A Brotherly Haircut....

September 30, 2013

 It seems that while serving his mission, The Missionary Boy mastered the ability to cut hair.
 He is very meticulous, very detail oriented..
.so I guess he discovered that those talents made for a good haircut.
 He cut his companions hair, as well as other missionaries through the mission.
 It was something he enjoyed;)


 If you know The Rooster, you know that he has some GREAT hair.
 It is thick, it is curly, and it is a beautiful color.
Another things about The Rooster...he HATES, haircuts!
So he is known to grow his hair until the moment of suspension from school,
 just to avoid a haircut. That is pretty much how
The Rooster looked when The Missionary Boy returned home.


As a brotherly gesture of love, The Missionary Boy offered to cut and style The Roosters hair.
 It worried The Rooster a bit, but he agreed.


 After lots of laughs...and lots of work...The Rooster's hair was done.
With all that was cut off...a small wig could have been made;)
With his new haircut, The Rooster looked like a mission bucks..
.and The Missionary Boy was happy to have helped;)


September 20, 2013

Last Monday we headed to the nearby mountains to celebrate the 16th of September.
Mexico's Independence Day.
The kids were out of school and the weather couldn't have been better.
Our community and family gathered...
the kids played in the stream of water that was close by.
 We visited,
We laughed, we just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and each other.
Uncle Dan's culinary skills were put to good use;)
He prepared a wonderful stir-fry for the family to enjoy.
Complete with a fried grasshopper! YUM!
097 098 035
The perfect ingredients...for the PERFECT...stir-fry!
There was lots and lots of watermelon to be eaten...
Some people even tried a little deep fried watermelon...
and it was oddly good!
Some people just rested in the back of a truck... after all, being a teenager is exhausting!
Other people just enjoyed having their feet in the dirt...
something they hadn't done in two years!
127 It really seemed to be the perfect day.
Little did we know, that another family who were also enjoying the day,
along another river, not too far away,was facing a very very sad moment.
Brothers who were doing what they loved, became brothers fighting to save a
struggling brother who they loved with all their heart. What began as a beautiful day ended in tragedy. A very dear family in our community lost a son in a drowning accident.
 It has left our communities heartbroken. Today we celebrated this special young man's life.
 His family has been the greatest example of faith and strength.
  It has been a growing experience for all of us.
 It has been a great reminder of what is truly important.

The Aggie Update....

September 17, 2013


Last week was Homecoming week at USU.
PreShie found lots of fun activities to participate in. There were dances...A Chalk Dance... Concerts...more concerts...and most important...
 the opportunity to become a "True Aggie."
Groups of students gathered at "the A" She said the line was really really long...
but she and her friends decided it was worth the wait!
She is now a card carrying "True Aggie!!"
 and we couldn't be more proud! ;)
Another fun announcement from our little Aggie...
She is beginning the process of becoming a Missionary....

Pretty Close To Perfect....

September 14, 2013

The dogs thought so too! An evening at the Solecito is pretty near to perfection for me.
When the day is wrapping up... The weather is cooling off...
  There are a few peaches still on the trees...
and plenty of Alfalfa to pick for the animals.
When The Farmer walks toward our ATV, the Dogs go wild!
They know that they are in for a treat.
Boss The Dog, is getting older and has a hard time running to keep up,
 so The Farmer allows him to jump up into a small area on the
ATV where he can ride along. The other dogs are happy to run!
086 167
The Longhorns are great! They are getting huge!
They will soon be taken to the Fair where they will be put on display;)
I am sure they will be thrilled! ;)

A Day With The Farmer...

September 11, 2013

A few days ago, I decided that I would ride along with The Farmer as he checked
the orchards and farms. Fall is inching its way into our area... not too quickly,
 but I feel it in the air. At this time of year, the last of the fruit is being
 picked from the trees...the other crops grown in our area are also being
picked as the winding down begins
. ranch1
We stopped by one of the Ranches that The Farmer spent much of his
 childhood on. It was once his father's, and now belongs to a brother.
Close to the ranch, is the lake. This is where much of the irrigation water comes from for
our area. A visit to the lake is always fun!
A trip to the lake is always interesting too!
Next we headed to another farm/orchard. I love this farm!
It is always beautiful and I like to say that it has great energy!
 It feels good to be there!
Everything is so beautiful right now, it was a treat to spend he
day with The Farmer, soaking up the beauty of the farms.
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