It Was A Controlled Burn This Time......

March 28, 2011


It was a controlled burn this time.....

These young cousins climbed on top of our back wall to get the best view they could.

Turns out...the burn was intentional...the Asparagus field needed to have the weeds

burned out so it could grow again. It was quite spectacular! We had neighbors arrive to look

over the fence and check out the flames. We had a great view from the deck of PreShie's

playhouse. Aren't those young cousins cute boys!


I spent Friday and Saturday working the the garden....although very windy...the days

have been warm, sooooo very nice and welcome. PreShie and I planted flowers around her

playhouse....climbing roses, petunias...lots of lovely flowers. Gardening doesn't thrill her like

it does me. Hopefully she will learn to love it. I also layed out the plan for our

vegetable garden...the execution will begin tomorrow...I CAN'T WAIT!!!

While in the garden....I discovered that my Wisteria had bloomed!!! HORRAY!

I have had that plant for 6 years....and it has never produced a flower. I made The Darlings

admire and smell the lovely blossoms....they acted "thrilled" they made lots of gasping

noises pretending that they were overcome with joy at the sight of the fantastic flowers....

all the while they were rolling their eyes....I think they were happy for me....


Saturday morning we began our day with the Peach Pancake that we love so much....

Not something we eat during the week because it takes too long to cook....but we do love it on the weekends. It is made with home grown...home canned peaches! Give it a try....

You will love it!!


1 c. flour

1 c. milk

6 eggs


6 T. butter

2 qts. peaches, drained

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Place butter in a 9x13 pan and place in oven until butter

is melted and bubbly. Pour drained peaches into pan and return to oven.

Place all remaining ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Once peaches are hot

pour batter over peaches, and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Serve with butter, syrup, powdered sugar and a little squeeze of lemon juice.

Is Your Lamp Full???....And Books...

March 20, 2011

This is our temple. It is always such a wonderful experience to be there.
It is very close to our home and a great blessing to our area.
Saturday morning a special event took place, all of the women in our community were invited
to be at the temple. For those who could not enter, great activities were organized.
For those who could attend the temple, they went prepared to do whatever was needed.
The idea was to fill the temple with women.
One local leader asked if he could borrow one of the busses we use to pick up our
employees, to transport the women of his congregation to the temple activity. I should
have that moment....that the temple would be full! I mean a bus?
57 women ended up on that bus. We headed to the activity, with plenty of time to spare.
And when we arrived....many women were standing in the entrance of the temple,
because it was FULL! There was literally no room for another person to fit.
That has never happened! As I looked into the faces of the beautiful women who wanted to
participate at the temple that morning....I was so touched,
we really have some fantastic women in our area.


Very quickly my mind turned to the story of the 10 Virgins, and I momentarily felt what they
felt...the 5 that were turned away. The desire to participate...the sadness of not being able to enter. It was not that I was unprepared....I was. We arrived
on time....prepared to enter....ready for a great experience.
But I guess we could have been "more" prepared. It was still a
wonderful see the temple full. Anyway, it was alot to think about,
if fact I am still thinking about. It has given me the opportunity to look at my
life and address my own personal preparedness. Is my lamp full? Even though the
temple experience was not what I had planned on being when I left my home Saturday turned out to be a great experience...and one that I needed.
Now.....on another note.....

I recieved my second blog book in the mail this past week. I LOVE IT!!!
I chose to use a different company this go around, Blurb is the company. The quality of the book
is fantastic! It did require some time...structuring the layouts of each blog entry..but it
was oh so worth it! It was a great reminder of what a wonderful year 2010 was. We
had alot of fun.....and made some great memories.

These books will be treasures down the road a few years....
actually...they are treasures NOW! One of The Boy's friends was at our home one
evening this past week. He picked up the blog book and spent a long time looking at each
page, reading each entry. When he was done he very tenderly and sincerely said,
"I think there are books just like this in Heaven."
How sweet was that??!!! It is a little piece of Heaven for us.

So did you do anything special for the Saturday night passing of the Moon?
We had talked and talked about this event. The Moon passed closer to the earth than it
has done for 20 years. Also, it was supposed to brighter than it had been in the past 20 years.
It was bright...I did notice that. But I didn't really notice anything else.
Some of us stayed home.....some of us went rabbit hunting, and were nearly caught by
the soldiers and police...but were able to work themselves out of a scary situation....(The Boy)...
some of us had a little movie night with a few cousins.....
and some of us.....


Danced....and played....and laughed...and a little party
in honor of the big event! Some people will find any reason at all for a party!!
(I really like that about her!)

Are you following this guy????
He is running from coast to coast....41 miles a day, to bring awareness to childhood obesity.
I am completely stunned by his ability to do this and his resolve. I just got his book,
pictured above....and I can tell I am going to love it!

I just finished this book...(above)....and I really enjoyed it!
It is very well written...with alot of humor. Even though I don't completely embrace her
methods...I do appreciate a Mother who has expectations for her children. I personally feel that
parents are afraid to expect much of anything from their kids these days....because it could
cause them some discomfort. Or because they just don't want to. It was refreshing to see someone who wants to see accomplishment in her children. There has been much debate over
this book....but I did enjoy it!


The Rooster and I are currently reading this book together. He will give everything else read this book each night. He climbs in bed...and I read
as he is falling asleep. We have also taken this book on for our book club. I think
everyone will really enjoy it...I am loving it so far. I am especially loving my evening "reads"
with The Rooster!

I {Heart} Pancho Villa....

March 16, 2011

Not something you hear to often....right??
It's not actually Pancho Villa I's The Cabalgata that I love.
It happens each year, very large groups of people on horseback ride in commeration of
the Revolution. It is really a site to see.
It begins around the city of Chihuahua and ends in Columbus, NM.
Remember...Pancho Villa invaded the town of Columbus, NM, but now they not only
have a state park named for him....they host a huge party each year in honor of him....
go figure! We found the group riding along the highway...."Pancho Villa" dressed in
uniform, with the Mexican flag being carried with them.

The Farmer and I were headed to EP when we came upon the group. We stopped to take
pictures of the riders. They enjoyed the photo shoot;)
Pancho Villa's history in our area isn't too great. He and his men provided alot of
terror and distruction for many people, some of those people were my relatives...who were driven from their homes. But now he seems to have become a hero of sorts.
I guess it is good that we can forgive and forget...right?
This particular "Pancho Villa" was happy to offer hugs and handshakes all while saying...
in very broken English..."We are and me..."


I must looked like fun to ride along with friends....
Dust and all!

So....We Had A Little Fire.....

March 15, 2011

Guad - fire 6
Let me begin by saying that there is no such thing as "junk" to a Farmer.
Especially when you live far away from the nearest parts store and materials are expensive
and hard to come by. Friday The Farmer and I headed to pick up much
needed parts for The Farm. It seems to be a weekly event these days....these are very
critical days at The Farm...the men are working hard to protect the beautiful buds on the
peach trees from freezing. So when they say they need a "part" we run. While in EP,
The Farmer recieved a phone call informing him that a terrible fire had broken out at The Farm.
When told where the fire was...he began making a list of all of the things that would
be lost. Things he used almost everyday.

Guad - fire 5
Fruit bins burned.
PVC pipe burned, (used for irrigation)
Aluminum pipe melted...
and anything else that was in the way of the flames was a total loss.

Guad - fire 2
The fire began by a careless employee who was cutting pipe.
The sparks caught a small patch of grass on fire...and again....his carelessness led
to some major distruction.

Guad - fire 4 The Firemen were called. They had no gas in the firetruck, or water in the the tanks of
the truck. So by the time they arrived, the damage was done.
This is where you
shout....VIVA Mexico!!!
But on the other hand...every other police agency in the area seemed to have
plenty of gas in their did the local newspaper. They all arrived at the scene.
The Darlings noticed the black clouds of smoke on their bus ride home from school Friday
afternoon...but never thought it was The Farm.


Saturday morning we arrived at The Farm.
Some things were still burning. Ironically...just a few yards away was a reservior FULL of
water that could have been pumped onto the fire.....Oh well.....
Thankfully everything can be replaced. But we always say that don't we....
"It could have been so much worse."
I thought I was offering words of comfort when I announced that little saying to a
very discouraged Farmer...when he replied..."yes...and it could have been
totally avoided too." And he was right.
(Thanks to Uncle Penguin for the photos!)

Wednesday....And...A Great Recipe!

March 10, 2011

My Wednesday began with bread.
Well, that was after breakfast was made....lunches were made and The Darlings put
on the bus. Then it was bread....rolls....6 dozen of them
Wednesay was "Miericoles Missional" at the JSA.
The first....or second this month...Wednesday of each month the Future Missionaries in the
Senior class are treated to a wonderful lunch at the Director's home. It is something new
that has been started this year and it is fantastic! After lunch, young men are treated to
encouraging words from a priesthood leader, and then more uplifting words from a
former mission president. Each month I can see in the eyes of the young men....more and more
resolve. They are "becoming" the colony missionaries that they are been raised to be.
My tears are too frequent these days....everything in our home is revolving around mission
papers at the moment. It is coming very fast!
Yesterday day The Farmer shared a tender experience from an conference talk given in April
"The Divine Call of a Missionary" by Elder Rasband.
In this talk he explains step by step just how a missionary is assigned to the mission he is called. And I wept.
Actually when I read it the first time...I cried like a Mom who is sending her Boy off
for two who knows where. I cried again as The Farmer carefully explained this sacred
process to these great young men. I try really hard not to cry in front of The Boy....I want to
lend him all the strength I have right now....this is a sacry time of life.
But he is actually the one hugs me tight and tells me everything will be okay.
The missionary meetings are inspired! As a Mom, I am so grateful for attentative
Priesthood leaders who carefully hold these young men under their protective wings...
preparing fly.
Very Tasty...No Fail Rolls
1/2 c. warm water
1/2 c. warm milk
1 egg, silghtly beaten
1/3 c. butter, softened
1/3 c. sugar
1 t. salt
3 3/4 c. flour
2 1/2 t. yeast
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Activate yeast in water, milk and sugar mixture. When yeast is good and bubbly add butter, beaten egg, flour and salt and mix. I put everything into
my Kitchen Aid mixer and let it go. Let it mix until a soft dough forms.
Next, divide dough into two equal parts. Roll each part into a circle, spread more butter onto
circle, cut into wedges and roll from the outside in forming a cresent. Let raise, and then
bake for 10-12 minutes.


The rolls were a hit at the missionary luncheon....that made me happy!

Bro. Cluff and his wife Mona, the Director of the JSA, Pres. Romney and his wife Silvia,
The former Mission President speaker....Rick Jones and his wife Lynnette (not pictured)
The Farmer (a.k.a. the Stake President) also in attendance were the seminary teachers.

And here they are! The 2011 Colony Missionaries.
23 out of the 25 were present yesterday.
They looked so handsome in their white shirts and ties!

On our way home....another stop at "The Farm" to once again check the trees....
and this is what we found....
The blooming has started. In another week, this whole area will have a hue of pink
over it, and for about another week or so, it will be fantastically beautiful!
We sure can use a little color around is a bit drab and brown.


Our Rooster Can Jump!......

March 9, 2011

One day...after school...The Rooster asked me if I would like to watch him ride.
Ride his motorcycle...that is. Of course I said yes....and headed down to our
beloved "Sol".....some land we have close to our house. Can I just say.....I LOVE THAT PLACE!!
Okay....I say it all the time around here....and everyone is pretty sick of hearing it,
but I really do love it there. Anyway....The Boy and The Rooster have made a make shift
racing track at the Sol, and over time it has become a bit overgrown. The Rooster
and Cousin M. have started riding again in the evenings and once again they have carved out
their trails and jumps!





It was so much fun to watch The Rooster ride....and jump....and spin out!
You just won't find a nicer boy than that Rooster....he is a very sweet little man.

Messages From The Chalkboard......

March 8, 2011

There's a story behind this one.....
When The Farmer was a little Farmer....around 5.....he spent his days playing
with his dear cousin Jesse.
Just as little mini cousins often do...they occasionally fought over toys or
items that one may have been playing with....that the other one wanted. In order to
maintain control of the coveted item/toy....the cousin that was trying to protect his "turf" would
bite the item in order to keep control of it. Well, that was all great until one day the
coveted "item" was a little that you would walk you dog with. Cousin Jesse
had the was his....and he wanted to maintain control of the chain and so he
bit it with his little teeth. The Mini Farmer also wanted the looked really fun
to him, and so with all his might....he yanked the chain from the tender teeth of Cousin
Jesse....and am sure you can guess what happened.....along with the chain...came
a few teeth.....and I am sure a pretty good punishment. The Farmer told The Darlings this
story last week for FHE and of course they thought it was great! He quickly related it to
holding tight to the Iron Rod....even if you have to use your teeth to hold on. It was an
effective lesson and one I am sure won't soon be forgotten.
"Hold To The Rod" is our family theme this year. We sure do appreciate Grandpa S. for
leading us so well as a family. His thoughtful planning helps us, even though we are
far away from the rest of the group. Each Monday, The Darlings sing with gusto....
"The Iron Rod" which we are learning this year. Many styles of singing are used....most
enjoyed of course is opera style! I love our theme....I sure love The Farmer's chalkboard
messages to help us along our way!

Prom Weekend......

March 7, 2011


It was Jr. Prom time again this past weekend.....
and even though we don't have a Junior this year...we do have to beautiful nieces that
are Juniors, so it was an important one for our family.
PreShie invited a group of young men to go with her.....the started the "date"
with lunch at school Friday. The Farmer and I loaded the car and headed to the school
where we served up a tasty lunch to all of the dates...a few teachers...and some wandering
cousins! It is always great fun to have lunch with The Darlings!


Next...PreShie got herself all prettied up....she looked very cute;)....and
gathered her dates and headed for Taco's Rosas for dinner.

The Boy entertained 4 lovely young ladies.....which made him happy!

Once at the dance The Boy found his darling cousins....and hugged them!
Their floor show was very well done, and it was obvious they were having a wonderful time.
The best part of the that the parents are invited and the kids don't mind!
The cousins looked beautiful and their parents beamed with love and pride!

More cousins....we are minus our Missionary cousin who is in Argentina at the moment,
but we added another cousin to the mix....who is now old enough to attend.

Aunts....Uncles....and cousins....
(the lighting was terrible for dark!)


It was a great evening! On the way home The Farmer and I stopped for a bite to eat...
we found more cousins....and joined them for some great
conversation and yummy food...when we were close to finishing...another set
of family members showed up! We are so luckly to live by so much family!
Next, year it will be PreShie's turn for her Jr. Prom.....she has already
started looking for her dress.......ahhhhh......

Checking The Buds.....

March 4, 2011

Yesterday we attended the funeral of a beloved member of our communities,
Louise Whetten.
Her death was unexpected and she will be greatly missed. Her service was filled with stories
of how she loved and served those around her....always. Her family is lovely and
are a tribute to what a great Mother and grandmother she was, and what a good life she led. They have alot to live up to. I personally will miss the
special kindness and love that she showed me everytime I saw her.
I am grateful that I was blessed to know her.
On our way home....The Farmer and I decided to stop at one of the farms to check on the trees.
The extreem cold spell that passed through here a few weeks, has already effected the
fruit crop this year. The trees had not yet blossomed, but damage was still done.
Some have estimated that nearly 50% of the crops in this area have been lost. It is still hard to tell. The trees we checked were full of bud, that will turn into flowers, that will turn into peaches. The Farmer was in the process of pruning the orchards when the extreem temperatures hit, and he very quickly stopped, thinking that some fruit might be save. It was a good thing he did!
We drove up and down the rows, hoping to catch a glimpse into our
peach this looks, hopeful!
p.s. - The Farmer doesn't usually check the orchard wearing a suit.....
In order to check a peach need to carefully cut into the bud to see if the center is green or black. Black would mean that it is would mean....Horray!....peaches are on the way! He found many green buds....he had not planned on many....but is now alot more
hopeful for a crop. The orchards have been prepared for the cold nights to come....the temperatures are managed with sprinker systems. Years ago, the orchards were kept warm with what we call smudge buckets...or buckets full of diesel which is lit on fire. It was not a very effective way of warming the orchards and also it was very expensive, but it was all
we had. Now the sprinklers do the work.....and they do a pretty good job! Some nights,
that are extra cold, people have been known to burn basically anything to keep the trees warm.
The Farmer....checking the small buds....
Some of the trees are actually begining to bloom. Little pink flowers are begining to appear.
Soon our area will be covered in pink! The cottonwood trees have a hint of green which
means they are begining to awake as well. The tree I always my yard is the
willow tree....when it begins to bud....and have a hit of is typically smudging season....
and last night I checked the willow trees....and they are very close to budding.

The coldest parts of the orchard are lined with bails of straw....that if needed in an emergency...
will be lit on fire. The orchards are also surrounded with a "water wall" made from hanging
sprinklers that actually make a "curtain" of water which blocks the cold.

Currently The Farmer is cleaning out a well....he thought it would be a fairly simple
process...that was until.....

The guy working on the well....dropped the drilling bit....down the hole....
not so simple anymore....Poor Farmer....another thing to worry about!
Here's to another year of farming....hoping and praying that all will go well!
** I just finished editing my second "blog book".....It was a huge job!
I am using another company this year....I am very excited to see the results.
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