It Doesn't Take Much To Make Me Happy....

June 3, 2009

I am not sure that The Farmer would agree...
Last evening I spent some time in my garden. It is the best part of the day for me.
Late is starting to cool off.....the light of that time of day is
perfection. It is a great time of day.
We are on round two with the garden....
It had to be "re-planted' because the dogs thought it was a wonderful
place to dig...and well I can't say that I blame them.
The garden soothes me, it must of made them feel good, becasue they
completely tore it to pieces. Anyway, we re-planted and everything is coming along
beautifully. I came across some lovely squash....some pefect onions....

Oh, and wow....some green tomatoes.
It seriously does not get any better than that ....
for me.

And so I began to plan my breakfast for the next morning...
Notice how I said....MY .....breakfast!

whole wheat bread 2
And so this was the menu...
Squash with Onions,
Lightly Fired Green Tomatoes,
Homemade Whole Wheat Bread,
a little cottage cheese.
It all ended with a few freshly picked
I am so very glad that summer it here!


Pedaling said...

ohhh, yum!

Kara& Bert said...

Makes me hungry or tierd I am not sure. Cute pictures I can't believe Rooster is 12 does he still remember Rebecca? The girls are too cute and the pie looks yummy... I'll pay you to make me one :)

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

Your garden looks awesome! You must have planted earlier than we did because we don't have tomatoes or squash yet. We have some strawberries, but hardly any! I wish I had a whole field of strawberries. Strawberry fields forever... (I know, I'm corny)

Cathy said...

Jared and I often meet out at our gardens in the early evenings! I agree that it is the best time of day! WISH I HAD SOME STRAWBERRIES IN MY GARDEN!

Jeff's Wife! said...

Yummy! I wish my garden were producing already! Your bread looks beautiful!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh, I need to spend summer at your house.....what GREAT are like a true and living pioneer...making everything inspiring.

I need a garden that is good to dig in...TN soil is chunky and NO FUN. Oh, and did I mention the bugs that take all the fun out of spending time with the plants?

So glad to be 10 months prego this year with a GREAT excuse to skip the gardening....

But I want to come to your house for the food.

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