The Aggie Wrap-Up....

April 29, 2014

The Aggie Darlings are finishing-up a few finals in the next couple of days, and then they
will be off to their next adventure! The will be moving...getting jobs for the Summer...
and all the fun that goes along with;) It has been a good semester for them both.
  PreShie has completed her first year at USU!! The Aggie Boy has settled into college life...
the ups and downs. They have both grown alot this semester! The Aggie Boy celebrated his 21st birthday
 with this group of good friends and cousins.
 Thanks to PreShie an fun party was organized.
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The Aggie Boy was gifted with a very special cup to drink is most favorite drink from!
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The Aggie Boy also became a "True Aggie" He has joined the ranks of many family members
 who have gone before him...including his grandparents;) and our PreShie!
A fun tradition at USU.

Introducing A New Animal Into The Herd...

April 25, 2014

Well...It seemed like it would all work out... and in the end it has, but it has taken awhile.
The day we introduced Harvey to the other farm animals was a day that won't soon be forgotten!
We thought that he would do best with the Longhorns, because Harvey
likes to chew off the tails of the horses. We felt pretty certain that he wouldn't
attempt that nasty trick on the Longhorns. But it only took a few seconds upon
 Harvey entering the Longhorn pasture, for the Longhorns to go a little crazy.
I screamed...The Aggie Boy jumped into the pasture to save
poor traumatized Harvey, chased the crazy Longhorns away and
removed Harvey from the pasture and led him to the horse pasture.
The horses seemed interested in Harvey, but the moment the poor guy
entered the horse pasture, it all happened again. The horses chased him..
.bit him...and then after a day...everyone settled down and are now
living happily every after! Only one small detail...
The horses tails are a bit shorter...and Harvey's beautiful flowing mane
of hair and now pretty stubby! We have Reina to thank for that!
 I guess she was a little jealous.
All is well in the farm family now!
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The Aggie Update...Part One

April 23, 2014

 The Aggie Darlings are always on the move!
The Spring Semester has come to an end and they will be on the move again.
The Aggie Boy is known to find creative ways to get himself where he needs to go, 
and took up a little Long boarding.
It seemed like a great idea...
But then resulted in this...a broken wrist.
The bone that was broken will require some special attention to make sure it heals correctly.
 The Aggie Boy was fitted with a splint, so that the swelling could go down...
and tomorrow he will be fitted with a cast that will be his dear friend for most of the Summer!
 This is the third...possibly the fourth time he has broken an arm!
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Yes...this happened during finals week.
 Yes...he had a few papers that were due... and was his right wrist that was broken!
 Thankfully his sweet sister was willing to help him finish up his required classwork.

The Rooster Goes To Washington...

April 22, 2014

The Rooster is in Washington DC and NY for a few days.
 He is on a trip with a few kids from the high school.
 Have I mentioned that I am SMITTEN with this boy... who is now much taller than I am???
 He left yesterday and will be gone all week!
 I am so glad that he is seeing a little bit if the world!

Happy Birthday To Him...And To Me...

April 13, 2014

April 12 is always a special day for me. It is the day I became and Mother.
  It was also the day that I began a journey of a grieving Mother, whose heart was broken at the loss of a child.
  A journey that won't end in this lifetime.
 A journey that has led me through some beautiful and some very painful experiences.
Several years after that first April 12. Another April 12 arrived.
  On this day, a piece of my heart was healed with the birth of The Aggie Boy.
  What an incredible day it was for The Farmer and I.
 As we arrived at the hospital that April 12 morning, surrounded by family to support us.
 We couldn't wait to meet this Son we had so longed for, for so many years. When the moment arrived,
 and he was placed in The Farmer's arms, it seemed we had known him forever.
  Although life had been good before that day, it had been empty.
 But on that April 12, our life as a family really began.
Yesterday I called The Aggie Boy to wish him a Happy Birthday and tell him how very much I loved him.
 As he answered the phone I said..."Happy Birthday My Boy!!" To which he responded...
"Happy Birthday to you Mom!!" and he was right.
  The day he was born was also a day of birth for me. I became a Mother.
  How wise he was in that statement! He knows how we longed for children and how his
coming to the world was the answer to so many prayers. We have told him that his entire life.
We have also talked about his older sister. Whose plan wasn't the same as his, but how we feel her around
our family. And how grateful we are for her.
 He has felt her close throughout his life.
Oh how grateful we are for The Aggie Boy!
The Aggie Boy turned 21. Wow has the time passed quickly!
In honor of him, I thought I would share some of my favorite things about Our Aggie Boy.
*He is a great conversationalist. He can and will talk to anyone and everyone.
 This is one of my favorite traits of his. He and I have shared some wonderful talks.
*He LOVES to have fun. He isn't one to sit still.
  *He is very loyal to his family.
*He is fun to cook for...he eats everything! and is so appreciative.
*He was a great missionary, giving his all to his mission.
*He has a soft heart and a desire to help those around him.
*He loves animals and is great with them, especially horses.
Our home and yard have been filled with every animal possible throughout his life.
It is a beautiful thing to watch him ride.
*He isn't afraid of hard work.
*He loves Mexico! This culture is a part of his soul.
*He lives with great passion with all he does.
*He has a great sense of family.
What a great blessing The Aggie Boy has been to his parents and his family.  He led us
through many "first" as parents.  He taught us how to be parents.  He taught us
how to love as parents.  He has brought us so much joy!  I cannot wait to
see what the future hold with Our Aggie Boy...he will do great things...
I am sure of that!
Happy Birthday  to Our Aggie Boy!!!
I love you with all my heart, My Boy!!!

Conference Weekend...

April 10, 2014


General Conference Weekend is a favorite of mine.
 I LOVE the spirit that is felt all weekend long! It is a very special time.
 Our weekend was filled with family and lots of yummy food. The Aggie Darlings has a great weekend too!
 PreShie enjoyed a visit from a very dear friend.
She also had the chance to attend a session of Conference with a great group of friends...
which also included her roommates from Aggie Land;)
 They have been such a great group of friends this past school year
The Aggie Boy also enjoyed the company of good friends and cousins.
They shared sometime at Sundance snowboarding...on the last day of the ski season there.
I must say...these friends/cousins have enjoyed every possible moment
of the ski season! Good for them!!!
 During the Priesthood session, the women of the family gathered and enjoyed a Quesidilla Bar.
It was delicious and such a good time! The men of the family attended Priesthood, and then met for
 their traditional "men's dinner." From what I hear...that was a pretty good time too!
What a wonderful weekend it was!!

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