Our Precious Graduates...

June 25, 2013

June 14, was graduation day for our Precious.
I have been holding it together emotionally pretty well... until...
I caught here eye as she walked into the graduation ceremony, and then I lost it!
She looked beautiful...and very grown up!
  She looked ready to take the next step in her life.
Her graduating class was 60 kids.
 Some have been with her in school since the day they entered Kindergarten.
  In fact, one young man was with her in Pre-School, where they were the king and
queen of the school when they graduated. He wore a little mini suit... she sore the puffiest
pink floor length dress...layers and layers of tulle, with a huge crystal crown on her little head.
  That little king and queen practiced a waltz...for weeks...to preform at the graduation dinner following the ceremony. It was pretty great!;)
Now...those two friends, who have been together for a very
very long time...are off to accomplish their own goals...in different directions.
After the graduation ceremony...the graduates were met with songs by the
Mariachis...a tradition at the JSA. The family gathered for our balloon launch...
a symbol that our Precious is ready to fly...
033 035

The afternoon was filled with lots of hugs...lots of good-byes...
great food...and a big welcome into the JSA Alumni Association.
One of the things I love so much about our communities and the
 JSA is the deep rooted traditions that they are so loyal to!
Preshie is a 3rd generation graduate of the JSA...and that is a special thing.
The day was hot...it was long...but it was wonderful!!!
Auntie came from lands far away...(Utah) It was great to have her with us!
PreShie and Grandma C. one of the two grandma's that she is named for.
044 046 051 052 057 061 063 064

Missionary Update...

June 23, 2013

The Missionary Boy sent us a few photos last week...
I say, we NEVER tire of pictures of him
DSCN9778 (1)
He loves his area...and he loves his companion!
He is having so many wonderful experiences and has grown so much!
He recently had the opportunity to travel to the adjoining mission for a special conference with Elder Ballard. He sure was happy to have that experience.
This is a special family that he and Elder Jones have become close to. He mentioned when he wrote, that the pictures might be blurry...because the Sister who was taking the picture began to cry as she saw her son in the middle of two missionaries;) I thought that was sweet...
and the pictures were a little blurry!;)

The Family Party....Part 2

June 22, 2013

While everyone was swimming...
The Farmer waited patiently for The Grill Master...aka,
Uncle Clayt preformed his magic on the grill!;)
The Farmer took a break from church meetings to join us for the festivities!
029 030
The food was fantastic!!
We have some great cooks in this family;)
We NEVER have a shortage of yummy food to eat!!
See what I mean??? Too much great food to eat!
PreShie was gifted with the "family gift." It is a beautiful Silver ring that each of the Lovelies has.
It has a sweet message of love from a family who loves her very much!
The Lovelies and their rings!
The evening ended with a piece of tasty cake... Pina Colada Cake!
It was a very fun evening! These children of ours are blessed kids!
They are surrounded with many who love them very very much!!!

Graduation Week...The Family Party!

June 21, 2013


High School graduation is a week long event in our area...
The weeks begins with Seminary Graduation and it takes off from there!
It was a complete joy to celebrate our PreShie...
She is the "lone cousin" graduating from our family this year.
The family hosted a little family get together to celebrate and honor her.
It was such a great night!


There was lots of swimming...


That is what you call a Flying Rooster;)


There was lots of "just being together" time for The Lovelies...


The Lovelies floated around in that tube for a very very long time...
and they LOVED it!
They do have a great time when they are together!


There was alot of Water Basketball that was played...


Missionary Thursday....;)

June 13, 2013

It seems that most any day is missionary day, around here!
 And I like it! If it isn't our own Missionary Boy...it is the local missionaries which we
 love very much! In fact, Tuesday our local missionaries joined us for lunch.
 They came to our office where we had planned to have lunch...and noticed right
away that I was not having a great day;)....it happens now and again...anyway,
like they often do, they asked how they could help, I thanked them for being
so thoughtful and assures them that I would be just fine;)
 They ate their lunch...and as they were leaving they came and asked if they could
share a scripture that they were just sure would be helpful.
They went on to read...discuss...and share a much needed laugh, through an unfortunate
story in the scriptures! Oh those missionaries can be creative!;)...
Really it was a thought that was so special.
The missionaries are constantly in our home, for one thing or another...
and we are grateful for them and the great spirit they bring to our home!
Also, a treat this week...pictures from the Missionary Boy!!
He had the opportunity to sit at the feet of a prophet in a very historic place in England.
Hyde Park. M. Russell Ballard make unexpected trip to England,
and The Missionary Boy was blessed to be there.
The above picture is of The Missionary Boy and Pres. Judd, his current Stake President,
who just happened to go to school and play basketball with The Farmer.
  Isn't that fun??!!
This is Elder Jones and Elder Jones (from Switzerland)
The Missionary Boy thinks he is alot alike a very dear friend of his from home;)
This photo is titled..."Family Portrait"
It is the missionary he trained...and the others who have been
trained through his "family line."
A fun sister who knows family in Mesa...

In Honor Of Our Precious....

June 11, 2013

photo (22)

Disclaimer...I have permission to post this story;)
Since we are celebrating/honoring our Precious... A.K.A PreShie... This week,
A very funny story came to mind that should not go undocumented in the family history... It is a keeper!!! So, with her permission...here goes....

When our Precious was a Small Precious she was FULL of life! That, my friends is an understatement!;) She was just plain BUSY! Certainly the guidance from her older brother helped...but on her own, she was just fine...and still is! One fine day, when our Small Precious was 2 years old, She decided that she wanted to go with The Farmer to work. It seemed harmless enough. I was out of town, and so he loaded her up in his truck and took off. Well, that particular day, he had a board meeting that he needed to attend. The meeting was held in a conference room with many other men, who also sat on the board of this business. Very near to the boardroom was a waiting room. I would imagine that the meeting was going on a little longer than both he and The Small Precious thought it would, and like most typical 2 year olds, she got board. I would also imagine that at some point The Small Precious told The Farmer that she needed to use the bathroom...and I am pretty sure that he just kept putting her off thinking that the meeting would soon end. Well...the meeting didn't end and she couldn't wait, so she had a little accident in her pants, and it was a messy accident. Even though I was not there...I would guess that she mentioned her little problem to The Farmer...She has never been a child that wanted to be too dirty;)
Anyway...realizing that the small accident would not be fixed quickly...she went to the nearby waiting room and began to entertain herself. She removed the "accident" from her cute panties and did a fantastic job smearing it all over the walls and floors of the waiting. I am thinking that must have taken a little time...and I am sure The Farmer must have been really happy that she had found a way to entertain herself, UNTIL... she once again entered into the boardroom, where the meeting was still going on...and with her little Precious hand...held in the shape of a small cup...she approached The Farmer, extended her hand and announced "Caca Daddy???" Wasn't that kind??;) It only took a few seconds for The Farmer to process what had just happened, and on his way out to his truck...Little Precious in hand...he discovered the lovely artwork that his Small Precious had left for him in the waiting room. Good Times!!!

A few weeks ago, PreShie's Aunt Kim took her Senior pictures...and she did a fantastic job!
One of the locations for the photo shoot was a cute barn. There were horses and cows nearby...
PreShie looked beyond darling! We had only been there a couple of minutes when she came to me...holding a representation of this story, in her hand and asked me to take her picture.
I did as she asked...and then she said... "send it to Dad...and send this message too..."
 "Caca Daddy!!"
It has been one adventure after another with our Precious...
She has kept life busy...fun...and full of adventure for us.
She is a wonderful daughter...we love her very very much!!!


June 10, 2013

Our graduation week officially began yesterday.
I knew it was coming...how do you avoid it??;)
Last night was PreShie's seminary graduation... She looked radiant...
The Farmer was the invited speaker, and gave a wonderful message
.It was perfect!!!
So, this week we will celebrate our PreShie!!
We could not be more lucky...more blessed...or grateful...
to call this beauty ours!!
DSCN8691 t
She has plans...BIG plans for her future...
She know just what she wants and she will get it...
That is just how she is! We are so proud of her... and love her sooooo much!!!
Happy Graduation Week,
Sweet PreShie!!!
PreShie also received her Honor Bee for her extra service
and work in Young Women, today.
Way to go PreShie!!
DSCN8694 DSCN8698 DSCN8699 DSCN8700 DSCN8710 DSCN8713 DSCN8705

Just a fun side note... The Rooster got his Driver's License this week...
Clear the highways!!!!
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