October 18, 2016

 Dear Precious Mija...(my daughter)...
You are 22 years old today! 
 I know I always say the same thing when you and your brothers birthdays roll around...
"where has the time gone??" 
I am amazed by you! You have the strength and wisdom of an old soul...
I guess that is really what you are. You have been and continue to be a great comfort to me...
Thank you for that! You are fiercely loyal to those you love. You seek to comfort anyone or 
anything you see that may be suffering. You defend the underdog. 
 You don't speak badly of anyone, and hate it if you hear others gossip. 
 I love that about you. You try your best to make correct choices. 
 You are constantly setting goals and want to achieve great things. 
You have a deep and strong commitment to Jesus Christ. 
 I think this is one of your greatest traits, one you inherited from your Dad.


You have had some great learning experience these past couple of years. 
Some of those experience have been hard to understand. 
 But you push forward with great faith...faith that they will all work for you good. 
I have to admit that I have spent many nights, and days, in prayer for you, 
pleading with Heavenly Father to support you through these experiences that are meant 
to be yours, and He has done just that. You are stronger than you have ever been 
and I know that you will continue to get stronger. I have faith in you!


 You light up a room with your smile and your sense 
of humor keeps us laughing! You are a light in our family! 
Oh how I love you My Girl!! 
Happy Birthday to you!!

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