A Prom Like No Other!

March 9, 2009

This is where it began....the Jr. Prom 2009...in the "new addition." The contractor was so sweet to clean up the room so we could take prom pictures;) Now that is a great contractor! Anyway, this was PreShie's first big dance at school, at 14, you can attend all dances. So The Boy graciously invited his sister and cousins to be his dates at the prom.
They all looked so cute! Their dress were beautiful! PreShie had her hair done by the same lady who did her hair 11 years ago when she was crowned queen of her preschool. That is a big thing in this part of the world;) It was fun to hear this lady tell PreShie how fun it has been to watch her grow up. That was a moment I was grateful I have lived in a small town.

The Boy has been terribly sick this past week with a concusion as well as a very bad cold. But, he made it through the night. He took the beautiful girls to dinner and then took them to the dance.

This is a blurry view of our temple from the campus of the JSA, the high school that The Darling atttend. This prom night was extra special....we were also celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the temple being built here. Ten sessions were scheduled in a 24 hour period. Our ward was scheduled a midnight of prom night. So at 11:30 The Boy and the Beauties headed up the hill to participate in baptisms. The Farmer and I also attended and enjoyed spending time with our children in the temple.
It was a cold and windy night...but one that I am sure that will not
soon be forgotten. It was an extraordinary night!
youth conf. 2006 023
Another beautiful picture of our temple, with the campus of the high
school at the base of the hill.


Ashley said...

That is awesome! I was wondering what Cammy was talking about on facebook when her status said, "Camille just went to prom and then did baptisms at midnight" haha That's cool! Jordan looked extremely handsome and the girls looked beautiful!

rachelle said...

awww everybody looks so good! i've been wanting to see the pics of all the purdy people. i have a feeling this will be the spot for many more prom pics. . .
it looks great!!

Meredith said...

what a fun night. beautiful girls, handsome boy. they're such good kids. i miss them already.

Cassie said...

What beautiful girls! Sounds like they all had a lot of fun! -- Love your new fireplace.

Dan and Jen said...

I found your blog via my aunt Sheila's. What a great night for your kids. I hope my little boy grows up to be just as great to his sisters.

Josh and Harmoni said...

That is the neatest thing I've ever seen!! I LOVE that he took his sister and cousins!! What a swell guy!!:p)

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