What Do You Get The Boy...??????

April 12, 2011


I was visiting with The Boy on Sunday night....we were talking about his upcoming birthday.....
his 18th Birthday.  I asked him how he felt about turning 18....and he said something like...
"I feel just great...how am I supposed to feel???"
It is a big birthday for him...and for us too....it means.....
Graduation from High School and....most importantly
A Mission.
So, during our visit I asked him what he would like for his birthday...or what he needed...and
he just sat with a blank stare....."I guess mission stuff would be ok"  he said, but
I wanted him to have something that was extra special....something that would mark this special day...
something that he would never forget.  I headed to El Paso Monday morning...for many reasons...but took
advantage of my time there to search for the perfect for this Boy who will be leaving us soon.  I thought
and I searched and nothing really grabbed me.  I found a small something that I knew he would
enjoy, but still longing for the "special thing" that he would always remember on his day.
Returning home.....we...The Boy and I....planned his birthday breakfast....his day of celebration,
and we went to bed.  All night long I wondered how his Muneca was doing....she had been moved
to a pasture close to our home so she could eat.  She has been here at our home for sometime, waiting
for her colt to be born.  Each morning...The Rooster would jump from bed (well sort of)...and run to the
back yard to see if the colt had arrived.  For days this went on with no colt being born.
Everyday brought new hope, that The Muneca's baby would appear.

Early this morning....while The Boy was enjoying his birthday breakfast of choice....Biscuits and Gravy....
A knock came at our door ....The Farmer answered....went outside to talk to one of the men that works
for us....Tany....and shortly entered the house saying....."I can't believe it.....I just can't believe it!!"
"It happened today Boy....on your very birthday.....your little colt was born....!!"
Oh, if we could only have captured the look on The Boy's face.....first disbelief...then the sweetest
smile.  The Rooster let out a big yell.....PreShie had already left for school.  We all ran to the car and
headed to see the new little colt.  Born bright and early this morning....the day of The Boy's birth....


And my wish for The Boy came true.
He will never forget this....his 18th birthday.
And it was not us, his parents, who gave him this unforgettable gift....it was
his Muneca whom he loves so much....and who loves him back!
Happy Birthday to our Boy!!!
*****birthday celebrations are just beginning.....it is going to be a fun filled day for The Boy!*****



Jan T. said...

What an awesome Birthday gift!!! Shelley, why is he putting his papers in so early...he just turned 18???

Kimberly & Kids said...

What a great gift! I would have loved to seen that!
I have a question though, he turned 18? I thought he turned his mission papers in, but mission papers can't be submitted more than 120 days before the 19th birthday??? Sorry, I am just confused.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Muneca must be a very special horse because she made this mama cry.

That is so wonderful.

Happy Birthday Boy and baby colt.

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