June 27, 2011


Saturday evening we headed to Manti to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant.
We had never seen that pageant...and who can pass up a trip to that amazing temple!
We arrived early enough to secure ourselves a good seat....

The weather was great...nice and warm until the sun went down...and then it was time for jackets.

We took a little picnic lunch along with us....straight from Kneaders...our FAVORITE!!
The Rooster enjoyed a bread bowl with yummy soup...and The Boy demolished a
Turkey and Avocado on Sourdough Bread....oh yum!!
and I ended up with a Navajo Taco...I didn't bring that along...The Rooster actually didn't order
anything from Kneaders...but found himself starving once he saw that bread bowl
pulled from the picnic bag.  Oh well....
So the Navajo Taco was yummy...there was alot of food to choose from at the Pageant...
Funnel Cakes...Snowcones...everything you could imagine....

As always....there are a few "special" folks who like to follow those Mormons around..
this guy brought his own step ladder and stood on top of it yelling...not sure about what....
The fantastic thing about this guy is that we could literally not hear a word he was yelling, once we stepped
onto the temple grounds.  Pretty great!  I never will understand why people feel the need to bash
the way that others choose to worship.  Side story...when we arrived at our cute little townhouse last
week...we were locked out and weren't sure if the managers had left the key with the
we knocked, and the nicest lady answered.  We quickly determined that no key had been left...and so
we began to unload the car while we waited for the managers.  The Boy walked to the nearest garbage
can to throw a few items away, and was met by another one of the neighbors....he told The Boy
that he appreciated us being so friendly and kind to them....and that they too were visiting for just a few
days....they were Jehovah's Witnesses and they came to spend a week knocking on doors.
He then told The Boy...that he had heard that alot of Mormons lived in the area :)....and did The Boy
know anything about that....The Boy smiled and said "yes...ALOT....of Mormons live here...
good luck with your missionary work...I am sure they will all be really nice to you."
They stayed around for a couple of days....and then left....several days before they had planned...
I hope they were treated well while they were here.
Ok....back to the Manti Pagaent..

We had a great time walking the streets of Manti....


The Rooster made himself a bed on the ground...and played
some games on his pass the time

Once the Sun set....the Pageant was so nice!
That it was set on the side of a hill...made it all that more special...I loved it!
It was a treat...something I have wanted to do for a very long time!

A Letter To A Very Dear Friend....

June 23, 2011

To my dear friend and fellow Warrior Mother;
(You know who you are...)
Today I left our temporary home for my morning walk/run.  There are so many beautiful places for a
morning walk here in Provo....but I found myself returning to the place I know so well...
the grounds of the Provo Temple.  It is familiar to me...and to you too;)  Each morning while I walk/run,
my mind fills with great memories of the time The Farmer and I shared here.  The Winter's that seemed
so long...the Winter's that were so long....the most wonderful Springtime that anyone could imagine...
hope for the future...hope for children....the loss of a child....a new job....a big move....
and the start of our lives together.  It really was the best of times!
Today the streets seemed extra busy...there seemed to be more people moving about....and then it hit
me.  Today is Wednesday...the day the new missionaries are welcomed into the MTC!


It was only 18 years ago that new Moms...sat our little firstborn sons next to each other on a couch.
We were pretty smitten with those boys...and I think we still are....
I think we always knew that they would be friends...and we knew that missions were certainly in
their futures...but did we know that it would come so fast?  How could we have known?
I am so grateful that they are friends...that they have been friends their entire lives.  I am grateful that
they can depend on each other...that they trust each other.  I am so grateful that they are embarking on
this next experience...together. 

Back to the morning walk......
The morning was fantastic!  The weather was beautiful! 
The field below the temple was filled with missionaries...playing
and all smiling.  I know they mus be scared...but they are full of faith...they know that they are doing
the right thing.  As I looked into the faces of each of the young they passed hit me that
it won't be too much longer that your boy will be one of those on the field.  And you can imagine...
I started to cry...and so I sat down on the lawn in front of the MTC to gather myself. 
When my eyes cleared a bit...
I looked up and witnessed one of the most touching sights I have ever seen in my life.  Through the fence
I could see a car parked...and a family working together to unload the suitcases of their son and their brother.  He was dressed to perfection!  His suit was new...his hair was trimmed...he looked just as he
should to enter the MTC.  At that moment to other young missionaries approached the family....I am
sure their alotted time was nearly gone....there were lots of handshakes...lots of pictures being taken...
lots of tears.  And then the sibilings took their turn...hugging their brother tighter than I am sure
they had ever hugged him.  And more tears....(I am just sure that all who passed me thought I had lost
my  mind...sitting there in the grass...weaping.)

And then came the parents...together they held their son, their arms wrapped tightly around him...
I can imagine that they weretelling him how very much they loved him...and how proud they were of him.  I am guessing that some last minute advice was given.  They clung to each other.
Then the young missionaries stepped in and took the young man by the arm and led him through
the doors of the MTC.  The family loaded into their car...slowly backed out and very slowly left the MTC.
All the while watching out their windows until their son/brother was completely out of their sight.

I am sure it was just like The Farmer described when he sent The Boy's mission papers in...
that as parents we were laying The Boy on the altar....just as Isaac, with complete faith that The Lord
would take it from there.  That sweet family layed their son on the altar today...just as we will both do
soon.  Once the family left the MTC....another car entered...and the same scene played out again.
Tonight a Mother is crying herself to sleep...I bet the Dad is too...but he won't let anyone know.  A hole
has been left in the family...the young missionary is overwhelmed...I am sure that he too is sheding
tears as he falls asleep, missing what has been so familiar to him...his family.


I wish everyone could see what I saw today.  To be able to sit back and watch, and soak it
in was a great blessing to me.  Certainly you were first in my this experience is heading your
way very this very location. 
 It will be an incredible experience for your missionary boy...and your family. 
Just be sure to take a good supply of kleenex..;)

All pictures were taken around the MTC and Provo Temple today.  I especially love the sign..."do not write on the sidewalk".....I guess people were leaving messages for their missionaries written in chalk...all along
the sidewalk....people are creative aren't they?!
You have been a Warrior have prepared your boy well.  He is a great young man and will be
an amazing missionary.  "Fresh courage take" is going to take everything we've got to
get through this next step.....
Sending Hugs from the lawn in front of the MTC!


June 20, 2011


It is only half of the future missionaries of The JSA.
It has not happened in the history of the JSA....this many young men serving missions
in one year.  They are an exceptional group of young men.  They all come from homes
where they have been taught and prepared.
Many people's lives will be blessed because of them.
Life has been really fun with them around...and they will be missed....but they
are going to be amazing!!

Thanks to Aunt Shauna for the fun pictures!
The first two young men...leave for the MTC tomorrow morning.

The others will soon follow!
....Including The Boy.....

Not For The Faint Of Heart.....

June 20, 2011

For the sake of family history...I am posting these pictures...also because The Boy
felt like the moment was worth blogging!
jordan 007

When The Boy was in 8th grade...he wasn't the Big Boy that he is these days...he wasn't too fiesty
back in the day...either...hummmm....he overcame that too!;)
Anyway, there was an older boy that rode the bus with him....and played football with him...and was
basically around most of the time...and this older boy was a bully.  The worst part is
that he really enjoyed being a bully.  So, The Boy never said too much about this kid...I
guess he thought he was being a man by dealing with it alone.  Until one day, on a bus ride home
from school, the older boy turned the flame of a lighter, upside down, until the metal tip
was extreemly hot...and then he proceeded to burn The Boy on the top of his hand.
Turns out...he burned several other kids at school that same day.
The Boy's burn was really bad.....really bad!  It took weeks to heal, after an infection...
a trip to the Dr. and two rounds of antibiotics.  And a terrible scar was left behind.  A scar would
be bad enough...but this scar looked like the letter "A."
jordan 009 isn't that The Boy doesn't have a scar or fact he has more than his share...and they don't
really bother him.  But this scar was different.  The Boy has spent the last several years trying to cover
that scar up.  Most of the time he wore a thick bracelet of some kind to cover it up.
Through the years he has asked to have it removed...but due to his paritcipation in sports...
it was impossible to find a moment to get it done...and give him time to heal.
Lately he asked again....he wanted it removed before he left on his mission.
jordan 006

The Farmer called a good friend of his....a local surgeon....and the appointment was set.
It didn't really take too long....I enjoyed taking pictures through the process...and there are many.....more
graphic pictures that I chose not to post...but it was interesting to watch.
jordan 017

                           The old scar is gone....and now a new one takes it place                       
 And now the past is really in the past...and The Boy is moving on to better things!
The Boy is happy the old scar is gone....and frankly so am I!

jordan 018

The Boy...and the good Dr. Verdeja.

Costa Rica + The Boy = Some Good Fun!

June 18, 2011

Costa Rica 015

A few days after graduation....The Boy and a few friends/students from The JSA as well
as a favorite teacher/second Mom.....left for Costa Rica.  They spent 8 fun fillled....adventure filled...days
in what The Boy calls..."The most beautiful place in the world!"
Costa Rica 137

The Boy's camera was filled with pictures of lush landscapes....
Costa Rica 029

And some crazy man who thought playing with an alligator was really fun.
I personally found this a little disturbing...but I am quite sure that the boat filled with teenagers...
who sat close by...were thrilled and delighted.
Costa Rica 161

The crazy man....also brought a baby alligator aboard the boat for everyone to see up close,
Pretty amazing that something so small, cute and seemingly harmless...could turn into something
so fierce, ugly and ready to remove a limb at any given!
Costa Rica 165

The Boy found his long lost cousin Ben's...look-a-like...also on the trip.
Cousin Ben is serving a mission in Argentina at the moment...and The Boy misses him terribly.
Costa Rica 183

The Boy and Friends also visited a sounded like to me it may be semi-active....based on The Boy's description....they did a Canaopy lining in the jungle, which he loved....they also visited a school, where they presented the students with school supplies that they had brought with them. 
They played a game of soccer...and had a great experience.
Costa Rica 072

They also had the chance to plant a few trees....
eat alot of black beans and rice....enjoy a soccer match between Mexico and Costa Rica...
(which by the way Mexico won!), they made some new friends....the old friends were able to
"mend some fences" and just have a totally great time!
Costa Rica 178

A trip of a lifetime...a perfect closing to the chapter of "high school" on to more
great experiences!!

First Of The Season....

June 13, 2011


I have waited for this moment all Winter long...
The garden is producing!!
My favorite place to be, in the evenings, is in my garden.  It helps me de-compress from
the day.  To tell the truth...I did sneak some green tomatoes last week....I picked a couple
quietly entered the house and cooked them up...then ate them....when the rest of the gang
wasn't looking....oh my goodness they were good!
The squash is now in will be served in some from for most every
meal...throughout the Summer months....horray!
I do love the garden.

*The missionary farwells, have begun.  Yesterday there were two.
*Another mission call arrived....and was opened last night....there are a few more to go!
*The missionaries will begin to leave in about another week....
*The Boy is still in Costa Rica...I am ready for him to come home!
*PreShie is leaving on Friday for an extended trip...I am sooo excited for her!
*The Rooster is nearly done with school...and will begin his Summer
Golf program next week.
*The Farmer is crazy busy with a new project he has taken on...
(I will post about that later....)
*Our evenings are filled with snowcones or Pina Coladas....
(just trying to keep cool!)
*We are so sad about the forest fires that are burning around us...the fires in AZ are terrible,
and the fires in our area are really rough....the air is filled with smoke and I sneeze
most of the day.  The sunsets are beyond beautiful, because of the smoke in the air...
*PreShie has held a deck party or her playhouse...she and the cousins
strung up lots of white Christmas lights on her deck...and it looks wonderful!
Summer is in the air!

Wrapping It Up.....

June 9, 2011


A local photographer was in charge of capturing the moment when the diplomas were delivered...
and can I just say....he must be the only one left in the world who does not use a digital
camera.  I am sure you can tell by the quality of the photo...and yes...he ran out of film in
the midst of the diploma presentation...the ceremony had to stop while he re-loaded his
camera.  This is where you shout...Viva Mexico!!!
Thankfully The Boy's photo turned out ok.  Elder De Hoyos is handing him his diploma,
he is a memeber of the Mexico Area Presidency.

The JSA graduating class of 2011

The Monday following graduation...The Boy...and a group of friends along with a teacher
from the JSA...who is like a second mother to him....left for Costa Rica.
They will be there for a little over a week.  From what I hear...they are having a wonderful time...and
today they will be doing some service at a little school.  They took school supplies to give to the
school as well.  They will also be visiting the jungle and doing some zip lining.

A Perfect End....To A Perfect Day!.............

June 8, 2011


Everything about graduation day really was perfect!
Everyone was happy....the weather was great!....It just could not have been better.
This year the Senior class decided that they wanted a formal dinner and dance, the evening of their
graduation.  The school offered a for the party and the class made
their plans.  A lovely dinner was served....the setting was beautiful, on the football field, where so
many memories were made....and more the shadow of our temple.

Great friends....future missionaries...


A very united Senior class.....



A happy Boy.....

The Grandparents S. joined us for the special well as Auntie...
Each Senior had a one point in the evening...before the dancing began....they
were each presented to the crowd of family and friends along with their date...
The Boy had the most darling date...Valeria...that was the life of the party, he is nearly 6'4" and
she stand at 5'0"....they were a sight!

They danced and danced....


The parents and other guests spent the night dancing as well.....The Farmer and I even took
our turn on the dance floor!  It was a wonderful was so great to see the Seniors
soaking up each and every moment of their last event together.
We could not have planned a more perfect day for Our Boy and for our family!

Hip, Hip, Horray....For The JSA!!!....

June 7, 2011


The last couple of weeks have been wonderful!
We have celebrated Our Boy almost eveyday...with family...with friends....for almost any reason we
could come up with!  It has been complete joy!
Graduation Day was perfection!  We arrived at the JSA, entered the auditorium and took our seats.
Our family all sat together....I sat with The Farmer.  The Boy was the first to enter the auditorium to
begin the processional walk...I looked to The Farmer for some emotional support... our eyes locked.....   and then I promptly burst into tears. 
It was momentary...and very quickly I was filled with pure joy for The Boy.
The ceremony was great!  The talks were perfect.  Elder De Hoyos was the guest speaker...and shared
a very inspired message on integrity and character.  The Senior class sang "Remember Me" by Miley
Cyrus...and one by one...received their much earned diplomas. 


The Farmer sat in the front....


The Boy grinned from ear to ear.....


The Mariachi's played the traditional songs....
p.s. the Mariachi on the end played at my wedding....also when The Farmer returned  from Mexico
City after he had been shot....and he has also been known to fix the brakes on my car when needed;)

The saddest part of the entire day, was when PreShie became so ill, that we had to have the Dr. come
to our house to give her a shot.  She cried and cried when she realized she would not be attending
her borthers graduation....oh it was sad.  She has never been that ill...and hopefully never will be
again.  The Rooster wasn't too happy about all the picture taking....

We were soooo happy to have the Grandparents S. with us for all the  graduation events!

And it was an extra treat to have Auntie with us too.


Mi Hijo also graduated...he has been such a special part of our family!

The family was out in force to support The Boy!

Everyone grabbed a balloon, for the traditional balloon release.

And then followed it with a big group hug!
Another special tradition.  It is a beautiful moment!

We all gathered in the gym for the annual Alumni dinner.
Uncle Dan donated the cow......everything was tasty...especially the meat;)

Then it was off to the Alumni meeting where the Seniors were inducted into the Alumni association...
after some fun and games of couse.  The Boy and a few friends preformed a little air guitar for the
enjoyment of the Alumni.  It was a fantastic day!  One that will not soon be forgotten!!
Congratulations to The Boy!!
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