to be a great year for PreShie...I just know it!

The Rooster started his 9th grade year...he too has had a little growth spurt lately...
He isn't too happy about having to actually go to school every day...but he is giving it
his best shot!;)  The Rooster loves to a great friend to all...has the most darling
laugh....and is a delight to have around! He carefully selected his shoe wardrobe for this year...he said "the brighter the better" since it is the only thing they get to choose to wear each day.  He choose several colors of Vans...and some other "big" shoe that has bright colors too!  Who knew that backpacks and shoes could be sooooo important!
 It is really hard to believe he will be in "high school" next year!

The Darlings "home away from home!"
This year our back to school dinner was combined with our family theme for this
school year and our traditional father's blessings.
The theme that The Farmer and I choose this year is....
"Fill Up...Go On....And.....Pray Again...."
This is a quote taken from the history of Daniel Webster Jones...
The Farmer's Great-Great-Grand father who played a great role in the early colonization of
the LDS church.  He settled...under the direction of Pres. Brigham Young...the Lehi
area of Arizona, and was also one of the Rescue Riders for the Martin Willy
Handcart Company.  He was quite a man!  We talked about what it meant to "fill up" and how
we as a family would put this theme into practice this school year.  I sure do appreciate those
who have gone before us and given us such a great heritage to live up to.  What I have learned
about myselft because of great ancestors, is that we come from people who can do hard things
and do them well.  I really am grateful for their examples.  We had these stars made
for each family member...but the artist Kurt Knudsen....(who happened to be our neighbor years
ago when we lived in Utah)...and the theme is etched in the center of each star, as well as
the year.  Each is different...and each hangs in our kitchen for us to enjoy and remind us everyday,
of our family committment to....
"Fill Up....Go On....And....Pray Again!"
This boy...The Rooster...was just overcoming a combination of an eye infection...and
severe allergies...his eyes were nearly swollen can see in the photo..
that there is still some swelling...Poor Guy!!!

Of Course we had a special star made for our Missionary Boy....
It sits on his missionary shelf in our kitchen.,..the Darlings call it....
"The Shrine"...I guessit kind of is;)

Auntie Is A Married Woman!

October 23, 2011


Friday was the big day for Auntie...
And after much planning the moment arrived....
Our Dad performed the ceremony....that was extra special;) 
The temple was full of family and friends to celebrate the special event....
and the steps of the temple were loaded with nieces and nephews waiting for
the new couple to appear!
I do love how a family comes together in moments like this help,
and to support....this family did an exceptional job at both!!
Auntie is more like a sister to The Darlings, than an Aunt.
She has lived with us...traveled with name it...she has been there with us!
The Boy sure felt sad that he couldn't be there to support her...but he is pretty happy
to be where he is...doing what he is doing;)
It was a very hot day...especially for October...but is sure was a great day!
PreShie was a bridesmaid and she looked like a million bucks!
The Rooster....well...he just makes the best of most any moment...
and he did have a wonderful time with his cousins

"The Brotherhood" (that's what The Farmer named them...) were out in force in support
of their baby sister...some where not too happy about the matching ties...but were happy to
"conform" when encouraged to do so;).....and kept using the word "conform" when they
could squeeze it in;)......we enjoyed a lovely lunch at Tia Rosa's after the
ceremony....and as much as we love to eat....we love visiting even more...and we took EVERY
opportunity to do so;)  We are a bit of a loud group...but we love to be together;)
The Farmer INSISTED on a picture in the cactus garden....we are still not
sure why...but he did mention something about counting this a the Christmas photo....
He HATES taking the Christmas photo.....
The reception was beautiful.....
600 empanadas later.....
The company was excellent...many dear friends from the past came to say hello,
and share a hug or two.  Oh how I loved seeing people that helped raise me!
Lots of family was on the scene...they are all great supporters too!

It was the perfect weekend of new beginings...
Memories from the past....
Hopes for the future...
Great family time.....(I never get enough of those brothers of mine!!!)
and ALOT  of extreemly yummy food!!!

Dear PreShie...You at 17......

October 19, 2011


Dearest Little Wicky Lou.....(aka PreShie...)
Happy Birthday to you!!
I know you have heard all these stories before...but I want to tell you again so you know...for sure
how very much you are loved!  It wasn't easy for your Dad and I to get our children...
after many years...your brother...The Boy....arrived on the scene...and a very short 9 months
later...we found out that you were on the way!  Wow!!! I guess we thought it  would take
another several years for us to get another baby...but knew the "family party" had started
and you didn't want to miss a thing!  Your arrival was pretty scary...and after a stay in the NICU...
you were ready to come home.  When your brother held you for the first time all he could say
was "Babe" and boy did he love you and watch out for you.  I know he was pretty anoying for
the last couple of years;)...but he sure did worry about you and wanted to protect you and keep
you safe...that was important to him.  When you two had to stay good-bye it was pretty
darn hard.... on both of you.  So, Mi at 17....
You are a beautiful young woman..inside and out!  I am so grateful for you!  Your Dad is
perfectly smitten with you...and he will jump whenever you say jump!  You are alot like
him.  You look like are creative like think like him...and you too understand
each other in a very special way.  I love that you talk to us...that you tell us your hopes and dreams,
your fears and your joyful moments.  You have a wonderful sense of are really,
really funny!  You are trust are honest, even if it will get you into trouble;)
You have a great head on your shoulders!
You are a fantastic photographer!  Your pictures are really special!  You most certainly have a gift
You are always finding a way to create....I love that about you.  The thing that has touched me the most about you lately is your intense loyalty to your
 brother The Rooster.  I love that he trusts you and confides in you.  I love even more,
that you are willing to protect him.  I love that you
love him!  He is lucky to have you around and he knows it.  You totally hate feeding the dogs...
even though you have done it for YEARS!.....why do you still complain and tell me that you
"hate those dumb dogs...." every single night as you are feeding them!!!!  WHY????
Just for the record...they love you.  And can we talk about Kitty Meow Meow???  Oh wow!
you sure do love him....he is known as the fattest cat in town...thanks to the bowls of milk
that you give him each and every morning...and sometimes in the night too!  He is one wacky cat!
I love that you still wanted a playhouse at the age of 16....and that your Dad actually built
you one!  And boy did he build you one!!!  You are so fun to talk are very
passionate about have fun no matter what you are doing....and you have a smile
that lights up a room!  We did worry the other day though...just a little...when you
were never going to move would just go to college online while living at the
"red house"...okay...that scared us just a little;)...hehe....
Here is a few of the little names we call you....
Queen.....Queenie....Toria....Wicky....Blicky.....Wicky Lou..and most importantly
PreShie.....this of course comes from Precious.  One of the ladies who worked for us when you were
a baby named you Precious....and it stuck!  What I love is that even the Bishop calls you PreSh!
Wicky Lou....we love you sooooo much!  You are a joy beyond measure!!  We love
everything about you!  Thanks for being our little PreShie Girl!
(Just a few little notes about your birthday this year....)
*A group of your friends came to our house at 1am to sing Las Mananitas...a
birthday tradition in Mexico....
*A special "friend" gave you a build-a-bear "cheerleader" and you really liked it!
*Aunt Kelly and Jan made you lunch at the high school since I was out of town...
*Aunt Mary made you and the cousins..and some friends...a birthday dinner
(again..since I was out of town)
*You said it was a great day...and you really had alot of fun!;)

A SPAM Picnic....

October 13, 2011

We eat SPAM!  Not all the time...but we do eat it.  Why do I feel like that is a deep dark secret
I just shared???  I tasted it for the first time in my life about 3 years ago.  The Boy had just returned
from a "ranch" trip with his beloved Uncle Pingy.  When I asked what they had eaten for lunch he replied..
"SPAM Burritos!"  And he was happy about it!  It must have been the horrified look on my face that he he began to assure me that there is really nothing more tasty than SPAM cooked over
a campfire.  The Uncle and The Boy had taken some tortillas, a can of SPAM, and an avocado...and
that my friends...was lunch.  They cooked the SPAM over the campfire....sliced it into a warm tortilla,
and topped it off with a slice or two of avocado.  I can't say that his description made me want to
rush to the "ranch" so I could experience one of those burritos...but the SPAM Burrito became legendary
in our home from that moment forward.  Very often over the past few years...The Boy...and his dear
cousins Loly..would take off on their horses...with all that was needed to make the SPAM Burrito.
In was one of the last things they did together before he left for his mission to England.
Later...The Boy taught us how to enjoy some fried SPAM...on waffles...and I will admit...that is tasty!
In fact...this past Monday morning a group of missionaries showed up at our home...for their
P-Day...and to do their laundry...and I made them SPAM and Waffles...and they were seriously
excited!  They ate it all up!!!
After all of the SPAM Burrito stories that The Boy shared around the house....PreShie and Cousin Maxo..
her BCF(best cousin forever....) decided they would make themselves some memories...and
go on a SPAM picnic.  They had heard all the stories....and so they knew what to do!
They packed all the fixin's, and headed to the perfect location.
PreShie came home and announced that they had a wonderful time...but that SPAM...smells like
dog food in a can...but it tasts amazing when it is cooked over a roaring campfire!
We do love her descriptions of everything...she is very colorful;)
Was is the SPAM that made the ask?????
I am pretty sure it helped...but it was the company of BCF...a dear friend...and a great
adventure....that is the necessary ingredients for the perfect picnic!

They also enjoyed...our all time favorite....
Quesdillas...cooked over a campfire!
Looks like alot of fun to me!
PreShie....BCF Maxo...and a dear friend;)


October 11, 2011

In August, the ward scheduled a campout.  We had just gotten back into town from a long Summer
away from we were unable to stay for the whole campout...but we did decide
to drive to the location and spend the day.  This was, of course, before The Boy left for his mission.
The camping location was at the Gavilan.  A ranch owned by members of the church in our area.
It is a bit of a drive....the road is pretty rough and bouncy....but it is beautiful!
It had been raining during this time...and the closer we got to the Gavilan...The Farmer began to wonder
which of the seasoned campers remembered to set their camps up on high ground.
He was pretty sure he knew who would remember...he named a few names....and said that they had each
visited that ranch during rainy season...and so they KNEW that high ground was important.

The drive was very green.  We had to cross the river several times and it was very high.  The Farmer in his
usual fashion, found it a challenge to cross a river running high.  Me on the other hand found it
unsettling.  You would think I would learn after many many years of marriage to that Farmer.
We arrived...found friends and became obvious very quickly that some had endured a very long
night when a stream over flowed right into their tents....and other slept right through it...dry.
It was lush and beautiful...but also cold and wet......very wet!
We had a great time visiting with dear friends;)
It was some pretty good fun to watch folks make their way accross the flooded stream to get to the
outhouse.  Some had to ride their ATV's to make it.  Others just stomped right through the water.
When we arrived...this cute boy decided that he was going to chop this log in two.  The Rooster even told
him that he would give the cute boy $20 bucks if he could do it.  And that was some serious motivation
for that cute boy.  He chopped and chopped...he would stop and rest for a few minutes...and then he would begin chopping again.  This went on for a LONG time.  I was amazed with his desire to
chop that thing in half.  The Boy was all the while watching...yelling a few tips from his comfy
camping chair...we all kept visiting...and the cute boy kept chopping.


The Boy finally started to feel sorry for the cute he took his turn chopping...after all he wanted to
see his brother pay that $20.  He did a lot of chopping and made some great progress
the axe broke.  That was when this little guy got a roll of blue tape and taped it back together.
Along with The Boy's arm...and anything else he thought my benefit from some blue tape;)
There was blue tape EVERYWHERE! And it was alot of fun to watch him enjoy that roll
of tape.  And enjoy he did!
This....(above) the face of trouble....yes it is!
That is all I am going to say about that!
p.s.  I sure do love that face;)
Although it was a very fun day...I do have to admitt that I was pretty grateful that I was
able to jump into our truck and head for home.  And that we did!
It was good we crossed the river when we did....just a little later in the day and we
most likely wouldn't have made it accross. 
It was a great day..and great memories were made!

It Was A Good Day For The Dogs....

October 10, 2011


The Farmer....and his Daughter..aka PreShie....decided to take a little Rhino ride on Satuday
evening.  She had been out of town for a couple of days on a cheer trip and The Farmer...well...
he is always up for a Rhino ride.  So they headed for the Solecito to check on the animals....and
then to the river for an adventure.  The took the beloved dogs along for some much needed
exercise.  It was a cool day....the leaves are begining to was a beautiful day.
When they arrived home...PreShie mentioned something about the Rhino nearly rolling...and it was scary.
But that was about it...and I didn't think too much about it...until this morning when I read The Farmer's
weekly letter to the Missionary Boy.  He went into a little more detail....and mentioned something
about nearly running over the dogs a few times.  And....of course he ended the letter by saying...
it really wasn't that big of a all turned out OK.
The dogs returned along with The Farmer and PreShie...they seemed just fact they slept
pretty well on Saturday night.  That is always a good thing.
So I guess in some cases the phrase "what you don't know...won't hurt you..." is kind
of true.  Had I know what really happened...I would have worried...all I did know for sure
is that they all came home safe and sound.
The Farmer titled this photo...
And for us it is.  Our little piece of heaven on earth.  Some days it doesn't seem
like much....but we sure like it!
Boss in Prison

So...a few weeks ago...Boss The Dog got "picked up" and thrown in the "slammer."
We were out of town when it happened...but thanks to the gardner next door we knew what had happened.
The dog police actually called Boss The Dog...from our yard onto the street so he could get him.
Our theory is that someone decided they wanted him and offered the dog police a little $$$$
and he gave it his best shot!  The Rooster called us and reported the "crime"....The Farmer sprang
into action and called out the troops...(that would be our secretary)...who headed to the Dog
Slammer and took these photos of Boss The Dog.  The most disturbing thing about the whole that the dog is actually smiling!
Boss and Buddies
He had to spend the night in the "Slammer" but was released early the next morning.
When "the troops" arrived to take him home...he didn't want to leave the pen he was locked up in...
after all...he had made some new friends and was having a great time!
Had we known that his visit to the "Slammer" would have been so much fun...we wouldn't have
worried so much!  Luckily "the troops" arrived bright and early to pick him up...while they
were paying the fines...another family arrived to take him home...pretty interesting huh?!
When Boss The Dog arrived home....he went right to his water dish and drank and drank...
The Rooster fed him...watered him...and hugged him...we just wish he had learned that the
"Slammer" is a BAD place to be...not a place to make new friends!!!


October 8, 2011


Yesterday...I couldn't take my eyes off of the clouds!
They were fantastic!  I told The Farmer that I thought Summer clouds were
the most beautiful...but I may be wrong!
The Pajarito (the mountain) had never looked so beautiful!


October 7, 2011


A few weeks ago, we found ourselves at the most darling Bed &Breakfast in Snowflake, Arizona.
The Arizona family have a gathering each a cabin owned by family members, and this
year was no different..only..we were able to attend!
Past years we were unable to be there because of football schedules with The Boy...
this year he is busy with more important things and Mexico celebrated it's independance...
which meant a holiday for us and so we were able to attend.  We left a day early and enjoyed
our stay in this beautiful old home.  The hosts were wonderful and actully from England...which
made it all that much more fun for us!  Breakfast was a delight....served out on the porch,
in a beautiful garden...the food was very tasty....everyone was happy!
The rooms were so nice...each named for a person of influence in the area...some settlers...some
family members of the previous owners...(who happened to by cousins of ours) of the
rooms was named for my great-grandmother...that was fun!
So after enjoying the small town...we headed for the reunion site which was about 20 minutes away.
Some family had already were playing...some were fishing...others
were already planning the campfire for that evening...excited for the opportunity to play in a fire;)
The next several days were full of activity....some unanticipated...for sure...but good fun!
We do love it when our professional photographer Aunt/Sister-in-law...brings along her camera...
and this is why....(above)  She did the most darling photo shoot of the girl cousins, and they had
a great time doing it!  The pictures turned out amazing!
She also spent a good amount of time teaching PreShie about her camera and how to better
use it.  It really meant alot to PreSh..she has said many times, how much she learned from her
sweet Aunt.  Thank Dear Aunt K. for teaching PreSh!
Almost immediately the young boy cousins found a small snake..they quickly brought it to
Grandpa for analysis and discussion.  It was passed around...everyone had fun holding it...and
the poor thing was released...and hopefully didn't have too many lasting effects from the
young boy cousins:)

Some folks....after searching for cel. signal....discovered it could be found in certain locations....

Other people fished....other people stepped on those special fishing lures and got them stuck
deep in their feet...and had to be taken to the local Urgent Care for removal.....
that was pretty exciting....
The Farmer hosted a rock painting activity for the cousins....
he led them on a rock hunt, where they each selected as many rocks as they
make some sort of sculpture....he carefully glued the rocks together...forming the most interesting
sculptures...each of the cousins had a vision of what their rocks could become...and he
helped them realize their vision.  I think he actually had more fun than the kids did....who
knew he was so good with a glue gun!!
Next the cousins carefully painted the rocks...they really had fun doing that!
Even the little people loved it!
They all had great imaginations!

The Rooster really enjoyed painting too.

The Farmer "creating" the rock sculptures!
We ate wonderful food...every meal!  It was fun to be together and visit....we had a little
"group therapy" session that was quite fun, we laughed a whole lot...
and ended each day around the campfire with Grandpa teaching us more about
"who we are".....we had s'mores....and on the final evening....our Aunt who will remain nameless
(unless she wants me to post her name...) showed us her talent of Elk calling...that none of us had any
idea she could do.  She was great!!  So great in fact...that she call an Elk in...and it was calling her
back...ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  Now that my friends...was some good fun!!
PreShie enjoyed taking pictures....especially of this butterfly.....
We pack up and headed for home...we passed through the mountains that had been so badlly
burned early this Summer...that was really sad to see.  We passed through little towns that we
had visited for football and basketball tournaments with The Boy....that brought back some
great memories...and made our hearts hurt a little because we miss him!  One of the little towns
we passed through had these signs posted outside...I thought they were great...both of them!
It was a great trip!  It was especially great to spend time with family, that we
love so very much!
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