The Harvest....Continued

August 28, 2009

During the first day of harvest....six rattlesnakes were killed.
Dangerous....yes.....wasted.... NO!
They were saved by the workers, for a little treat later on that night.

Potatoes freshly pulled from the ground.
The women gather the potatoes and the men load them onto the trailers.


Loading....trailer after trailer. At the time we were in the fields, they had been working for
fourteen hours, and had several hours still ahead.
Waiting for the next section of potatoes to be dug up, so they could gather.
I thought they were beautiful ladies.

And finally, The Farmer, The Boy and Uncle Pinguino,
Enjoying the harvest!


Ashley said...

I LOVE the ladies colorful clothing! Great pics Shelley. Oh and the potatoes look wonderful! Hope it's been a GREAT harvest for The Farmer and Uncle Pingui!

Pedaling said...

awesome pics.\

i've never eaten rattlesnake.

love the captain moroni on the top side bar!

Kellie said...

You don't know me, but I am Matt's Aunt (of Matt and Cassie fame). I love to look at your blog because you take the most gorgeous photos. Thanks for posting them they are beautiful. This post has some particularly great photos. :)

LaNae said...

I love your pictures! I made my kids come in and look at them--they are great. I envy you being able to be outside as it is still 112 here!

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

FW, you are a really good photographer...

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