Cousin Love...And A Birthday!

March 22, 2013


These two have been very close from the time they were little! They "get" each other.
They love each other!
It was Cousin M.'s birthday...and that meant Cousin school.
Well...really every lunch is Cousin lunch...
because there are so many of those cute cousins!


This lunch was special...Cousin M.'s mom prepared a yummy and favorite lunch of Sweet and Sour Meatballs...with all the fixin's. I have always loved "Cousin Lunch" at the high is a great time to check in on the kids and let them know how much they are loved.
It is something we have done for many years!


This particular day...the Cousins were dressed for a devotional that they had that morning...
It made me think of them as missionaries...and made me a little teary.
It is coming quickly;)
What lucky cousins they are!


From The Missionary Grandparents...

March 13, 2013

Maybe the yerno expanded his business again
New Discovery Each day holds exciting possibilities here in WI, even in the winter.
  On our way home from Elkhorn, and teaching la familia Hernandez a temple prep lesson, we stopped at the world famous Mars Cheese Castle, located
 conveniently at the intersection of I-94 and WI state highway 142.
 The stop was for a sandwich before connecting with the
 elders for a new member visit with hna. Cecilia, baptized last Sat.
  While awaiting the completion of our sandwich order we
 stumbled upon an assorted display of Jones Sodas.
They were even on sale today. We had to try them in
 honor of our Jones family in the Mx colonies.
 Who knows, Kelly may have his fingers in another
 business he has not yet disclosed to us. Whatever the case,
the Root Beer passed the test! Vicki agrees.
We will now be on the lookout as we are out and about. Now we know!
The test Yes indeed. . . it passed I had to test it to see if it passed

Isn't She Lovely....

March 12, 2013

Last Friday was the Jr. Prom.
PreShie was asked to go by a really nice young man who is a Junior.
She is all about getting dressed up and looking beautiful!;)
Her dress was stunning...very Aubry Hepburn...ish.
This prom ended her prom career;)...which makes her a little sad.
Lots of doors are many more are opening!
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Missionary Monday....

March 4, 2013

Jordan 8 

Great pictures from the Missionary Boy and Elder Botta in my email this morning!
Makes for a wonderful day!!

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