Not For The Faint Of Heart.....

June 20, 2011

For the sake of family history...I am posting these pictures...also because The Boy
felt like the moment was worth blogging!
jordan 007

When The Boy was in 8th grade...he wasn't the Big Boy that he is these days...he wasn't too fiesty
back in the day...either...hummmm....he overcame that too!;)
Anyway, there was an older boy that rode the bus with him....and played football with him...and was
basically around most of the time...and this older boy was a bully.  The worst part is
that he really enjoyed being a bully.  So, The Boy never said too much about this kid...I
guess he thought he was being a man by dealing with it alone.  Until one day, on a bus ride home
from school, the older boy turned the flame of a lighter, upside down, until the metal tip
was extreemly hot...and then he proceeded to burn The Boy on the top of his hand.
Turns out...he burned several other kids at school that same day.
The Boy's burn was really bad.....really bad!  It took weeks to heal, after an infection...
a trip to the Dr. and two rounds of antibiotics.  And a terrible scar was left behind.  A scar would
be bad enough...but this scar looked like the letter "A."
jordan 009 isn't that The Boy doesn't have a scar or fact he has more than his share...and they don't
really bother him.  But this scar was different.  The Boy has spent the last several years trying to cover
that scar up.  Most of the time he wore a thick bracelet of some kind to cover it up.
Through the years he has asked to have it removed...but due to his paritcipation in sports...
it was impossible to find a moment to get it done...and give him time to heal.
Lately he asked again....he wanted it removed before he left on his mission.
jordan 006

The Farmer called a good friend of his....a local surgeon....and the appointment was set.
It didn't really take too long....I enjoyed taking pictures through the process...and there are many.....more
graphic pictures that I chose not to post...but it was interesting to watch.
jordan 017

                           The old scar is gone....and now a new one takes it place                       
 And now the past is really in the past...and The Boy is moving on to better things!
The Boy is happy the old scar is gone....and frankly so am I!

jordan 018

The Boy...and the good Dr. Verdeja.

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