Hip, Hip, Horray....For The JSA!!!....

June 7, 2011


The last couple of weeks have been wonderful!
We have celebrated Our Boy almost eveyday...with family...with friends....for almost any reason we
could come up with!  It has been complete joy!
Graduation Day was perfection!  We arrived at the JSA, entered the auditorium and took our seats.
Our family all sat together....I sat with The Farmer.  The Boy was the first to enter the auditorium to
begin the processional walk...I looked to The Farmer for some emotional support... our eyes locked.....   and then I promptly burst into tears. 
It was momentary...and very quickly I was filled with pure joy for The Boy.
The ceremony was great!  The talks were perfect.  Elder De Hoyos was the guest speaker...and shared
a very inspired message on integrity and character.  The Senior class sang "Remember Me" by Miley
Cyrus...and one by one...received their much earned diplomas. 


The Farmer sat in the front....


The Boy grinned from ear to ear.....


The Mariachi's played the traditional songs....
p.s. the Mariachi on the end played at my wedding....also when The Farmer returned  from Mexico
City after he had been shot....and he has also been known to fix the brakes on my car when needed;)

The saddest part of the entire day, was when PreShie became so ill, that we had to have the Dr. come
to our house to give her a shot.  She cried and cried when she realized she would not be attending
her borthers graduation....oh it was sad.  She has never been that ill...and hopefully never will be
again.  The Rooster wasn't too happy about all the picture taking....

We were soooo happy to have the Grandparents S. with us for all the  graduation events!

And it was an extra treat to have Auntie with us too.


Mi Hijo also graduated...he has been such a special part of our family!

The family was out in force to support The Boy!

Everyone grabbed a balloon, for the traditional balloon release.

And then followed it with a big group hug!
Another special tradition.  It is a beautiful moment!

We all gathered in the gym for the annual Alumni dinner.
Uncle Dan donated the cow......everything was tasty...especially the meat;)

Then it was off to the Alumni meeting where the Seniors were inducted into the Alumni association...
after some fun and games of couse.  The Boy and a few friends preformed a little air guitar for the
enjoyment of the Alumni.  It was a fantastic day!  One that will not soon be forgotten!!
Congratulations to The Boy!!


Leslie Limon said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration! Congratulations to your son!

LaNae said...

What a wonderful celebration--Congratulations! Enjoy every minute!

Pedaling said...

i love the green!
you and i are experiencing many of the same emotions.
i just wish i had so much family around for all the fun like you do!
Love you guys!

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