I'm Thinking.....

September 2, 2009

chalkboard wall 3
Just thinking.....
I have seen this alot lately and I really like it.
A chalkboard wall!

chalkboard wall 2
The Farmer is quite an artist and
I have visions of his drawings on the family chalkboard.
chalkboard wall 1
I know there are pressing issues in the world...but for now
a chalkboard wall seems pretty great!


Kim Skinner said...

we have a chalkboard on the wall upstairs and the kids love it!

Jeff's Wife! said...

Go for it! I have a few friends/neighbors that have chalkboard walls in their kids rooms. Apparently, it's saved the kids from writing on the other walls!

Cassie said...

Aunt Shelley,
One day when you have A WHOLE LOT of time on your hands, go to this website: kevinandamanda.com
There are a ton of cool things you can do to your blog there. Consider yourself warned though that it is both addicting and incredibly time-consuming (at least for me)!

JZM said...

We had some friends that not only did the chalkboard wall, but also found magnetic paint and had a magnetic wall. Now that was cool! Ahh, the things I want to do when I'm in a house of my own... whenever that will be... :(

Jarmeg Family said...

i think that would be really cute!

Cedar said...

We did a chalk board wall at the Dog House and it was really fun and cheap! It was just chalkboard paint on a board from Home Depot. Good luck

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