Mr. Potato Head

June 9, 2009

Mr. Potato Head, (aka. The Farmer) and I took a little drive.
Everything was very beautiful today. It was a bit
overcast...not too hot and the clouds were lovely.


I got a little lesson on potatoes today,
Mr. Potato Head was the teacher, and I must admit
it was interesting and I learned alot. The above picture is
the beginnings of many potatoes, imagine that!

Tractors working....
that makes a Farmer happy!

Watering...all kinds of wonderful things going on
at the potato farm.
We passed a nearby wheat was
beautiful...still a little green,
but beautiful!
A lovely afternoon with
(aka. The Farmer!)

We Are So Proud....

June 9, 2009

toria 027

Kitty Meow Meow.....
is a
We could not be more proud! There are two little kittens,
They live in the wood pile,
and he seems to spend alot of time with them.
Congrats...Meow, Meow!

It Doesn't Take Much To Make Me Happy....

June 3, 2009

I am not sure that The Farmer would agree...
Last evening I spent some time in my garden. It is the best part of the day for me.
Late is starting to cool off.....the light of that time of day is
perfection. It is a great time of day.
We are on round two with the garden....
It had to be "re-planted' because the dogs thought it was a wonderful
place to dig...and well I can't say that I blame them.
The garden soothes me, it must of made them feel good, becasue they
completely tore it to pieces. Anyway, we re-planted and everything is coming along
beautifully. I came across some lovely squash....some pefect onions....

Oh, and wow....some green tomatoes.
It seriously does not get any better than that ....
for me.

And so I began to plan my breakfast for the next morning...
Notice how I said....MY .....breakfast!

whole wheat bread 2
And so this was the menu...
Squash with Onions,
Lightly Fired Green Tomatoes,
Homemade Whole Wheat Bread,
a little cottage cheese.
It all ended with a few freshly picked
I am so very glad that summer it here!

Grace and Dignity

June 1, 2009

DSC_0420_edited-2 (2)

My Grandma died this past weekend. She is in the center of the above picture.
Grandma O. has been living with Grandpa and Grandma S. (my parents) for the last
couple of years. They made her a special spot in their home that she could call her own.
A lovely little apartment, where her space was her own, but she was cared for
24/7. I think she loved living there, Grandma O. She was not only treated like a queen,
with her weekly hair appointment and her regular manicures.
She was surrounded by family who included her in their every activity, they loved
her too. She was surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Could it get any better for a Grandma??
She always loved a little something sweet...last summer I shared some apricot jam with
my parents and very quickly she decided that a apricot jam spread on literaly anything
you may be eating at the moment....was a very good thing;)
The true tribute is to my wonderful parents, who treated her with such respect, and dignity.
My parents cared for her better than she probably ever cared for herself.
I am amazed at the love that they showed to her, the hours of service they
gave to her. They both made sure that she was as comfortable as she could possibly be.
They are the picture of grace and dignity to me.
They have set the bar pretty high,
and I thank them for that. I am grateful for their amazing example of complete
and total charity.
We are blessed as a family to call them
Mother and Father
DSC_0467 (2)
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