The Dust REALLY needs to settle.....

November 23, 2009

We are in the midst of a Dust Storm....not literally,
but you know what I mean.
The dust really needs to settle!
hopefully soon enough it will....until the next storm comes along.
But then again...I guess that is life!
I need to take a break from this thing I enjoy so much....
Not for long;)

I Consider Myself A Christian...I REALLY DO!!

November 7, 2009

(Waring...I am going to do a little venting...)
So, I spent a couple of days in Denver this week. I hadn't been there before so I enjoyed checking the place out. It is a lovely city, it reminded me of Salt Lake City. The Farmer and I were there less than 24 hours, attended to a little business and boarded the plane to return home. It was a full flight and I do mean full!! Not an open seat to be found. So I sat between The Farmer and a nice gentlemen who was from Albuquerque, a place I visit often and love. So after take off, the "kind gentleman" began to ask me a few questions, which I politely answered. You know....about the family and why we live where we do. And then I told him that I really liked Albuquerque and I would be there next week for the BYU vs. UNM football game. At that point everything changed. He smiled and said "BYU???" and I said "YES." And then he became very quiet. He then pulled out a little book, like the one above, and began to read prayers, which he was very obviously repeating outloud and then he started to cross himself and did that about 5 times. By this time we landed in Albuquerque and he very quickly exited the plane.
I got the feeling that this was all directed to me. You know...because I am a Mormon. The Farmer even leaned over to me in the middle of the event and said "what is going on over there??" I guess for the "kind gentleman", sitting next to a Mormon was about all he could take. And then I began to ask myself how this man developed the feelings that he had toward me, and how I choose to believe?? Does he have a pastor who speaks against my religion? What exactly is he afraid of?
I do not fault anyone who does not believe like I do...and all I hope is that others will offer me the same. I respect those who, whatever their belief may be, really committ themselves to living their beliefs. Who serve those around them, who support their community, who are great neighbors. I have many friends of other faiths and I love them, and I know that they love me too. But shame on you "Mr. Kind Gentleman" for trying so hard to protect yourself from another Christian, that you behaved in the most un-christian like conduct that I have witnessed in a LONG, LONG time! And shame on any leader of any "Christian" congregation who teaches contempt for anyone who believes other than they do. And P.S. "Mr. Kind Gentleman" if you would take a little moment to check things might just find that I believe in Christ and love his teachings......

Dia De Los Muertos...

November 3, 2009

We celebrated Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) yesterday. School was out and that is always enjoyed. The day was full of fishing, basketball, sleeping in and lots of snacks! The afternoon brought a trip to the The Boy's accident site, where one of his friends lost her life. He left a bouquet of flowers and
a very tender note. He recounted many details from the accident that he had not talked about in a long time. It made him sad.
It made me cry.
The note said "Te extrano mucho, con amor..." which means
"I miss you, Love you."
He carefully tucked the card on her cross so it would not blow away.

Next, we visited our cemetary....a place we love. The cemetary was full of people
celebrating the lives of family members they had lost. The Farmer's Dad
is still very loved and very missed.
Cousin Trisha reminded me of a little moment I had forgotten around the birth
and passing of our Colton...we shed tears, we miss him very much.
Our sweet Gracie...oh how we all miss her....expecially her sister PreShie;)
All of the extended family was there to celebrate together. It was a wonderful
time! Yummy treats and toasty warm drinks. Uncle Merriner brought doughnuts for everyone....we sure do love "Tio" He is like the "Godfather" of our family, a great man!
These are typical Mexican graves, decorated for Dia De Los Muertos.
On our way home we enjoyed corn from a street vendor.
The Boy wanted his left on the cob. He had just watched Nacho Libre the
night before....;)

The little corn stand that we have been frequenting for many years.
And finally a cup of corn....Mexico style....a perfect end to a lovely afternoon.

Thought You Should Know....

November 2, 2009

PreShie had a big change in her life last week....she has looked like this
(above) for several years and now.....
She looks like this! She hasn't stopped smiling;)
We awoke to snow last week, NOT a normal sight around here....especially
for October. It was a beautiful morning,
Until it all melted. We were sad to see it go.
The football season has officially ended, with a fantastic win for the Lobos
at their homecoming game Friday. We are sad to see it has been a fun season, but we are READY for Bastketball to begin!
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