A SPAM Picnic....

October 13, 2011

We eat SPAM!  Not all the time...but we do eat it.  Why do I feel like that is a deep dark secret
I just shared???  I tasted it for the first time in my life about 3 years ago.  The Boy had just returned
from a "ranch" trip with his beloved Uncle Pingy.  When I asked what they had eaten for lunch he replied..
"SPAM Burritos!"  And he was happy about it!  It must have been the horrified look on my face that he
noticed...so he began to assure me that there is really nothing more tasty than SPAM cooked over
a campfire.  The Uncle and The Boy had taken some tortillas, a can of SPAM, and an avocado...and
that my friends...was lunch.  They cooked the SPAM over the campfire....sliced it into a warm tortilla,
and topped it off with a slice or two of avocado.  I can't say that his description made me want to
rush to the "ranch" so I could experience one of those burritos...but the SPAM Burrito became legendary
in our home from that moment forward.  Very often over the past few years...The Boy...and his dear
cousins Loly..would take off on their horses...with all that was needed to make the SPAM Burrito.
In fact...it was one of the last things they did together before he left for his mission to England.
Later...The Boy taught us how to enjoy some fried SPAM...on waffles...and I will admit...that is tasty!
In fact...this past Monday morning a group of missionaries showed up at our home...for their
P-Day...and to do their laundry...and I made them SPAM and Waffles...and they were seriously
excited!  They ate it all up!!!
After all of the SPAM Burrito stories that The Boy shared around the house....PreShie and Cousin Maxo..
her BCF(best cousin forever....) decided they would make themselves some memories...and
go on a SPAM picnic.  They had heard all the stories....and so they knew what to do!
They packed all the fixin's, and headed to the perfect location.
PreShie came home and announced that they had a wonderful time...but that SPAM...smells like
dog food in a can...but it tasts amazing when it is cooked over a roaring campfire!
We do love her descriptions of everything...she is very colorful;)
Was is the SPAM that made the picnic...you ask?????
I am pretty sure it helped...but it was the company of BCF...a dear friend...and a great
adventure....that is the necessary ingredients for the perfect picnic!

They also enjoyed...our all time favorite....
Quesdillas...cooked over a campfire!
Looks like alot of fun to me!
PreShie....BCF Maxo...and a dear friend;)


Pedaling said...

pretty sure almost everything cooked over a campfire tastes pretty good---even spam, I guess.

Matt Skinner said...

Ya'll must really be looking for some variety in your Mexican food!

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