August 30, 2012


Last week we began picking the watermelon crop at The Farm. The Farmer was there to watch and gave me a quick call suggesting that I come and take some pictures..."it is quite a sight!" he said. I headed to The Farm, the sky was heavy with dark clouds on one side of The Farm...and full of fluffy full clouds on the other side of The Farm,
it was a beautiful contrast.
 I know what you are thinking...if that guy in the yellow stands up...he is
going to get a big huge watermelon right to the side of the head!   That's what I thought too!
Lucky for him...it took him a minute or two to prepare the watermelon on the ground for picking....


The men were busy picking, tossing the ripe melons in an assembly line, and finally into the crates that they would be shipped in. It was so fun to watch...they had a rhythm as they tossed the ripe melons to each other. I watched them for quite some time and they didn't drop one! They also seemed to have this yell that they did, marking the timing of the melon toss! It was very fun to watch...that was until they discovered that I was photographing them....and the the posing began! Ugh!!


Can I just say...some days I feel like I am drowning because I have eaten so much watermelon!
And when I think I can't eat any more...I remember that they won't be around forever...
so enjoy while the the watermelon are here...and fresh!!!
And so we eat more...with a little salt...lime and Tajin....YUM!!


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