Morning.....After A Very Cold Night....

March 14, 2012


The Peach blossoms are in full bloom in our area right now.  Everywhere you look, you
see a pink hue.  It is a beautiful time of year.  There is also a slight hint of green, the trees
are waking up...and Spring is certainly in the air.  It is a hopeful time of year for
The Farmer...and for other farmers in our area.  But, with everything so beautiful and so
hopeful...there is also alot of stress.  With the peach blossoms fully open, the are very venerable to
the cold temperatures.  We have had some very cold nights lately which have threatened the
peach crops in our area.  Each day, The Farmer checks the weather forecasts for our area, and begins
to put a plan in place to protect the peach blossoms.  He tells the foremen who over see the orchards,
that all he expects of them, is that they are prepared for the cold nights, in every way possible.
And if they are....and the cold still reaches damaging temperatures....then he will know, that
every effort was made....and he will be ok with the outcome.
Now, a couple of years ago, some silly mistakes were made....and a crop was lost.
The Farmer isn't so good with silly mistakes.  He is good, however, with an honest effort.
A cold night is not a peaceful night.  Typically phones are ringing, communication between orchards
is in full swing.  They all want success for each other....I think that is pretty great!
The foremen report temperatures all night long...and decisions are made and executed.
An especially cold night can be a very long night.
After a very long where The Farmer suspects crop damage....he waits for the
day to warm up...and he begins checking the peach blossoms.  Someone once told him....that often
the damage doesn't look so bad...after a few days, in some cases it is good to wait to check the buds.
And some years that has been true for us....and other has looked much worse
after a few who really knows.  One thing I do know, is that farming shapes and forms
a good, humble, God fearing...and God loving man.  They learn that they are really not in charge,
They learn faith.
The Farmer will be the first to admit, that he has learned many lessons, in the orchards....
on very cold nights.
Several days ago, I spent the day with The Farmer, checking the buds, in the
orchards.  At that all looked pretty good, the damage seemed minimal.
We have had some very cold nights, since he first checked....
So it is unclear exactly how much of the crop has been lost....The Farmer remains full of
hope...and said just a couple of days ago, that the cold may have been a blessing in some way...
I appreciate his faith.






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