One Down....Two To Go

March 25, 2009

Jordan with Braces
It began like this (above)...more than two years ago.
And last Saturday, The Boy came home looking like this! We had forgotten what
he looked like without the braces. He is sure glad it is all over with!
He's been in an extra good mood the last several days...PreShie doesn't
appreciate the new mood too much.
Now, if the time could just pass quickly for PreShie and her braces.....
And Rooster and his braces.....
Last week Mexico celebrated the birthday of Benito Juarez, who was considered
a great leader here. The Rooster was preparing for a band concert last week,
and combed his hair very carefully and slicked it down very well, and I do
mean very well;) Carefully put on his white shirt and tie. When we were leaving
the house he asked, "Mom, how do I look?" to which I answered, "Oh, Roostie,
you look so very handsome!" and then he said..."The kids in my class say that I
look just like Benito Juarez when I comb my hair this way....what do you think?"
And here is Benito Juarez, on Mexico's 20 peso bill.
What do you think? Do you see the likeness???
I haven't laughed so hard in quite a long time....
A Mother just couldn't be prouder!!

Mother Of The Year????....Not This Year!

March 17, 2009

And here are all of the reasons why...this will not be the year that I am awarded
Last week....after several days of being sick, The Boy called from school to tell me
that his eyes felt like they were going to pop out of his head. Not a good sign.
I called The Farmer and quickly made an appointment to see the local Ear, Nose and
Throat Doctor. After he gave The Boy a check up, he informed us that, he, The Boy
had a horrible sinus infection....HORRIBLE!!! He will not only need one treatment of antibiotics but he will need TWO! It was that bad. The Dr. then turned to me
and said "why have you not brought him in before now???"
And he said it in that TONE that Dr.'s can take, when the parent has been irresponsible.
And my answer...."I don't know."
So there you have it....reason number ONE!
PreShie too, has been very sick. And again, I waited and waited to take her to the Dr. until finally it became obvious that she was not getting better. We called the Dr. and he came to the house. After listening to her breathing and checking her lungs, he announced that
PreShie had a HORRIBLE case of bronchitis! YES, BRONCHITIS!
He promptly gave her a shot, which by the way, nearly ruined her life, and he then
went on to describe how very sick she was, and that if she did not improve that night,
she would need to be admitted to the hospital. He gave her a load of medicine as well
as breathing treatments. She is ....thankfully...doing much better.

We ran out of the good stuff (below), that is....GRANOLA. And so what is a Mother to do
when the granola jar is empty?????
Well, fill it up with
And so I did.

Maybe, had The Darlings had a little granola...they wouldn't have been so sick;)

MOTHER OF THE YEAR???? Not this year!
Maybe next year.
Wish me luck....actually....
Wish The Darlings luck....They are going to need it!
*as I write, The Rooster is sick on the couch...we have some bad "sick" karma
at out house right now....ugh!

Things You May, or May Not Want To See, In Your Orchard

March 10, 2009

JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 015
An "uncontrolled" burn, on your neighbors property, NOT, something
you want to see so close to your orchard!
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 014
For a moment, The Farmer enjoyed the artistic beauty of the flames...

JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 017
Luckily the fire was contained with not damage to our orchard.
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 044
that you would like to see in your orchard...your foreman putting the final
touches on a new source of water.
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 045
It does seem a little wrong though, ...don't ya think?
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 048
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 053
An orchard full of flowers is something you would want to see in your
orchard. Each flower represents a peach.
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 055
Each flower represents HOPE of a great year!
We ever live in HOPE in a farming community.

A Prom Like No Other!

March 9, 2009

This is where it began....the Jr. Prom the "new addition." The contractor was so sweet to clean up the room so we could take prom pictures;) Now that is a great contractor! Anyway, this was PreShie's first big dance at school, at 14, you can attend all dances. So The Boy graciously invited his sister and cousins to be his dates at the prom.
They all looked so cute! Their dress were beautiful! PreShie had her hair done by the same lady who did her hair 11 years ago when she was crowned queen of her preschool. That is a big thing in this part of the world;) It was fun to hear this lady tell PreShie how fun it has been to watch her grow up. That was a moment I was grateful I have lived in a small town.

The Boy has been terribly sick this past week with a concusion as well as a very bad cold. But, he made it through the night. He took the beautiful girls to dinner and then took them to the dance.

This is a blurry view of our temple from the campus of the JSA, the high school that The Darling atttend. This prom night was extra special....we were also celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the temple being built here. Ten sessions were scheduled in a 24 hour period. Our ward was scheduled a midnight of prom night. So at 11:30 The Boy and the Beauties headed up the hill to participate in baptisms. The Farmer and I also attended and enjoyed spending time with our children in the temple.
It was a cold and windy night...but one that I am sure that will not
soon be forgotten. It was an extraordinary night!
youth conf. 2006 023
Another beautiful picture of our temple, with the campus of the high
school at the base of the hill.

Seeking Balance....

March 3, 2009

*high school tournament
don't forget 'THE CHAIR"
it waits for me..;)


and certainly.....The Farmer....

The construction project...
The Farmer says that this project is a bit like the Griswalds....
"fun for about a week, and then...not so much."
(p.s. I love it!)

And then...last but not least...
why are we so dependent on food....for heaven's sake!

Be Inspired

March 1, 2009

I learned to love her through her first book...Selected Writings...but this
book is even more amazing! I highly recommend it.
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