Conference Weekend...

April 10, 2014


General Conference Weekend is a favorite of mine.
 I LOVE the spirit that is felt all weekend long! It is a very special time.
 Our weekend was filled with family and lots of yummy food. The Aggie Darlings has a great weekend too!
 PreShie enjoyed a visit from a very dear friend.
She also had the chance to attend a session of Conference with a great group of friends...
which also included her roommates from Aggie Land;)
 They have been such a great group of friends this past school year
The Aggie Boy also enjoyed the company of good friends and cousins.
They shared sometime at Sundance snowboarding...on the last day of the ski season there.
I must say...these friends/cousins have enjoyed every possible moment
of the ski season! Good for them!!!
 During the Priesthood session, the women of the family gathered and enjoyed a Quesidilla Bar.
It was delicious and such a good time! The men of the family attended Priesthood, and then met for
 their traditional "men's dinner." From what I hear...that was a pretty good time too!
What a wonderful weekend it was!!

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