What We Love About Easter.....

April 7, 2011


Easter is a holiday we really love!  I love Everything about it!  We have alot of traditions around Easter.  Things like attending the Easter Pagent in Mesa Az....with a Ned's Krazy Sub in hand.  I am all about an Easter dress for PreShie each year...The Boys are gifted with new neck ties...and other Sunday attire if needed......(it is usually needed).  I love an Easter basket loaded with fun little items....a favorite item of The Darlings is a bag of jerky...they know they can count on that.  Our community has what we call the Easter Hike each year....and EVERY year the wind is horrible....but the Easter Hike goes on.  Can I just add that no hiking is involved;)  It is held in the same location year after year, under the shade of huge cottonwood trees.  There is always an Easter Egg hunt...and a yummy lunch.

Back in the day....I tole painted....didn't everyone???  I have retired most of those painted items...but a few still find their way back into the house during different holidays.  This one (above) is a favorite that has been around for years!  The Darlings still love it when I put it out.


We LOVE our feather tree, decorated with fun Easter items.


The jars on the buffet are filled with jelly beans, and eggs and other fun treats.


These are my newest addition...antique hobnail milkglass egg cups.  I have collected a few antique egg cups, and these are a perfect compliment to what I have....I searched long and hard for these and they are so cute!


The best part by far...was The Farmer making his Easter drawing for the chalkboard...this morning.  Remember he thought that chalkboard wasn't such a great idea......I am pretty sure he has changed his mind!


We prepared a "Family Home Evening in a Bag" for family members....we will be delivering them on Sunday night so that they will have them for Monday night....a great way to get into the spirit of Easter.
What's in the bag you ask.....


In the FHE Bag, a cookie mix for the treat.....an egg coloring kit for the activity.....bubble wands (just for fun)....and an Easter Egg Lesson, each egg is numbered and filled with a scripture and a symbol of the events that led up to the death and resurrection of the Savior.  It is a lesson we have done for many years and helps remind us of the real reason for Easter.  Another thing we have added into our personal "FHE in a Bag" is a copy of the testimony of Elder Jeffery R. Holland, "And None Were With Him"...it is wonderful.  Tonight we will hang our Easter garland with the names of the Savior....We won't be celebrating Easter in our home this year....but we will certainly celebrate it up until the moment we leave!  We love Easter!


skinners said...

that picture of Christ is one of my favorites! i was pleasantly surprised to see it in your post. my friend from high school painted it, jared barnes, and he grew up in the house next door to del parson, my friend's dad! small world!

cute decorations!! my poor girls hardly know it's easter before the morning of. i need to start stocking up on easter decor. :)

LaNae said...

I have to get more Easter decorations! I made your peach pancake on General Conference Sunday and it turned out great! Send me your email address--I had a couple questions I wanted to ask you.

Trisha said...

Another great post from my favorite blogger. We need to see the farmers finished picture.

Pedaling said...

I have not one easter decoration.

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