It Was A Controlled Burn This Time......

March 28, 2011


It was a controlled burn this time.....

These young cousins climbed on top of our back wall to get the best view they could.

Turns out...the burn was intentional...the Asparagus field needed to have the weeds

burned out so it could grow again. It was quite spectacular! We had neighbors arrive to look

over the fence and check out the flames. We had a great view from the deck of PreShie's

playhouse. Aren't those young cousins cute boys!


I spent Friday and Saturday working the the garden....although very windy...the days

have been warm, sooooo very nice and welcome. PreShie and I planted flowers around her

playhouse....climbing roses, petunias...lots of lovely flowers. Gardening doesn't thrill her like

it does me. Hopefully she will learn to love it. I also layed out the plan for our

vegetable garden...the execution will begin tomorrow...I CAN'T WAIT!!!

While in the garden....I discovered that my Wisteria had bloomed!!! HORRAY!

I have had that plant for 6 years....and it has never produced a flower. I made The Darlings

admire and smell the lovely blossoms....they acted "thrilled" they made lots of gasping

noises pretending that they were overcome with joy at the sight of the fantastic flowers....

all the while they were rolling their eyes....I think they were happy for me....


Saturday morning we began our day with the Peach Pancake that we love so much....

Not something we eat during the week because it takes too long to cook....but we do love it on the weekends. It is made with home grown...home canned peaches! Give it a try....

You will love it!!


1 c. flour

1 c. milk

6 eggs


6 T. butter

2 qts. peaches, drained

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Place butter in a 9x13 pan and place in oven until butter

is melted and bubbly. Pour drained peaches into pan and return to oven.

Place all remaining ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Once peaches are hot

pour batter over peaches, and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Serve with butter, syrup, powdered sugar and a little squeeze of lemon juice.


LaNae said...

That sounds so good--I will have to try it!

Kimberly & Kids said...

mmmm! I'm going to try that! Please share more of your recipes! Love your family!

- Kimberly

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