Dear Farmer....

September 29, 2008

Dear Farmer;
It is time. I am ready. It isn't so much fun all alone;)
I am glad you are having a great time and seeing
the world. BUT, we are all ready for you to return.
Here's what I have been doing for fun, just incase you
are wondering...
*signing lots of stuff
*mediator for workmen
Some things have just been too much fun, so I will
share those with you a little later. But really...
Your Wife

It Came...And....She's Going To......

September 28, 2008

This is her...Sis. Auntie Beth...Friday evening at The Boy's football game, in a remote town in New Mexico...and I do mean remote! My Cel. phone rings and it is our Mother. She says that a letter has arrived from church headquarters for Auntie and what should she do with it. I, having been through this very experience myself, knew immediately what it was and so quickly passed the phone to Auntie. After many tears, she announced that she would be going here....
To Boston Mass. to serve her mission, speaking Spanish! A bit stunned, and emotional, but excited, ready to begin this next experience of her life.
She will leave very soon, and is very happy about that. It will be cold, but she isn't worried about that she just wants to serve. She is ready!
(Harvard University)

We are thrilled for her! We love having her here during this special time. Her excitment is a blessing in our home and encouraging The Darlings! The Farmer says that there couldn't be a better place in the whole world for her...this is where she is supposed to be! I couldn't agree more!


September 26, 2008

Every Sunday morning, I have the great pleasure of sitting behind some of these amazing flowers. Let me explain. Through the years our community has been blessed with some talented women who not only grow some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen, but they also can make them into arrangements that look as if they could cost hundreds of dollars. I lead the music for Sacrament Meeting and these beautiful arrangements sit right in front of me, where I can admire each individual flower and its beauty. An extra blessing to me, in this calling;) I love flowers! No, really....I LOVE FLOWERS! I have a quote on my bedroon wall that says "I must have flowers, always, always." by Monet. One year a man came to our home to check on a sick dog, he stood and looked around and then asked "do you grow these flowers to sell?" I quickly said "No, I couldn't part with one of them" he then said "Wow" I am sure that was because of the amount of flowers he saw. So you see, I really do love flowers, they simply make me happy! Okay....back to the beautiful Sunday arrangements....The most recent flowers that have been featured on Sunday's are Dahlias. Incredible Dahlias. I think I have a new obsession. I have been so facinated with these flowers, that I decided to photograph them, and actually at the same time be educated in the growing of the Dahlia.
Sis. Thelma is a legend in these parts. She had many sons, and no daughters. She is the most practical woman I know. She has been known to say "you are pregnant for 9 months, that is 9 months to prepare and freeze food for your family." She has not been one to depend on anyone to take care of her. She is now in her 80's, with snow white hair, always placed neatly in a small bun on the back of her head. She is beautiful! She is famous for her incredible school lunches that she carefully and lovingly prepared for her boys. When The Farmer talks remembers her lunches he does so with the most longing look in his eyes. He has tasted them...remember he would "borrowed" a lunch on occasion;)....he talks about the fluffy white bread loaded with Sunday roast beef, topped with fresh tomato and lettuce. Then usually a slice of pie or another sweet treat would be present too. Homemkaing at its best!
Her yard is fantastically manicured. Did I mention that she is a widow? She and her ever trusty yard man keep this very large yard, very well cared for. A weed wouldn't dare show it's face.... fruit trees, nut trees and many, many beautiful flowers.
These are the dazzling Dahlia's that I mentioned. Aren't they perfection??? Now can you see why I actually enjoy leading the music?? I get to sit by "them" and admire and wish and dream that I too could one day grow them. She actually grows certain colors so that they will coordinate for the arrangements, how's that for planning!
There are just some people who teach us all to be a little better. That we can do a little more. I am grateful for her example of work, even into her 80's you will not find her sitting around doing nothing. Thank you Sis. Thelma....for teaching me so many wonderful things, expecially thank you for the incredible arrangements that accompany me each Sunday morning,
they bring me so much joy~

Amazing Chunky Applesauce

September 25, 2008

I haven't made applesauce for a very long time. I guess mostly because The Darlings didn't really eat it too well. I have learned through the years, the things that they will eat and and the things that they will not. So I have really tried to put my effort into things that will get used. So I tried a new recipe for applesauce, a chunky applesauce, in hopes that The Darlings will love it. And they did! This really is an amazingly yummy chunky applesauce. So 50 quarts later.....

A new use for applesauce! Carmel Apple Pie Sunday. A little ice cream, with a little applesauce, then a little carmel topping and sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice. Wow! was that ever good!!
Amazing Chunky Applesauce
3-4 pounds of apples, peeled, cored and quartered
(I love Golden Delecious apples for this)
4 strips of lemon peel
juice of 1 lemon
1 cinnamon stick
1/4 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. white sugar
1 c. water
1/2 t. salt
Place all ingredients in a large (heavy) pot. Cover and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Remove from heat, remove cinnamon sticks and lemon peels. Mash with a potato masher until desired consistency. Pour into clean jars, add lids and rings then process for 25 minutes in water bath.

I am Thinking...

September 24, 2008

About doing it all again! A good friend tipped me off to this upcoming run in Arizona. It will be in December so...there is time to pick up the training again. I think I will do it! Why not! Training will begin Monday morning!
I will certainly add this to my ever growing charm bracelet. Actually maybe one for each run...
cute, isn't it?!!

This is such a great book! Very inspiring and a really fun read. I highly recommend the book. I read an article lately called "Why I Run" very good as well. Here is a little quote;

"Running has changed my life. It taught me patience, deepened my commitment to healthy living, and gave me the confidence and courage to try new things. Now, I seek out start lines, knowing baby steps can lead to big things.

It's the journey that I treasure, not the hour I arrive."

Kathleen Parrish

This too, is a MUST read. It is so darling and so thought provoking.
Check it will love it!

Oh, Wow! Thanks!

September 24, 2008

I don't know what to say....Thanks to my dear friend Pedaling for passing on this award to me. I love her blog, she is such a great writer, and has a super ability of sharing her feelings and views of the world in a genuine and entertaining way. I am sure I would love her blog even if she weren't a good friend. I have found alot of joy in blogging...I apprecite her encouragment and especially her sweet comments!;)

Found On Our Doorstep

September 23, 2008

Lookie what I found....on our doorstep....last night!
It was filled with some yummy cookies, just in time for a Family Home Evening treat! Thanks Sadie...I think you are a pretty special girl. I especially love, that you love cupcakes just as much as I do. Sadie was at our house a few weeks ago for our book club meeting, and she followed me upstairs to my bedroom, to get a book, while in my bedroom, in her raspy little voice she said "Is this your bedroom?" to which I answered, "yes, Sadie it is" then she said "wow, your bedroom is pretty!" (remember...she is 3) make me smile...we love you!

The Boy & The Dogs

September 23, 2008

These must be the most loved dogs on the earth! Since their mother died when they were born, only love and attention that they have had is from humans, so I am not sure that they know they are dogs. They are getting big and they are just beautiful!
They have been named "Bolt" and "Bess." Bolt was named during the Olympics after that sprinter from Jamacia. Last night I saw previews of a new movie called "Bolt" about a white German Shepherd. I thought that was funny!


September 22, 2008

(photo by Shauna Nielsen)
I know...I write alot about how amazing it is to raise children with their cousins as their neighbors, friends and family. But it really is....AMAZING!....These two boys have experienced most of their lives thus far, together. They are boys who have very different likes and dislikes, but they are first and formost cousins and often little moments are captured, like this one, that shows the love and tenderness that they have for each other, even in thier differences. I love that cousin boy like he is my own! In fact, I claim a little of him;) When he was a little guy, he would come to our home for scouts. It was only The Boy and The Cousin, and it was great fun! I have had many fun conversations with The Cousin, he is a wonderful boy! The most touching thing I have witnessed between these sweet cousins, was the night that The Boy came home from the hospital following his terrible car accident, and these two big boys hugged tight and The Cousin said "I am glad you are okay." I shed tears then and I shed them again as I write this post. I know that as different as they are, they love each other, for that I am grateful! And for that reason we live where we do, in a small farming community surrounded by family who love our children as we do, who want the best for our children just as we do. Who celebrate with us when life is good and who stand with us when it is difficult.

Thanks Diva!

September 22, 2008

I must admitt....when I picked up my mail this past was like Christmas! Both aprons from my recent apron swaps were there, and this beautiful poster that I won in a little contest at the Purple Diva's Place. How fun!! I will post pictures of my darling new aprons, tonight. The swaps have been great fun!

More Pictures....The Mountains

September 18, 2008

A Day In The Mountains

September 18, 2008

We spent the 16th of September (Mexico's Independence Day) in the beautiful mountains. Because of the rains this year, it is so green and wildflowers are everywhere. We spent the day with our cousin/friends. It is a great blessing to be able to call family, "friends."
We stopped at a little store in a small mountain town and this is what we found on the shelf above the door.
Everyone purchased their snack and climbed into the back of the truck for the ride. This was the snack of choice...Limon chips with chile and fresh lemon, and a Clamato to wash it down, followed by a chile sucker to pass the time...hummmm....where did these children come from??
These beautiful Dahila's were outside of the store where we stopped. The best part was the little old woman who was watching me from her window, while I was taking pictures of the flowers. I tried to photograph her...but she quickly closed the curtains.
Every corner we rounded, we found another beautiful scene. This was taken by The Farmer...he has a great eye.

Remembering Grandpa Max

September 17, 2008

The 15th of September,. was the day that The Farmer's father passed away, 14 years ago. His death was not expected, it came very suddenly. He was a man who loved and lived life with passion. He was full of energy and loved to work. His favorite place was the ranch and he often took friends or family with him. He especially loved his grandchildren.
He found so much joy in them and loved to have them around. Most of his young grandchildren have never even met him, but they love him as if they had known him well. I am sure that he is around them, watching and encouraging them. We love our little cemetary, I suppose it is because so many people we love are there. We find opportunities to be there to celebrate life. Monday was one of those days. With hot chocolate and doughnuts, and lots of laughter, we celebrated the life of this man that we all loved so much!
The Farmer...enjoying our family the edge of our family plot.
After our visit to the cemetary...and the pumpkin patch...we(and the cousins) visited the lake to see how full it was. We have had soooo much rain this year and that makes for a full lake. A full lake is a beautiful site in a farming community!

Hometown Football Fun!

September 15, 2008

We traveled this past weekend to watch The Boy and several of his cousins play football. It was a great time! They won their game and The Boy made a great tackle. It is a tradition that after the game the players all kneel and sing Army of Heleman, it always brings a tear to my eye to see these young men, our future missionaries, sing this song. It makes it extra fun to have so many cousins to enjoy these experiences with!

"Our Resolve Has Not Been Weakened!"

September 12, 2008

*Thanks Pedaling for this wonderful video

The Great Pumpkin Update

September 11, 2008

Little Rooster wanted to check his pumpkins today, so The Farmer drove him to the field where they are planted and this is what we found. Lots and lots of very large pumpkins, begining to turn orange. As you can see Little Rooster is very happy, still hoping and dreaming about purchases to be made from the pumpkin money. The Farmer and I had a meeting last week with a buyer from a large grocery store chain in Mexico that will be buying the pumpkins, everyone is happy, Little Rooster, the grocery store buyer and The Farmer. So far, so good. We will keep you posted.

What's In Your Lunchbox?

September 11, 2008

This has really been on my mind lately. I guess because I pack two lifeless lunches each morning for 2 of The Darlings who spend their lives on a school bus, at school or some type of sports practice. They leave at 7:10 am and don't get home until late in the evening. So I worry, probably too much, about them having enough to eat. It is the creativity in their lunches that is lacking. I need some new ideas! We started in gradeschool with themed lunch boxes...I think PreShie had all of the Barbie lunch boxes. For her they were an accessory to her outfits;). The boys on the other hand wanted whatever was cool at the The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman..or whatever. Those were the good old days!
I thought that this lunch bag was darling! It can keep food warm or cool for quite awhile. The Darlings aren't looking for a "cute" lunch bag at this time of their lives. Practical and disposable would be their two biggest requirements.
So we ended up with this. Pretty boring isn't it? And then the bigger question. Exactly what do you pack day after day that is both exciting and nutritious?? Seriously?! I have heard stories actually legends, about Moms in our community who "back in the day" (that would be back in The Farmer's day) spent full days baking and preparing for the school lunches of their children. These very lunches were often coveted or sometimes "borrowed" by The Farmer and his friends. School lunches are quite a topic around here. So imagine the pressure I felt when my children began taking their lunches to school.....pressure I tell you!!! So once again I am trying to plan lunches so that The Darlings will be fed both physically and emotionally as they spend their days away from home. I came accross this site that you must check out, if I didn't think I was the looser lunch Mom before...I sure do now!!! This Mom is amazing, the lunches are very special. I would love to hear your suggestions for creative lunches, I Need Help! I am sure there are some great ideas out there!
p.s. This is my Dad's lunch box from his childhood, with his initals so sweetly painted on the top.
Isn't it darling??!!

Look Who's Eating Our Chile!!!

September 9, 2008

Part of our business is roasting green chile. One of our customers is a restaurant in Albuquerque New Mexico, who also has a national salsa line. The restaurant is very well known in Albuquerque and a favorite of Pres. Bush. He has eaten there on several occasions. This past weekend Gov. Palin and Senator McCain stopped by the restaurant for a little something to eat and for some salsa for the road.
The owners said that they were both a pleasure to have in the restaurant and that Gov. Palin took the time to visit with other people who were dining there.
These are the owners with thier visitors. The words they used to describe Gov. Palin were "genuine" and "delightful."
They also said that she seemed a little overwhelmed with the salsa choices, makes you wonder if they eat chile in Alaska!

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