Sana, Sana........

September 30, 2009

I mentioned last week that we had a bit of an accident on the beloved "Rhino."
If you were wondering, it was ALL of The Farmer's fault.....TOTALLY!
Thankfully, it ended well and our bruising is begining to fade. The Farmer's stiches were lovingly removed by The we all stood around as spectators!
You know that you live in a small town when removing stiches is an event.
Anyway, I was telling The Darlings that after everything I had been through with them in their short lifetimes (wrecks, trips to the hospital, trips to the Dr. casts, surgery.......) I really had thought that they were going to show overwhelming empathy toward me....
their BELOVED MOTHER........
Not so much!
They just wanted to be sure that dinner would be served at the same time as before "the accident" and that their lives wouldn't be affected in any way because of my injuries.
Upon expressing my feelings,
The Boy very carefully lifed my badly bruised arm
and began to carefully rub it while saying.....
"Sana, sana....colita de Rana. Si no sanas hoy, sanaras manana!"
"Health, health! Tail of a frog. If you don't get better today, you will by tomorrow!"
This little phrase is one I used on The Darlings during the time they were little. When they were really little they loved it .....and it worked! It comforted them. As they have grown, it hasn't been as effective;)
It is a well know healing tradition in the country of Mexico, one that was brought into our home by a dear lady who worked with us when The Darlings were toddlers. Oh how we loved her.
For a moment....I imagined the day that The Boy, would be rubbing the bumped head of one of his children, lovingly repeating
"Sana, sana.....colita de Rana. Si no sanas hoy, sanaras manana!"
and I wanted to cry.

It Flips....Yes It Does!!

September 21, 2009

Remember this.....the beloved Rhino???
The one that The Rooster worked for??
Well, turns out that they have been recalled. Turns out that they can flip over.
Well, it has been proven.
Trust me....I know....I have the bruises to prove it.
And, The Farmer has the stiches, and the hospital bill to prove it too!
No one to blame but....
The lesson learned.....if "they" say it can flip.....
*luckily our injuries will heal....all is well!!


September 14, 2009

That was a long, long sigh......
after a long, long weekend.
And here is the weekend in review.
The Farmer and I were expecting guests this past weekend. I love it when guests is motivation to get things done around the house!
We have been doing some landscaping and decided that some large rocks were needed. So we went rock hunting. Hand picked the rocks. And had them delivered. It all sounds to simple doesn't it??;)
It took chains, forklifts, men and more men. And Finally the rocks were in place. And I love them!
Next.....The Boy became the starting quarterback quite suddenly this past weekend. Sure he had practiced a little,
The key word is a LITTLE!
He was great! We were amazed and who knew that The Boy
could throw a ball like that!
(We thought he had been bred for basketball!)
They lost their game....but they did a great job!

Coach S. and The Boy
Tradition is that the teams sings
"The Army of Helaman"
after each or loose. It is a tender thing to watch.
How grateful we are to coaches who understand that they are shaping and forming future missionaries.
The weekend continued with two sessions of Stake Conference....a wonderful visitor who we now call "friend." A prayer and a promise that angels would surround our home and that our children would be protected. A lovely dinner to complete all of the meetings, and at the end of the day....
The Farmer found himself with his favorite.....
our Sunday night tradition,
A big bowl of popcorn!


September 9, 2009

This is where Kitty Meow Meow, sits hoping and waiting for a lovely little
Humming Bird to swoop low enough that he might catch it.
He sits for hours!
This is what he is hoping for.
We are hosting literally hundreds of Humming Birds at our house
these days. We fill our feeders twice daily, and when the little beauties have to wait,
they get upset and have been known to be quite agressive with PreShie,
who keeps them all fed. The Farmer told The Darlings, the other day, he
thought that the Humming Birds were preparing to leave our area, to migrate, and that
they were building up their strength for their journey. The Darlings, almost
in unison said.....AWWWWWWWW.......
and suggested that we add 10-15 more feeders in our yard to help them prepare
to migrate.
I don't think so.
Meet Don Hector. This kind and gentle man arrived at our home yesterday to do
a little art work on the house. When he came, he carefully set up his painters table,
mixed the paint colors until just right and then painted this,
He is a wonderful man. He filled my morning with inspiring thoughts of Christ and
left a peaceful feeling when he left.
A few weeks ago I began the seach for just the right artist to help me with this project.
I contacted a few friends and low and behold, two painters
showed up the same day, that was yesterday. Highly unusal in the land which I live!
I wasn't sure what to do, I didn't want anyone to feel bad and certainly I wanted the
best guy to do the job. So I was in my kitchen discussing this with our Rosa, who helps keep
us all afloat around here. And this is what she said, "My mother-in-law once told me, you should never keep two boyfriends at once....and this is exactly why......They are likely to both show up
at the same time." Just as the two painters did yesterday.
So there is your advice for the day......from Dona Rosa!
p.s. The Farmer took me rock hunting yesterday afternoon, boy was it fun! Seriously!
We are adding some large rocks to our yard, we marked the ones we wanted, and
they should arrive later today!

An Evening At The Farm

September 4, 2009

The Rooster had been asking to go to The Farm, to check on his pumpkins....yes...he is growing them again this year....and so after a long hard day at school, The Farmer, The Rooster, PreShie and myself headed out to The Farm.
Oh, was The Rooster happy! He found just what he had been hoping to find.
New varieties were planted this year.
PreShie had a great time too, searching for "ready to pick" squash to fill a bowl at home.
Every one is unique and really beautiful.

The Rooster filled his shirt, thinking that his teachers might like one or two for their desks!
Good thinking Rooster!!!
The Farmer checked the beans.....
And they look great!
We found a few of these.....and now they are sitting on my porch.
It was a lovely evening at The Farm!!
*Thanks to all who made yesterday such a great day for me! Lunch with the women in the family is ALWAYS a great time! Thank you!!!

I'm Thinking.....

September 2, 2009

chalkboard wall 3
Just thinking.....
I have seen this alot lately and I really like it.
A chalkboard wall!

chalkboard wall 2
The Farmer is quite an artist and
I have visions of his drawings on the family chalkboard.
chalkboard wall 1
I know there are pressing issues in the world...but for now
a chalkboard wall seems pretty great!
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