It's Always Fun When Grandpa Comes.....

April 1, 2011


We love it when Grandpa S. comes to visit! We love it when he brings the Grandma too....but
she hasn't been able to come lately. Grandpa...on the other here for a visit
about every two weeks! What a treat for us!!
The Darlings LOVE it when he comes! The morning he was getting ready to leave...
he had been up very late the night before....but he got up to see The Darlings off to school,
reminding them to be Good Darlings...and that he would see them again in another couple
of weeks. The Darlings like to tell him all about their lives....all about school....what they think
about they feel about things....he is always a wonderful support and offers great
advice and encouragement. It is a blessing to have him visit us so often.


Another reason we LOVE it when he the loads of citrus he brings.
This citrus starved AZ girl longs for a juciy grapefruit, navel oranges...that were not picked when
they were green...but tree ripened...and tasty lemons...which are never seen in my neck
of the woods. The first thing I thought of when I saw the lemons....was Lemon Bars!
I made them.....we ate them....and they were yummy! Last time Grandpa S. was here, we
drove to the JSA at lunchtime and were lucky enough to find The Darlings....he hugged them
and told them good-bye....and as PreShie was running across campus she YELLED....
"bring more Oranges when you come next time...." and she yells loud! Grandpa thought
that was pretty funny. The Darlings take those juicy oranges in their lunches. Grandpa forgot
to bring the load of citrus on one of his trips....and I thought The Farmer was going to cry.
He said...."did The Chief (he calls Grandpa S. "The Chief") really not bring the
grapefruit....??????" He loves grapefruit more than he loves us I think.....;)
We really do love the AZ citrus!


I love Easter!
Maybe it is the colors of Easter that I love so much. After a long and cold Winter,
the colors f Easter represent life again. Our favorite Easter decorations are throughout
the house...some from when The Darlings were Mini Darlings. I love them all! Easter eggs
and jelly beans fill jars on the buffet in the dining room. Most everyone who stops by, ends up
leaving with a hand full of jelly beans. I saw an idea I loved....last year....names of the Savior on a ribbon garland....hung in a place that could be seen easily. I have thought about it all during the
year....anxious to make my own to help us be more thoughtful of a special season. I remembered that Grandpa S. had told me about a list of names, of the Savior, that he had compiled through his years of scripture study....I asked him to send me the list...and I made
the garland....with 74 different names.....and it was beautiful!


I decided that the first garland should hang in the home of the Grandparents...after was
Grandpa's study that gave us the list. I wrapped it up and sent it home with Grandpa...when
he left. And as quickly as that garland left...I began another for our home. It will not only be a
great reminder of The will be a great reminder of Grandpa S. a.k.a. "The Chief"
I can't wait to get mine done and hung!
*Just a side note....this morning The Darlings were headed out for school...I said
"be sure not to fall for any jokes is April Fools Day....
to which The Boy replied...."oh ya...I am supposed to be wearing green today...right?" did supply me with a good laugh....and I often tell The Darlings that was one
of the reasons I birthed entertain me!
This is my most favorite weekend of the year....Spring General Conference Weekend!!!
We will be cooking....eating...listening...watching....and loving every minute of it!!!


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Cathy said...

How cool it is that your dad can come down often! I love it that your kids have such a close relationship with the grandparents! And love you Easter idea! It such a good one! You are a very creative and FUN mom!

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