Signs Of A Really Cold Night.....

March 26, 2012

March 2012 snow
(photo by Jade Jones)
This is how you know it has been a long and cold night....
The air is filled with black smoke.
It's nights like this one, that anything and everything is burned in an effort to save the peaches.
photo (56)
The Farmer was in the orchards the night of the terrible freeze, last week.
He said that once he realized that nothing more could be done to save the crop...he
began to take pictures.  He got some great shots!
photo (59)

photo (50)

It Really Was Beautiful....

March 24, 2012

Sad....but it was incredibly beautiful!  By late afternoon, you wouldn't have
even known that it snow.  It was all gone.
And so were the crops!
Our newly prepared garden...


My creation

Found On The Farmer's Nightstand....

March 21, 2012

photo (61)
After a LONG day...The Farmer arrived home, after The Rooster had gone to bed...
and sitting on The Farmer's nightstand was an envelope.
On the back was written....(above),
and when The Farmer opened the envelope he found the note written in
the sweet, not so legible;), handwriting of The Rooster....(below)
I might add...the value of $1,000 pesos right now is about $80.00.
He is really good at saving his money, so he had a little put away.
As you can imagine....The Farmer was pretty overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness
of his little really touched him.
That Rooster is a pretty special guy!;)
photo (60)

It Wasn't Such A Good Night......

March 20, 2012

photo (45)
I will post more pictures later today, but for now....
Snow flurries were anticipated....not 6 inches of snow.  Everything that could have been done...
was done...but when temperatures reach 12 degrees, it is really out of your hands.
Fruit is lost at 27 degrees.
I asked The Farmer this morning when he came in from a long night....
"what is the message in all of this?" to which he responded....
"when it gets down to 12 degrees in your orchard....your peaches freeze."
That was his message for today.

Are Your Ducks In A Row???....

March 19, 2012

These are the "farm ducks"....and they are never in a row!
Are your ducks in a row?
When I was taking these pictures...I started to think about that saying....and this is what I came up
with...(some really deep stuff....)
I have never seen a group of ducks in a row....except....
when they are baby ducks following their mother...and even then...not that straight of a row.
I guess the saying doesn't say anything about being straight......
Is that saying used like it is....because it is impossible to get ducks in a row? it possible to get ducks in a row...and how would one go about doing that??
What is the purpose of having one's duck's in a row??
Will these ducks ever be in a row???....I am pretty sure they never will.
Is that a problem when you are a "farm duck"....I don't think so.
Just some thoughts I had while taking these pictures;)  Pointless, I know...but it did
make for some pretty funny conversation with The Farmer as we drove around the farm.
The Farmer and I ended up on an interesting adventure about a week began
with a visit to the farms to check the peach buds....and ended in a little town....past the
Rancho Guadalupe, where the "farm duck" live.  I hadn't been to this little town in a beautiful little place...well hidden and filled with some interesting folks...with some
interesting professions, (some legit...some, not so much)....anyway, regardless it is very
picturesque and lovely.  As we passed through the town, The Farmer chose to follow a dirt
road, which led to more and more beautiful locations!  It was a treat.
The Farmer found himself a swinging bridge...which I opted not to was too
scary for me.  He on the other hand, inched his way across this very rickety bridge, that
was made from old pallets, and other pieces of discarded wood.
You can see...that the cable holding the bridge up, is wrapped around the old log at the side
of the that's security isn't it???;)
In the middle of nowhere, we came upon this cemetery.
It was really amazing!  It was well kept, pretty clean, and there was not a name on any grave
in that cemetery.  Not one name.
It made me wonder who cares for the people visit there often, and why
aren't there any names of the graves?  Certainly those that are buried are loved by
their family and friends, and I would guess that those families and friends don't want to forget
their loved one that has passed away.  Very unusual for a cemetery that is currently
in use...not to have names on the graves.  Many of the crosses were freshly painted, in bright
and cheery colors. And colorful artificial flower arrangements were in place in the
gravesites.  Rocks were carefully stacked....and very little garbage was visible.
It was even surrounded by a very rustic wooden fence, to protect the graves from grazing
cattle or other animals that may be passing by.  In all it's simplicity...
it was a pretty impressive sight. 
It was the end of our trail that afternoon.  And a perfect ending it was.
I often think I have seen most everything that is interesting in our area...and then I have
a day like this one, where I am quickly reminded that there is soooo much yet to see, my own backyard!

Picking A Little Alfalfa....

March 16, 2012

(Nacho...(Ignacio)...Carne...(Incarnation) and Chencho...(Vicente)....the cows)
For historical purposes...
A few evenings ago....I headed to the Sol to pick something "green" for the chickens to eat.
I was feeling a little sorry for them.  I knew that I could find some weeds in the orchard.
Also growing at the Sol is feed the animals.  So I thought that picking some alfalfa
would be a great treat for the chickens along with a few weeds. 
 I rode the 4-wheeler, the dogs ran alongside, with the biggest dog smiles I have seen in awhile;) 
The weather was was just a lovely evening!
Passing the pastures that are home to the horses and cows....I headed to the field of alfalfa.
I picked and picked...filling up a box I had brought along and when I looked up...I noticed
that the horses were lined up at the fence watching my every move.  I carried the box,
filled with the picked alfalfa to the horses, and one by one they took their turns eating.
It gave me a chance to pet them and "visit" with them;)
I told them that their Boy was doing great!  That he was happily serving his mission and
that he was growing into a wonderful man...that their Boy misses them and wonders how
they are all doing.  I have to admit, I shed some silly as it sounds...
I felt like they understood everything I was saying to them.
He loved those horses, and they loved him.  They provided peace and comfort for The Boy,
when he was having a bad day.  Somehow they just knew that The Boy needed them.
He would take them on long rides.....bring them home and lovingly groom them and reward
them with bit of grain.  It was almost a ritual for him.  I truly think that one of the hardest
things for him to leave behind was his dear horses.   
The horses gave me a great gift that lovely was a gift of connecting to my
Missionary Boy, who,on that particular day....I was missing terribly.  They did for me
what they had so often done for him....offered comfort and love.  I am so grateful that he is
where he is....doing what he is doing....I would not want it any other way....but as a very, very
wise may said to me when The Boy had only been on his mission for about a week....
"You will mourn the BOY that is leaving...and CELEBRATE the man that will return."
PreShie commented a few days ago, while looking at some new pictures of The Missionary Boy, we had just gotten in the mail...that The Missionary Boy doesn't look the same...he looks different
somehow.  She tried to figure out what the difference was...I finally told her that the difference
that she saw, what that he didn't look like a "boy" any longer...he now looked like a "man."
And she agreed.
I do mourn the boy...but I am thrilled a the growth and maturity that has come.
Interestingly, the man that we purchased The Boy's first two horses from, passed away this week.
He was an amazing man!  He was often referred to as a  "gentle giant" because
he was a tall man  The Boy really loved this man.  He had a sweet relationship with him. 
They enjoyed talking about the horses...the funny little things that were unique to those horses.
As this man got older, and it wasn't so easy for him to climb onto the horses, he trained
Bronze to stretch himself out...quite far...which lowered him to the ground, and then this
sweet man was able to climb onto of the horse with ease.  He was grateful that the horses went
to The Boy...who loved and cared for them so well.
(Muneca and Reina)
The Farmer says that these horses will go down in history as the "best" horses The Boy ever owned!
The first horses hold a special place in hearts of young boys and girls.
The Boy will most likely tell stories to his "ninos" about how amazing his first horses were...
(even though they are quite average) him they will always represent a special time of life.
I did discover that Reina is a bit of a crazy teenager right now...if I would turn my head away from her
she would grab a mouthful of my hair...or bite the edge of my jacket...and then she would smile!
She has a really funny personality!
It was a very wonderful evening for the Sol...something I really needed!
*To add to the animal update...5 more chickens have joined our brood....they are beautiful!*

Morning.....After A Very Cold Night....

March 14, 2012


The Peach blossoms are in full bloom in our area right now.  Everywhere you look, you
see a pink hue.  It is a beautiful time of year.  There is also a slight hint of green, the trees
are waking up...and Spring is certainly in the air.  It is a hopeful time of year for
The Farmer...and for other farmers in our area.  But, with everything so beautiful and so
hopeful...there is also alot of stress.  With the peach blossoms fully open, the are very venerable to
the cold temperatures.  We have had some very cold nights lately which have threatened the
peach crops in our area.  Each day, The Farmer checks the weather forecasts for our area, and begins
to put a plan in place to protect the peach blossoms.  He tells the foremen who over see the orchards,
that all he expects of them, is that they are prepared for the cold nights, in every way possible.
And if they are....and the cold still reaches damaging temperatures....then he will know, that
every effort was made....and he will be ok with the outcome.
Now, a couple of years ago, some silly mistakes were made....and a crop was lost.
The Farmer isn't so good with silly mistakes.  He is good, however, with an honest effort.
A cold night is not a peaceful night.  Typically phones are ringing, communication between orchards
is in full swing.  They all want success for each other....I think that is pretty great!
The foremen report temperatures all night long...and decisions are made and executed.
An especially cold night can be a very long night.
After a very long where The Farmer suspects crop damage....he waits for the
day to warm up...and he begins checking the peach blossoms.  Someone once told him....that often
the damage doesn't look so bad...after a few days, in some cases it is good to wait to check the buds.
And some years that has been true for us....and other has looked much worse
after a few who really knows.  One thing I do know, is that farming shapes and forms
a good, humble, God fearing...and God loving man.  They learn that they are really not in charge,
They learn faith.
The Farmer will be the first to admit, that he has learned many lessons, in the orchards....
on very cold nights.
Several days ago, I spent the day with The Farmer, checking the buds, in the
orchards.  At that all looked pretty good, the damage seemed minimal.
We have had some very cold nights, since he first checked....
So it is unclear exactly how much of the crop has been lost....The Farmer remains full of
hope...and said just a couple of days ago, that the cold may have been a blessing in some way...
I appreciate his faith.






Kind Of Normal....This Time Of Year.....

March 12, 2012

photo (41)

Last week, The Farmer did a little traveling for "business" ;)
He needed to catch a flight from El Paso, and so we jumped in the car and headed that direction.
When we left our home it was quite windy, which is not unusual for this time of year.  In fact
it is expected.  The Farmer's wind stories, from when he was a Kid Farmer...are just
heartbreaking!  I mean to tell you...the days he couldn't leave the house, ride his bike, explore
at the river....or just simply play outside, those days have been burned into his memory like
nothing else.  Each year...when the wind arrives...the childhood stories begin....The Darlings roll
their eyes..because it is sooooo much worse for them.....and that is when you know, the season
of wind is in full swing!;)  My personal reason that I dread this time of year, is simply this....
Yep.....DIRT!  Because we live in a farming area...naturally there is dirt everywhere....and I don't
mind the dirt.  But when it begins to blow...that is another story completely!
photo (40)

Every inch of our house is layered with dirt for a few months. No matter how you clean it
the dirt is ever present!  In fact there were years that I actually rolled up towels and
place them in the windows to control the dust entering the house.  Really, it didn't do
much to eliminate the just helped to contain it.  When we did some work on our house
a few years most important request that would keep the dreaded
dust OUT!!!  The Farmer agreed....I am pretty sure he was tired of my frustrations during the
windy time of year.  I am happy to report, that although the problem is not completely
is much more manageable. So, back to the story.....
photo (42)
As The Farmer and I made our way to El Paso, we found ourselves caught in one of the worst
sand/wind storms that I have seen.  We were only able to travel at about 10 mph for quite a long
distance.  It was pretty incredible!
Again...The Farmer took the pictures with his iPhone...and came up with some impressive
photos.  After what seemed like an eternity....we passed through the sand storm...the
wind didn't stop, but the sand and dust became less of a problem.
photo (38)
We arrived at the airport...on time...The Farmer was able catch his flight...
I was able to return home without any problems...
It was an adventurous day... pretty normal for this time of year!

He's "Working....."

March 9, 2012

photo (34)

The email said...
"Somebody's got to work...."
The Farmer

photo (36)

He'll be back later today;)

Prom....(Part 2....The End)

March 8, 2012


The Prom is a family affair around here.  As I mentioned in a post about The Missionary Boy's
Prom....the whole family attends and many of the parents spend the evening dancing with
their kids and just enjoying the evening together!  I LOVE IT!!!
PreShie's Prom was no different.
Once at the dance, she found The Lovelies...(her cousins) who were so sweet to her
and complimented her....helping to ease her stress;)  Love those Lovelies!!
They looked perfectly Lovely too!;)
PreShie and her handsome date...after a yummy dinner with friends.

Each of the Jr. class, had an escort and dance partner...which may or may not have been
their date.  In PreShie's case...her escort was Javi...a very sweet young man in her class...that we
think the world of...and that is taller than she is;)
Each member of the class was formally introduced at the event along with their escort.
And then....the dance that they had been working on for WEEKS....was preformed.
They did a great job!  It was really fun to watch them all dance their hearts out!
The Farmer and I had ourselves a great time...dancing....visiting....laughing...and
most of all enjoying our PreShie!
The Farmer's Mother, was also there to support PreShie.
It was fun to have her there.
Notice that we have finally gotten PreShie to smile with her teeth!;)
She looked amazing...and had a wonderful night!
I am pretty sure it was all she had hoped for!

Prom.....(Part 1)

March 6, 2012


PreShie's Junior Prom was last weekend.
We have been planning and preparing for several weeks now....she wanted everything to be perfect!
And...I think it was!
She found the perfect dress.....some really fun shoes, (pink glittery Tom's)....some lovely
jewelry and then enlisted Auntie R2, to do her make-up.  Now, Auntie R2 should really be
a professional make-up artist...she is very talented.  Auntie R2 came over a few days before the actual Prom, and did a "run through"
with PreShie's make-up, it was not only fun....but Auntie R2
really gushed over PreShie which made her feel really special and really beautiful!
(Another reason I am so blessed to be surrounded by family....great Aunts who
help build and encourage The Lovelies!)  She came again Prom evening to make sure PreShie's
make-up was perfect...and it was!  
It was fun to have he with us as PreShie was getting ready to go! 
Because the Junior class is in charge of everything Prom...the day was filled with finishing
touches....last minute decorating...and a lot of stress!  PreShie was incharge of a light
refreshment for the guests at Prom.  We ended up serving Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Fruit Salad,
and Mini-Cheesecakes.  It was yummy!
The theme was Renaissance....the Junior class worked hard to decorate the gym...and after
many days....and late night hours...the decorations were done...and the evening began!
PreShie's group arrived to pick her up.
The all looked fantastic!  PreShie's date was a boy she has known her entire life.
I had secretly hoped they would go together...and they did!!
They looked great together!  The group enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant...and then headed
to the JSA for the dance.

While PreShie was getting ready to go...and all the pictures had been taken...
I noticed that The Farmer was just standing in the background...keeping to himself.
I think he was pretty overwhelmed with the whole event!;)
Even more, I think he realized that his little girl, isn't so little anymore.
Just as PreShie was about to walk out the door...she turned back to The Farmer...
and give him a big hug!  I am sure glad I caught the moment!
It was a really sweet thing to watch.
And off they went....a great group of friends to enjoy an unforgettable night!
(She won't smile with her teeth....because she is wearing braces again for a short time!...)

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