Pinto Beans....Peaches And....Clouds.....

August 31, 2012

After taking a few watermelon pictures...I took a little time to drive around The Farm and see what else was going on there;) Truly, I was completely taken with a BIG storm that was rolling over the mountains very near The Farm...and I wanted to be there when it actually arrived. So, I drove...and I waited...and I took pictures. Very near the watermelon, there are Pinto Beans that are coming along very well. They had just been cultivated...and there wasn't a weed in sight...and at this time of year, that is a pretty amazing thing!
108 161
Pinto Beans are a necessity here in Mexico...I have wondered what exactly people would eat if they didn't have Pinto Beans. They are a staple in our home. When the Missionary Boy opened his mission call and read he was going to first thought was..."how is he going to get Pinto Beans to make his burritos???" Seriously! The Darlings LOVE a good burrito....and The Missionary Boy was known to go and ask the men who work in the fields and orchards...for their burritos...he said their wives knew how to make the best beans.
So, each year The Farmer grows beans...not only to sell, but also so that each employee who wants some, can have some. Beans are quite expensive in Mexico...and for families to have access to a costal (100 lb. bag) of a great blessing to them. A few years back...The Grandparents S. discovered that "new beans" or bean that have been harvested recently...are much better than those that you purchase in the stores...that are actually from the previous season. The "new beans" cook much faster and have a great flavor. They enjoy a costal of beans too!
Our entire peach crop was lost this year during a terrible frost/storm that passed through our area. Most everyone in the area was affected. Much to our surprise, a few peaches began to show up! In fact, I was able to bottle enough peaches to get us through to next summer which was unexpected! What The Farmer discovered was that the peaches that were forming at the bottom of the peach trees, had been protected by the sprinklers that are used for frost control.
So, the entire crop hangs low to the ground. There aren't many peaches...but the ones that are there are a beautiful sight!
By this point, in my trip to The Farm....the storm has arrived...the watermelon picking has stopped, due to the rain...and it is perfectly beautiful! It was a really good "cloud" day, I took way to many pictures of the fantastic clouds as they rolled around The Farm.
This trip to The Farm was a treat for me! And a reminder that Summer, although it is coming to an end...has been a beautiful time of year at The Farm!


August 30, 2012


Last week we began picking the watermelon crop at The Farm. The Farmer was there to watch and gave me a quick call suggesting that I come and take some pictures..."it is quite a sight!" he said. I headed to The Farm, the sky was heavy with dark clouds on one side of The Farm...and full of fluffy full clouds on the other side of The Farm,
it was a beautiful contrast.
 I know what you are thinking...if that guy in the yellow stands up...he is
going to get a big huge watermelon right to the side of the head!   That's what I thought too!
Lucky for took him a minute or two to prepare the watermelon on the ground for picking....


The men were busy picking, tossing the ripe melons in an assembly line, and finally into the crates that they would be shipped in. It was so fun to watch...they had a rhythm as they tossed the ripe melons to each other. I watched them for quite some time and they didn't drop one! They also seemed to have this yell that they did, marking the timing of the melon toss! It was very fun to watch...that was until they discovered that I was photographing them....and the the posing began! Ugh!!


Can I just say...some days I feel like I am drowning because I have eaten so much watermelon!
And when I think I can't eat any more...I remember that they won't be around forever...
so enjoy while the the watermelon are here...and fresh!!!
And so we eat more...with a little salt...lime and Tajin....YUM!!


One Year Ago Today....

August 26, 2012

009 Mission Photo 1
One year ago this very day...our Missionary Boy began his mission service in England. Has the year gone by fast????...well, some days it has, other days it has not. That is just the honest truth. Putting him on that plane headed to England, was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I knew that it would be the best thing for him, and the best experience he has had in his life so far.
Was I right???
Yep...I sure was! Now I don't cry because he is gone...although we miss him...I cry as I read his letters...when I see his growth...when I feel his testimony...when I see his love and concern for those he is is a miracle! A mission is truly a miracle!
So today...we celebrated the miracle of the mission...not the absence of our Missionary Son. Today we didn't begin our countdown for his return...we became even more committed to soaking up every moment of this incredible experience that has been ours for the past year, and will be ours this next year. Oh how we love our Missionary Boy...oh how we are grateful for this wonderful experience he is having...serving the Lord!

Visiting USU....(Summer Catch-Up...)

August 21, 2012


While in Utah, we decided that some college campus visits would be a good thing. Thanks to some great family...PreShie got the VIP treatment at a couple of college options. The morning that The Farmer and Rooster took off on the "Harley Ride," PreShie and I headed to Logan. Although many members of my family have graduated from Utah State University, it had never occurred to me that my kids would possibly attend that school. Somehow The Missionary Boy got the idea that USU would be the perfect school for him...before he left for his mission...and soon that idea spread with some of the friends and cousins. PreShie didn't know what to think. So off we check out Utah State University! Uncle Ben and family just happened to be in the area on a family vacation, so they came to Logan to meet up with us and the Logan Cousins!
It was so much fun to spend time with so much family! 052

The drive was beautiful! Logan is just a beautiful place. PreShie kept commenting along the way, about how beautiful it was and how fun it would be to live there. We met cousin Nikkel at the school...also a USU graduate...and began the campus tour. The more we toured...the more PreShie love it! Beautiful campus...not an overly big close began to look like a place she would love! We learned what it meant to be a "True Aggie," and PreShie made sure to call her Grandpa Charles to see if he was a "True Aggie,"...which he confirmed;)

Our campus tour guide happened to be the Student Body President for this year...he was excited and fun...he made life at USU look pretty great!

059 060

The campus is very, very beautiful! 072

By the end of the tour...she was pretty determined that USU was for her! One of the funnest part of the trip to Logan was meeting one of Grandpa Charles' childhood friends who is a recruiter there. He told us some fun stories and made us laugh! 073 081

After the tour, we met Uncle Steve...and family...for some Aggie Ice Cream...which was very tasty! PreShie really enjoyed getting to know more cousins...and although she was pretty certain that USU would be a great option for her...Uncle Steve's "hard sell" made her even more excited to move to Logan. She said "it has everything!"..."school, small town...and lots of family to take care of me!;)" I wonder if the Logan cousins know what is headed their way! It really was a great day, it was so great of Cousin Nikkel to spend so much time with us and make sure that PreShie...and her Mom...knew the ins and outs of USU. I think it would be a place that both PreShie and The Missionary Boy would be very happy! Who knows...maybe a few other friends and cousins will join them in Logan;)
086 094

"The Farm"...On A Saturday Afternoon....

August 18, 2012

photo (20)

The Farmer had a full day today...not the "hopeful" Saturday where life slows down a bit. We really like those kind of Saturday's around here;) He left early this morning to attend a very special wedding in the Colonia Juarez temple. While on his way home...he decided to stop by "The Farm"...and check on things. He sent me a few photos from his phone...and they made me happy! I am sure I have posted about this farm before...but this particular farm had been abandoned for some time before The Farmer came along. He really believes that we never really "own" anything...we are just caretakers for a time. I love that concept. The Farm has passed through many very good people. The area was settled by a group of faithful people who worked very hard to carve a life for themselves and their families, on land that had never been developed. And then it passed to another great family, who were progressive thinkers and very hard workers. The stories they tell about life on that Farm...are wonderful! What a life they had! And then after several became The Farmer's turn to care for a piece of land that has great history. It took a very long time to "rebuild" The Farm...the years of abandon took it's toll. is alive again. I often tell The Farmer that I can feel the goodness of those who came before us, at that farm. The Farmer as been a good caretaker and has honored the labors of the caretakers before him. When The Missionary Boy was a "little Boy"...we planted a Pecan Orchard. The Farmer explained...(at the time)...that the orchard would someday help with the expenses of the Missionary Boy's mission. We have watched the orchard carefully as it grew...knowing that it would one day bless our Missionary Son. And that it has done!
  Today it is beautiful, and we are grateful for it!
photo (22)
The Farmer is also growing watermelon this year...YUM!!!

photo (23)

Another one of the perks to farming...all the all the watermelon you can eat;) least for this year!
**Later this afternoon The Farmer was spotted in the city park...getting his shoes shined at the local shoe shine stand...(another post for another day)....he then had the great honor of releasing our
newest returned missionary...Cousin Mitch!

Saying Good-Bye To Summer....

August 17, 2012


The carefree days of Summer have come to a close. It has been a great Summer, full of new experiences...lots of together time and days without rigid schedules. It has been great! Although it is sad to see it go...I think we are ready.  To celebrate the end of Summer and the beginning of a new school year...we decided a trip to the mountains would be a good thing.


We made a plan...(the family)...packed the vehicles...and headed for the "hills." The drive was beautiful, because of the recent rains...everything was lovely and green.

We arrived at a favorite picnic stop...right next to a river. The last time we visited this place was two years ago just before Cousin Ben left for Argentina to serve his mission. We had a load of teenagers with us was the last big outing they all had together before the friends in the group began to go their separate ways. Now...some of the members of that teenage group are beginning to return from their missions! Wow...has time passed quickly. The moment we arrived at our picnic location...the little people jumped from the vehicles and headed to the river.
  They began to build a dam so they would have a little "pool" to play in.


Even Brutus The Dog...had a great time!


Some people REALLY enjoyed themselves....
IMG_2296 IMG_2295 IMG_2320

Lunch was very tasty! There really isn't too much better than stir-fry in the mountains!


These two young cousins are not too far from becoming missionaries! Their big brothers have done a great job setting an example for them! It won't be too long now until it is their turn;)


The clan of cousins took a little nature hike...and returned with a baby snake. They thought it might be a baby Rattlesnake...and were very disappointed when
they found that it was an innocent Blow Snake.

  IMG_2347 IMG_2352

It was a perfect afternoon. The kids exhausted themselves playing...swimming... exploring. The adults enjoyed some visiting...and just plain a very beautiful location. It was a wonderful afternoon, and just what was needed to say good-bye to Summer and hello to another school year!

Traveling...(Summer Catch-Up)...

August 15, 2012


After putting The Darlings on a plane to Nauvoo for EFY...The Farmer and I headed to Las Vegas for a food show. We figured it would be the perfect time to attend...and still make it to Utah to pick up The Darlings the next Saturday. So off we went! Because the morning was hectic...we forgot to fill the car with gas...and about 5 miles outside of Lordsberg, NM the car just plain stopped! The Farmer had done some calculations and said it was going to be close...extremely close. Well, it wasn't close enough! We called for assistance and within about 10 minutes we were on the road again;) Boy am I sorry I didn't get a picture of the roadside guy, putting some gas into our car!


Once we were back on the road, The Farmer was commenting on how peaceful the ride was...just he and I;) And about that time...just outside of Tucson, the trailer we were pulling had a blow out! It was a HOT day...but The Farmer didn't complain, he just changed the tire...and in just a few minutes...we were back on
the road again!


He's a pretty handy guy...that Farmer!


Late that night...we arrived in Las Vegas...we figured that we had been in two countries, and three states in about 12 hours. It was a fun trip...even with the few challenges we had along the way!

Missionary Monday...When It's Time To Go...

August 13, 2012

Future missionary

Saying good-bye can be hard...but it is time to move again... This time to Didcot, which is outside of Oxford. Elder Nicholson from Scotland, is The Missionary Boy's new companion...and they will serve as Zone Leaders in the Reading Zone.

Jordan and babyIMG_7534
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