Accidents Happen...

August 25, 2016


 Heart breaking...but it happens. 
Tuesday afternoon we were headed back to Mexico after spending a few days in El Paso. 
 So much of our travel is on quiet "off the path" roads and this day was the same. 
 We travel this road weekly...we know it well. There is no cel signal on this road and not too 
much traffic. As we were making our way on this road, The Farmer came upon a car that was 
driving slow and decided to pass the car. He began his attempt to pass when the car
 made a quick decision to turn directly in front of us on to a ranch road. Our car hit the 
back half of the other car. The impact was very hard and every air bag in our car activated. 
 It took a few minutes to gather ourselves, but no one was gravely injured. 
 We are so grateful for that!


 When everything stopped all that we could hear was the radio of the other car playing...
and it was loud, which may explain why the guy did what he did. 
 He wasn't paying a bit of attention to where he was or what he was doing. 
 When The Farmer asked him why he attempted the turn...
he replied that he was curious to see if the watering hole in the distance had water in it. 
 Was he the owner of the
 Just someone driving by.


It took about 30 minutes for anyone to pass by. 
 We stood and waited. Soon the Border Patrol arrived who then called the police...
another 30-45 minutes until they arrived...good thing it wasn't an emergency. 
Three hours later and just as a terrible thunder storm hit, our totaled car was headed 
to a salvage yard. A couple of our trusted employees arrived to take us home. 
 We arrived home around 2 am, exhausted and sore but grateful that 
everyone was unharmed.

The Farmer gave the car to me as a Christmas gift and boy have I been enjoying it. 
It was so unexpected and just what I had been dreaming about.
 I am grateful it can be replaced...
and more grateful that we walked away from a very bad accident ok.


Day 3...Hoonah, Alaska

August 19, 2016

Such a fun stop!! 
 We hadn't planned a specific tour to do on this day but headed into the 
little city to see what our options were. We quickly figured out that Whale Watching would 
be first on our list. We found a little restaurant that was also an outfitting company. 
 We set up our trip and while we waited for the time to come...we rented ATV's and 
explored the area. The only advice the attendant gave us was that we 
shouldn't bother the bears. The populations of humans is 3,000 in that town and the 
population of Brown Bear was 14,000. 
 He suggested we be careful and stay on the roads.
Off we went...

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