Introducing A New Animal Into The Herd...

April 25, 2014

Well...It seemed like it would all work out... and in the end it has, but it has taken awhile.
The day we introduced Harvey to the other farm animals was a day that won't soon be forgotten!
We thought that he would do best with the Longhorns, because Harvey
likes to chew off the tails of the horses. We felt pretty certain that he wouldn't
attempt that nasty trick on the Longhorns. But it only took a few seconds upon
 Harvey entering the Longhorn pasture, for the Longhorns to go a little crazy.
I screamed...The Aggie Boy jumped into the pasture to save
poor traumatized Harvey, chased the crazy Longhorns away and
removed Harvey from the pasture and led him to the horse pasture.
The horses seemed interested in Harvey, but the moment the poor guy
entered the horse pasture, it all happened again. The horses chased him..
.bit him...and then after a day...everyone settled down and are now
living happily every after! Only one small detail...
The horses tails are a bit shorter...and Harvey's beautiful flowing mane
of hair and now pretty stubby! We have Reina to thank for that!
 I guess she was a little jealous.
All is well in the farm family now!
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Pedaling said...

oh, how your family grows. ;)

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