Farm Cookin'

The Rooster's Fried Egg Sandwich

per his instructions....
toast 2 slices of wheat bread
fry an egg....make sure it is all the way cooked

put mayo on the bread

cut slices of tomato (without cutting your finger...)

put the tomato on the bread

put the egg on top of the tomato

put some onion on top of the egg (YUK!!)

then some avocado

then some cooked bacon

then some ketsup and mustard

then some ham (YUM!)

then some lettuce.


I think it all started when I was expecting The Rooster....I became very addicted to the Food Network. And the boy loves to cook. And he is pretty good at it too. He likes to make "special sauces" and all kinds of other things. The Farmer is known to ask The Rooster to whip him up a little something.....often. And The Rooster likes to do things for that Farmer.

He makes a killer....Fried Ramen Soup.....Oh, I think we will save that for another day.

Here's to Chef Rooster....that is one tasty sandwich !

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