November 28, 2008

016 I am having a thing with dried corn right now....I think it is amazlingly beautiful! So would I miss this photo opportunity....Noooooooooooooo! The Rooster was free from school today...and yes that is just how he felt...FREE! And what would he like to do most of all on this day of FREEDOM????? Well, ride on the combine while the men are thrashing the corn, of course. I mean really....what else is there to do??!!
The Rooster in his personal "Field of Dreams."
Yes, I worried, and I repeatedly asked The Farmer to please get The Rooster off the combine, or at the very least, inside the combine...but...Nooooooooooooo, said The Farmer, "this is an experience that all young boys should have." Spoken like a true Farmer, don't you think? "He will be fine...he will be just fine." And he was....just fine. Did I mention that it was just beautiful to watch? It really was.
A wonderful Fall afternoon!

Thanksgiving.....Mexico Style!

November 28, 2008

This year was a "Mexico" Thanksgiving! Some years we go to Mesa and other years, we have been known to escape to the beautiful mountains of New Mexico to a little hotel that we love.
This year was Thanksgiving....Mexico style. And it was great!
Mexico doesn't celebreate Thanksgiving...but then again I am sure you already knew that;) The weather is still very mild, not too cool and the tress are fantastically beautiful with changing leaves. We have not had Thanksgiving dinner as an entire extended family, for several years. So our very brave cousins invited the whole family to their home to enjoy dinner together. It totaled 67 people, and it was great fun! The food was wonderful. The tables were beautiful and the company was the best! Just what Thanksgiving should be! So while the rest of our little neck of the woods was "business as ususal" we were enjoying Thanksgiving together as a very large family, feeling very blessed. Thanks to those very brave cousins for giving this great gift to our family!

The Ugly Mantle

November 20, 2008


*thanks Rachelle...this is darling!

by: c jane

When first I was called to serve I had but two goals in mind:
1.) Get baptisms.
2.) Don’t gain weight.
And the Lord sent me to Canada to first reside in a suburb of the uber-euro town
which is Quebec City.
And the Lord sent me a first companion who was
(warning! hyperbole rampage!)
the cutest,
beloved-est sister
in the whole-wide mission.
And the Lord gave us a twenty-something investigator named Denis.
(Except in French you pronounce it “Denny”)
(which happened to be my family’s nickname for special body parts.)
(I’d blush a little when we’d go over to teach the discussions.)
On one very hot day,
outside his very hot apartment,
Denis accepted our invitation to be baptized.
And as we walked home,
I encountered my first run-in with public nudity,
(or shall I say I saw an un-welcomed denny?)
But that Sunday at church Denis shyly handed my companion a letter,
(which had a picture of faded red roses in the background)
rolled up with ribbon.
On the car ride home,
she had me sl-ow-ly translate.
Denis could no longer continue the discussions with us.
Because he was in love.
(With me.)
So it was that we “passed-off” our Denis to the Elders.
And consoled ourselves in an ice cream shop (called “Bunny.”)
Which is when I decided that it would be ok to gain weight.
I let the Lord make me over.
Less blushy, more serious.
(Maybe my first goal was possible . . .
. . . if I let go of the second.)
So it was that I put on the Ugly Mantle.
And stopped sending pictures home.
Because of this: “Are you feeling okay? You look . . . sick? Should I call your Mission President?”
I was transfered.
Transfered again.
Another time.
A year passed and I found myself back in Quebec City.
Where I ran into Denis
(with newly bleach-tipped hair.)
He didn’t really recognize me.
(I was heavy with mission.)
And he was baptized.
The only one I ever taught

Today Is The Day!

November 19, 2008

It finally arrived! She entered the MTC today. HORRAY! We are so proud of Beth and
know that she will be an amazing missionary! Today she begins the greatest adventure of
her life so far!
Bethany Setting apart
We have loved having Beth live with us for the past few months. She has been a sister,
and a great friend to The Darlings. We shared alot of laughs and alot of tears. She was
a blessing to our family. She is ready to begin this next chapter of her life. And it will
be a good one!
Stake Pres. with Beth
The Stake President (aka The Farmer) and his counselors came to our house to share
things we love about Beth, and then The Stake President gave her a beautiful blessing
assuring her that this will be a great experience for her. It was especially great to have
him set her apart. Our brothers and parents were able to participate in this great
experience through a conference call (thanks Matt!). It was a special experience. Monday
morning we left for El Paso and put her on a plane to Salt Lake City where our parents
picked her up.

Beth and PreSh
PreShie will miss her "sister" I think more than all of us combined! They have shared
alot in the last few months. Beth has set a great example for all of us, and for that
we are very grateful!

I'm Back!

November 11, 2008

I enjoyed my break...but I am glad to be back! Thanks to you sweet people who emailed to ask how I was. Thanks for still checking on me. It meant! Anyway, our weeks away were full. Track Meets, mission prep. with Auntie Beth, a trip to 3 states in four days, a wedding, some major business changes, as well as many other things. We just returned, last night, from a wedding in Utah. My youngest brother, Stu, began his new life as a husband and a father. It was a fun trip, but home is a beautiful place to be!
Cousins....PreShie and Sage. PreShie with a darling new haircut, thanks to Auntie Beth.
Grandparents, meeting their newest grandson...He is feeling a bit shy;)
It was great to spend a little time with extended family, especially my brothers who I do not get to see enough. We missed our brothers who could not be there. We had a great time! Thanks to The Farmer for being so patient and kind on a long trip filled with many hotel rooms;)

Have You Ever Had One Of These????

November 11, 2008

The Phone Call -

Ring, Ring, Ring....

Me: Hello

Farmer: Hi Hon, what are you doing?

Me: I am trimming the roses, cutting back's that time

Farmer: Oh great! So how do you feel about Palm trees?

Me: What do you mean?

Farmer: Like, where would you like them planted?

Me: Are you kidding me? I am not a fan of the palm.

Farmer: I found this guy selling some great trees,.....AND....I am thinking

about where we could plant them.

Me: Seriously???

Farmer: So how many do you want?

Me: Did you hear the part where I said I am not a fan of the Palm?

Farmer: I was thinking a few would be good.

Me: Do we have a lovely swimming pool that I am not aware of?

Farmer: how many?

Me: Go ahead and get as many as you would like, I am not sure how they will

work into our landscape, but whatever.

Farmer: Hey! Thanks! That is all I needed....your permission.

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