It's Sitting In The Mailbox......

April 27, 2011


I figured it must be there, The Boy's mission call.  I am pretty sure it was deliveredd the day after we
picked up the mail on our way to Mesa.  Today I called the Postmaster....and he confirmed is there
waiting for The Boy to pick it up.  That won't happen until next
Monday and so we take deep breaths until then.
He is peaceful, enjoying himself, fishing....making fish tacos.....and everything else you would do at
the beach.  The parents....on the other hand....are just trying to breathe.

The days are full of fishing.....

Playing in the ocean....Preshie has collected a good amount of sea glass for us to take home.

Cousins are enjoying burying other cousins....deep in the sand.....


Big cousins are exploring with little cousins....

And The Farmer takes his place each evening.....sculpting.
It is a beautiful place to be!

We Left It All Behind.....

April 26, 2011


A much needed break was in order......
So after celebrating Easter in Mesa with the family, we jumped into the car and headed for....
Puerto Penasco.....Rocky Point.
The Farmer, as well as a whole slew of cousins met us along the way and we have begun a week of
long days in the sun....sand castles in the evenings...(by The Farmer), yummy seafood meals,
long chats....long naps.....good books....more tasty food...
It just doesn't get any better than having our kids with us....all to ourselves....time we are soaking up.
The Boy's mission call is sitting in our mailbox waiting for us to pick it up, which we will do on our way home. 
But as exciting as it is for us to have him prepared to leave...
......his upcoming absence is in our every thought. 
Our family is changing.
And I am more grateful than ever for this week of just being together.

Another Evening In The Front Yard....

April 14, 2011

My day began at 4:45 this morning. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I am already tired.
The Rooster had a field trip and needed to meet the bus at 5:30 am.  He wasn't happy....He didn't want to
go.  He likes to be close to home.  But none-the-less....he climbed onto the bus with his backpack loaded
with treats, and knowing he was in great hands....I drove away quickly so he couldn't change his mind.
Upon returning home....the next shift of The Darlings were awakened and their day began.
Cooking is in full swing....preparing lunch today for the cousins....another celebration of
The Boy's birthday.
Spring Break is in the air....The Darlings and their Darling Cousins...have started the countdown....and have already started acting like it is Spring Break with roping sessions in the evenings and trips into the orchards to rabbit hunt.  Not typical activities on a school night....but since tonight is their last school night for a good long
time....why not get started!!  I made perfect sense to them!  The truth is....I love when our home
is filled with cousins and friends.  It is loud....but it is great fun!!
Last evening....a group of the cousins gathered to check on The Boy's little colt....who still remains
nameless....(he is waiting for the heaven's to part and reveal her name)....We were a bit worried about the
little thing, because when whe was born two of our other horses were mean and bit her on her back leg.
Can you imagine???  The Boy and I went to the nearby pasture to check on the two mean horses and noticed a very defined hoof print in on the side of Caballero....I secretly was proud of the Muneca...the new Mom...for defending her little baby.  Instinct is an amazing thing!  We brought the Mom and baby
 here to our home where The Boy could carefully watch over her, and
her leg bean to swell and she could hardly walk.  It was soooo sad to watch.  After a visit from our favorite Vet. and after shot, he checked her out very well and announced she was in great shape and she would
be fine.  Our nerves were nerves were calmed....everyone else seemed fine;)
By late afternoon she was running and jumping through the yard.


Back to the cousins.....they gathered in the front yard....excited to just be around the new little colt. 
The Muneca is a really good Mom and watches all who enter the yard...very carefully.  When Cousin Joe,
got a little too close....she let him know to step away....and he got the message;)
The young cousins decided that it was time to rope.  They started by just trying to rope the fence or the tree, or anything else they could see to rope....and then it truned into roping each other.  And they really liked it!
They would take turns roping and being roped.  It was pretty funny to watch.





Even after dark....the fun and games continued....The finished off the eveing with a little rabbit hunting.
Oh it is great to have cousins!

And the little colt.....she is adorable!  She is learning more and more about life....investigating her surroundings, getting to know The Darlings....eating....sleeping....eating more and just being darn cute!
We aren't sure what color she will be yet....The Boy thinks she will be what is called a Roan.
I guess that is kind of grey/purple.  I guess we will see!

It Was A Very Good Day.....

April 13, 2011


Last night we gathered....the whole celebrate The Boy's 18th birthday.
We did it in our traditional Taco's Rosas.
It is always an event when our family shows up to an eating establishment....we are a large group!
We had adults at one table....teenagers at another....and the mini cousins at yet another.
It is a great blessing to belong to a large supportative family!
I overheard The Farmer's Mother talking to The Boy....telling him about the day he was born, she
was there afterall.  She told him that the day he was born was "A very good day!"
And yes it was!  We waited a long time for Our Boy.  Both our literal family and our community
family was excited for his arrival.  Many happy tears were shed when The Boy was born.

We were sooooo happy to have The Boy in our arms...that is where he stayed most of the time.


Surrounded with family who love him....last night was again...."A very good day!"


Best Cousins!  These two are only 9 months apart and oh how they love each other!
Cousin Loly is like one of our own children....we love her!
We are so grateful for cousins!!!
Happy Birthday to Our Boy!!!  We Love You!!!

What Do You Get The Boy...??????

April 12, 2011


I was visiting with The Boy on Sunday night....we were talking about his upcoming birthday.....
his 18th Birthday.  I asked him how he felt about turning 18....and he said something like...
"I feel just am I supposed to feel???"
It is a big birthday for him...and for us means.....
Graduation from High School and....most importantly
A Mission.
So, during our visit I asked him what he would like for his birthday...or what he needed...and
he just sat with a blank stare....."I guess mission stuff would be ok"  he said, but
I wanted him to have something that was extra special....something that would mark this special day...
something that he would never forget.  I headed to El Paso Monday morning...for many reasons...but took
advantage of my time there to search for the perfect for this Boy who will be leaving us soon.  I thought
and I searched and nothing really grabbed me.  I found a small something that I knew he would
enjoy, but still longing for the "special thing" that he would always remember on his day.
Returning home.....we...The Boy and I....planned his birthday breakfast....his day of celebration,
and we went to bed.  All night long I wondered how his Muneca was doing....she had been moved
to a pasture close to our home so she could eat.  She has been here at our home for sometime, waiting
for her colt to be born.  Each morning...The Rooster would jump from bed (well sort of)...and run to the
back yard to see if the colt had arrived.  For days this went on with no colt being born.
Everyday brought new hope, that The Muneca's baby would appear.

Early this morning....while The Boy was enjoying his birthday breakfast of choice....Biscuits and Gravy....
A knock came at our door ....The Farmer answered....went outside to talk to one of the men that works
for us....Tany....and shortly entered the house saying....."I can't believe it.....I just can't believe it!!"
"It happened today Boy....on your very birthday.....your little colt was born....!!"
Oh, if we could only have captured the look on The Boy's face.....first disbelief...then the sweetest
smile.  The Rooster let out a big yell.....PreShie had already left for school.  We all ran to the car and
headed to see the new little colt.  Born bright and early this morning....the day of The Boy's birth....


And my wish for The Boy came true.
He will never forget this....his 18th birthday.
And it was not us, his parents, who gave him this unforgettable was
his Muneca whom he loves so much....and who loves him back!
Happy Birthday to our Boy!!!
*****birthday celebrations are just is going to be a fun filled day for The Boy!*****


What We Love About Easter.....

April 7, 2011


Easter is a holiday we really love!  I love Everything about it!  We have alot of traditions around Easter.  Things like attending the Easter Pagent in Mesa Az....with a Ned's Krazy Sub in hand.  I am all about an Easter dress for PreShie each year...The Boys are gifted with new neck ties...and other Sunday attire if needed......(it is usually needed).  I love an Easter basket loaded with fun little items....a favorite item of The Darlings is a bag of jerky...they know they can count on that.  Our community has what we call the Easter Hike each year....and EVERY year the wind is horrible....but the Easter Hike goes on.  Can I just add that no hiking is involved;)  It is held in the same location year after year, under the shade of huge cottonwood trees.  There is always an Easter Egg hunt...and a yummy lunch.

Back in the day....I tole painted....didn't everyone???  I have retired most of those painted items...but a few still find their way back into the house during different holidays.  This one (above) is a favorite that has been around for years!  The Darlings still love it when I put it out.


We LOVE our feather tree, decorated with fun Easter items.


The jars on the buffet are filled with jelly beans, and eggs and other fun treats.


These are my newest addition...antique hobnail milkglass egg cups.  I have collected a few antique egg cups, and these are a perfect compliment to what I have....I searched long and hard for these and they are so cute!


The best part by far...was The Farmer making his Easter drawing for the chalkboard...this morning.  Remember he thought that chalkboard wasn't such a great idea......I am pretty sure he has changed his mind!


We prepared a "Family Home Evening in a Bag" for family members....we will be delivering them on Sunday night so that they will have them for Monday night....a great way to get into the spirit of Easter.
What's in the bag you ask.....


In the FHE Bag, a cookie mix for the egg coloring kit for the activity.....bubble wands (just for fun)....and an Easter Egg Lesson, each egg is numbered and filled with a scripture and a symbol of the events that led up to the death and resurrection of the Savior.  It is a lesson we have done for many years and helps remind us of the real reason for Easter.  Another thing we have added into our personal "FHE in a Bag" is a copy of the testimony of Elder Jeffery R. Holland, "And None Were With Him" is wonderful.  Tonight we will hang our Easter garland with the names of the Savior....We won't be celebrating Easter in our home this year....but we will certainly celebrate it up until the moment we leave!  We love Easter!

Where In The World Is Elder Jones Going?????

April 5, 2011


April 1st was the day he pressed send.
The Boy's missionary papers have been done for quite a while....but April 1st was his day.
His Stake President....(a.k.a. The Farmer)....prepared the final details of the papers while
working from our home office....when done...he paused....looked at me and said...
"I guess it is time to lay Isaac on the altar....." and he pressed "send."
The Boy is ready......I am not so sure about his parents, although there is no where else we
would rather have him. It thrills me that he isn't resisting this experience in any way....
The Boy is ready for the next step in his life.
"I prayed for this child, and the Lord granted what I asked of Him...."
This scripture hangs in my speaks to me. It was not easy for us to have our
children....each one was a miracle....each one required many prayers...and not
a day passes that I remember that. My heart understands just a little of what Hannah may have
felt as she pleaded with the Lord for a child....and when he arrived...he took him to the
temple and left him to be taught and trained. Each year she visited him and took him a coat that she had made for him and expressed gratitude to the Lord for him. And so it is now
our turn to leave Our Boy at the "temple." He is our firstborn....he has lead us on this path
of parenthood, where very often we had no idea what our next step would be. We
have shed tears....we have laughed....we have loved......we have experienced most every emotion
known to man....with this Boy. We are so excited for him and grateful that he has
chosen to serve.


In the entry of our home is a large map that we have invited everyone in the community and
in our family to place a guess where The Boy will be called to serve. It has been
really fun to hear the comments. I don't really have any idea where he will go...and really
it doesn't matter....just that he will serve. But my prediction is the Samoan Islands....I don't
know why......The Farmer says Brazil....PreShie says Argentina....The Rooster first said
Lybia....and then changed his guess to somewhere in Africa. The Boy's best cousin...who is
serving in Argentina right now, wrote home and gave his prediction....and it went something
like this.....The Boy will serve in Argentina....and Cousin B. will be his trainer...and he said...
"This is just how it is going to be!" won't work quite like that but it was
a sweet thought. We have the Postmaster in Columbus, NM. on alert....when The Boy's
call arrives....the Postmaster will call us and we will go and pick it up...2 1/2 hours away.
We will all gather as he opens his call and I am sure we will shed many tears.
I wouldn't want it any other way!
*****please post your predictions and I will post them on our map!*****

It's Always Fun When Grandpa Comes.....

April 1, 2011


We love it when Grandpa S. comes to visit! We love it when he brings the Grandma too....but
she hasn't been able to come lately. Grandpa...on the other here for a visit
about every two weeks! What a treat for us!!
The Darlings LOVE it when he comes! The morning he was getting ready to leave...
he had been up very late the night before....but he got up to see The Darlings off to school,
reminding them to be Good Darlings...and that he would see them again in another couple
of weeks. The Darlings like to tell him all about their lives....all about school....what they think
about they feel about things....he is always a wonderful support and offers great
advice and encouragement. It is a blessing to have him visit us so often.


Another reason we LOVE it when he the loads of citrus he brings.
This citrus starved AZ girl longs for a juciy grapefruit, navel oranges...that were not picked when
they were green...but tree ripened...and tasty lemons...which are never seen in my neck
of the woods. The first thing I thought of when I saw the lemons....was Lemon Bars!
I made them.....we ate them....and they were yummy! Last time Grandpa S. was here, we
drove to the JSA at lunchtime and were lucky enough to find The Darlings....he hugged them
and told them good-bye....and as PreShie was running across campus she YELLED....
"bring more Oranges when you come next time...." and she yells loud! Grandpa thought
that was pretty funny. The Darlings take those juicy oranges in their lunches. Grandpa forgot
to bring the load of citrus on one of his trips....and I thought The Farmer was going to cry.
He said...."did The Chief (he calls Grandpa S. "The Chief") really not bring the
grapefruit....??????" He loves grapefruit more than he loves us I think.....;)
We really do love the AZ citrus!


I love Easter!
Maybe it is the colors of Easter that I love so much. After a long and cold Winter,
the colors f Easter represent life again. Our favorite Easter decorations are throughout
the house...some from when The Darlings were Mini Darlings. I love them all! Easter eggs
and jelly beans fill jars on the buffet in the dining room. Most everyone who stops by, ends up
leaving with a hand full of jelly beans. I saw an idea I loved....last year....names of the Savior on a ribbon garland....hung in a place that could be seen easily. I have thought about it all during the
year....anxious to make my own to help us be more thoughtful of a special season. I remembered that Grandpa S. had told me about a list of names, of the Savior, that he had compiled through his years of scripture study....I asked him to send me the list...and I made
the garland....with 74 different names.....and it was beautiful!


I decided that the first garland should hang in the home of the Grandparents...after was
Grandpa's study that gave us the list. I wrapped it up and sent it home with Grandpa...when
he left. And as quickly as that garland left...I began another for our home. It will not only be a
great reminder of The will be a great reminder of Grandpa S. a.k.a. "The Chief"
I can't wait to get mine done and hung!
*Just a side note....this morning The Darlings were headed out for school...I said
"be sure not to fall for any jokes is April Fools Day....
to which The Boy replied...."oh ya...I am supposed to be wearing green today...right?" did supply me with a good laugh....and I often tell The Darlings that was one
of the reasons I birthed entertain me!
This is my most favorite weekend of the year....Spring General Conference Weekend!!!
We will be cooking....eating...listening...watching....and loving every minute of it!!!

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