Where In The World Is Elder Jones Going?????

April 5, 2011


April 1st was the day he pressed send.
The Boy's missionary papers have been done for quite a while....but April 1st was his day.
His Stake President....(a.k.a. The Farmer)....prepared the final details of the papers while
working from our home office....when done...he paused....looked at me and said...
"I guess it is time to lay Isaac on the altar....." and he pressed "send."
The Boy is ready......I am not so sure about his parents, although there is no where else we
would rather have him. It thrills me that he isn't resisting this experience in any way....
The Boy is ready for the next step in his life.
"I prayed for this child, and the Lord granted what I asked of Him...."
This scripture hangs in my home....it speaks to me. It was not easy for us to have our
children....each one was a miracle....each one required many prayers...and not
a day passes that I remember that. My heart understands just a little of what Hannah may have
felt as she pleaded with the Lord for a child....and when he arrived...he took him to the
temple and left him to be taught and trained. Each year she visited him and took him a coat that she had made for him and expressed gratitude to the Lord for him. And so it is now
our turn to leave Our Boy at the "temple." He is our firstborn....he has lead us on this path
of parenthood, where very often we had no idea what our next step would be. We
have shed tears....we have laughed....we have loved......we have experienced most every emotion
known to man....with this Boy. We are so excited for him and grateful that he has
chosen to serve.


In the entry of our home is a large map that we have invited everyone in the community and
in our family to place a pin....to guess where The Boy will be called to serve. It has been
really fun to hear the comments. I don't really have any idea where he will go...and really
it doesn't matter....just that he will serve. But my prediction is the Samoan Islands....I don't
know why......The Farmer says Brazil....PreShie says Argentina....The Rooster first said
Lybia....and then changed his guess to somewhere in Africa. The Boy's best cousin...who is
serving in Argentina right now, wrote home and gave his prediction....and it went something
like this.....The Boy will serve in Argentina....and Cousin B. will be his trainer...and he said...
"This is just how it is going to be!" well....it won't work quite like that but it was
a sweet thought. We have the Postmaster in Columbus, NM. on alert....when The Boy's
call arrives....the Postmaster will call us and we will go and pick it up...2 1/2 hours away.
We will all gather as he opens his call and I am sure we will shed many tears.
I wouldn't want it any other way!
*****please post your predictions and I will post them on our map!*****


Pedaling said...

he's ready.
i love your boy too.
even though i've never met him.
just to be different, i'm guessing north carolina.

Coralee said...

California Oakland mission (Spanish speaking). It was my mission :)

Kimberly said...

I would love it if he got called to Puebla Mexico to serve along side my son Elder Brady Lester. He's my first son too and he is so special to me and I miss him so. He is doing well in Mexico, and like your son, was so ready to serve and thrilled about serving the people in Puebla. I'm going to guess Spanish speaking because it greatly helps the church. Alot of natives get called to serve in their own country, but I am going to guess Brazil. :) Sign us up! You should hear something in the next two weeks! Yipee!

Lisha said...

We'll look out for him in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia!!

How proud you must be, I'm sure he will be a wonderful missionary. He has been given the best tools to deal with the world by his wonderful parents. Sydney is a great place to be.


Jan T. said...

You've done a great job! He's ready! I'm guessing France....Paris, France! Can I go with you to pick him up in 2 years? :)

Ashley said...

Wow. I remember babysitting little Jordan. He's not so little anymore :) I was going to say Oakland, CA, but Coralee stole it ;) I'm going to go with San Jose, CA. Spanish speaking, of course!

Trisha said...

My prediction: "Mexico City North" of course. Why would I hope for anything else. I would love to work along side another Jones cousins!

The Mexican Romneys said...

My guess....Brazil! I think Trisha and Dana wouldn't mind Mexico City North !

LaNae said...

My guess is Tampa,Florida Spanish speaking--that would be great!

amy said...


JZM said...

Yes, send him along to Florida! (or France, as a 2nd guess...)

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