Our Thanksgiving...

November 29, 2011

(our traditional Gratitude Tree)
Thanksgiving was many things for us this year.....It was...
*a very tender letter from The Missionary Boy..to The Farmer...which invoked many tears..
*a full memory card from the camera of the The Missionary Boy...complete with a couple of short videos;)
*a Thanksgiving breakfast with family we don't see enough....
*a great Thanksgiving dinner prepared by Grandma Vicki....
*a trip to the movies Thanksgiving night...with all the cousins
*great conversation and great food shared with "The Brotherhood" and their wives
(I sure do like those brothers of mine!  They are an impressive group of men!)
*Shopping with PreShie
(found was the most fantastic Christmas dress I think she has ever owned!)
*a couple of chance meetings with two very dear friends I haven't seen in years
*another movie with my kids;)
*a special temple sealing where a cousins new baby was sealed to her and her husband
(it was the most delightful experience I have had in awhile...what a special little baby!)
*an early morning trip to the temple for baptisms...for the Darlings and their cousins,
followed by a yummy breakfast...
It was the perfect Thanksgiving weekend...filled with wonderful family...incredible food...
and a lot of gratitude for it all!!

The Farmer's Daughter....

November 22, 2011


(Thanks Aunt Kim...as always your photos are amazing!!)

He is smitten with her....and she adores him...
The best Daddy/Daughter relationship ever!!!

He Said He Was "Working".....

November 19, 2011

photo (14)

I guess my first clue should have been...when I overheard someone in the background...
(of a phone call) ask if The Farmer would like some more of the
"Flied Lice"....you know....Fried Rice.
It was then I knew...he was sitting in Chinatown having a meal...working????...
That is some hard work if you ask me!
photo (20)

The Farmer has spent this past week in the San Francisco area.  He covered alot of territory...and
got some important things done, as well as have a little fun.  He's good at that....
having a little fun along the way;)  It will be great to get him home!
photo (22)

Here are a few comments made by The Farmer's children this week....
*Hey...where's my Dad?
*(by the end of the week...) Hey...is my Dad coming home????
*Hey...isn't California the place you go to find "hot chicks"????  (oh wow!)
*...Can I call my Dad???.....why isn't he answering his phone???
*Why does my Dad only like Chineese food?
*Where is my Dad again???
From the looks of the above comments...you would think that The Farmer has been gone
for years!!!!  The Darlings really do miss him when he is gone....
And...so do I!!

This Makes A Mom Pretty Darn Happy!

November 14, 2011

Last week I found myself traveling for most of the week....although I love the city that we
traveled to...I am really tired of traveling!  I just wanted to be home with my kids...soaking them up!
While on the plane I checked my mail and this is what I found!
Another sweet family from The Missionary Boy's ward in England, took
a picture of he and his companion at a Halloween gathering and sent it to us.
It just made my day!
I sure do appreciate the love and kindness of the members in his area...they are taking
great care of him...and he loves them very much!
It was a Tender Mercy for a Mom who was missing her missionary Missionary Boy!

Today....Through Her Eyes.....

November 12, 2011








And...this is her!
Great photos PreShie!!

The Last Few Days....

November 8, 2011

I have done alot of this....
This was all in just a few days....
Auntie and the new hubby, had an Open House in Boise...
and a dear brother of mine...and myself...thought it would be fun to visit a place we had
never been...as well as support Auntie. 
I had never been to this part of Idaho and didn't really know what to expect.
I did know, however....thanks to The Farmer...that it was going to be cold...snowing....
and more cold.  When we arrived in Boise...it was in the midst of snow flurries...and it
was beautiful!  We spent the next day exploring the area....visiting....laughing..(alot)...
and exploring more!  It was a wonderful couple of days and I enjoyed so much...
spending time with a dear brother! 

Boise was just lovely.
We happened upon a Veteran's Day Parade...
a great Farmer's Market....


And some interesting causes that were seeking support.
p.s. it was a very interesting group of people who were signing the petition....and let's just say
they didn't look too sick to me....they looked pretty healthy and pretty happy!;)
The parade was well attended.  It reminded me how very much we do owe to
out Veteran's.  The open house was nice...it was wonderful to have long lost cousins arrive...and
even though years have passed....family is always the same...wonderful, supportative and just
a really great time!!  It was so great to catch up and commit to not loose touch again!
I was home for almost 24 hours...long enough to wash some clothing...and pack again.
The Grandparents S. arrived to hang out with The Darlings...and off I went again...
And now I am here....yes....again....and
Ahhhhhhhhhh, I do love Chicago!
Mexico.....Texas (El Paso, Dallas).....Kansas City....Chicago.....and in a couple of days...
I will do it all again!!!

It's All About The Burrito.....

November 3, 2011

Recently I have learned that the Eskimo's have as many as 100 different words to describe the
word "snow"....because it is such a big part of their lives.  Likewise, in this culture the Burrito
plays an equally important role in most every home......most everyday!
A burrito can be  filled with just about anything....and trust me....they are!
For instance in the southern part of Mexico, they are filled with crickets and stink bugs...
and according to The Farmer they really didn't taste too bad.  It's the thought that is painful!
When a burrito stand is exceptionally good...the word spreads fast.
In our town...there are MANY locations to purchase a burrito.  And while we are traveling
there are certain locations that we are sure to stop...because of good burritos.
Infact we have been known to find certain burrito vendors...in certain towns...because
after sampling many different vendors burritos...his are the best!
(But you have to arrive early in the day...otherwise you are out of luck!!)
While visiting with one of my brother-in-laws the other day, he asked if we had been to the
newly discovered burrito stand on the far end of town. 
 He told me where it was located...and told me that people drive
a great distance to eat a burrito from this place.  I asked him why he thought it was so good,
and he thought for a moment...and said he didn't really know why...just that the ingredients seemed
really fresh and the tortillas were made fresh each day.  Now....burritos are a very important
part of the food of this area.  They are simple to make...and they are eaten daily for
atleast one meal...maybe two.  Here would be an example.....
At our house, we very often begin the day with a Breakfast Burrito.
This would have eggs, sauteed vegetbles and a little bit of bacon or sausage.
The are warm and filling...and keep The Darlings...and The Farmer full until lunchtime.
Then for lunch, the working class take burritos with them to their various jobs and when
lunchtime arrives...a small fire is constructed and the burritos are warmed and toasted
over an open fire.  The Boy spent much of his youth in the orchards or on the farms,
working along side the "workmen"...he would never allow me to fix him a lunch to take...
but would tell me that the men would bring extra burritos for him to enjoy...and he would rather
eat those than anything else in the world.  He would then return home and tell me how very
yummy those burritos were...and I should really learn to make beans like the wives of
the men he worked with.  On days he wasn't working...or at school....he would seek out
burritos to satisfy his hunger pains.  He is a true conisuer of the burrito.
Ask him the best locations in our town to get a burrito...and he is sure to name serveral locations
and why each one was good.  When his mission call arrived...that was one of my first comments..
"Where will he find a burrito in England...???"
I am sure that is something he is really missing.
This new burrito stand has fast become our favoirte!
The Farmer's brother was right....they are very good burritos.  Just a little side note about
The Farmer's brother....he should really become a local food critic...in fact maybe he should
write a blog about our local food;)....He has been to most all local eating establishments....
and is happy to tell you which is good...and which is not! 
(just a suggestion....hehe!)
The Rooster's personal favoirte is...Papa con queso...and a little chile...
The Farmer's favorite is shredded beef..a la Mexicana....which he says is pretty dang good.
(I haven't eaten it because it is too spicy for me!)
The Frijol con Asadero (a yummy local cheese)...is always tasty....
And yesterday The Farmer tried the chile relleno burrito...which...again...he said was great!
(Frijol con Asadero)
Shredded beef....A La Mexicana....
The Rooster spent another day...yesterday...at The Farm thrashing the beans....he worked a
long and full day, in fact we couldn't find him around 7:30 last night....and after calling his name...
inside and outside the house...I walked into his bedroom and found him sound asleep
tucked into his bed.  He was a tired Rooster.
While The Rooster was working....we headed to the burrito stand and purchased several burritos
and took them to him for his lunch.  He was very happy when the burritos arrived!!
Burritos...a simple staple of life in our nieghborhood.....
And we sure do appreciate a great burrito when we find one!!

Thrashing The Beans....

November 1, 2011


Farming...if you had told me I would be a farmer's wife many years ago....
I would not have believed you!
In fact, my Mother very often tells me that she can't believe I am living the life I am living!
Some days it is really, really good...and some days it's not.  We have had our share of crop
failure...actually sometimes I feel like we have had more than our share!;)
The thing I do love about farming is the life my children have been able to live because of it.
They know how things grow.
They know that things live and things die...very often out of our control.
They also know what it feels like to work hard...and pray with all the faith they can
gather...that whatever we are growing at the moment, will be blessed to yield well and be protected from
the elements.  The Farmer has done a good job at shielding them from the stresses related to farming...
and his been quick to teach them gratitude when the harvest is boutiful.  Farming teaches many things
to children.  It teaches them frugality...It teaches them hard work....It teaches them faith.....
It teaches them how good it feels to be rewarded for your hard work. The Boy learned early on
how to take apart a motor and put it back together...and now is able to fix most anything that is broken...
I often say..."with a piece of bailing wire"....The Darlings know that this is a family operation and without
them it won't work as well as it should...that they have a responsibility to help.
Yesterday, The Rooster, had a vacation day from school.  As usual...he really wanted to spend his day
at The Farm...driving a tractor.  So, The Farmer heard his plea...and loaded him into his truck and
headed to The Farm.  What The Rooster didn't know was that Bean Thrashing was going on at The Farm....
and The Farmer had other plans for him.  Tractor driving...you bet....but that would be AFTER...he
helped with the Thrashing of the beans.  So, off they went...The Rooster with tractor dreams in his mind...
and The Farmer with hard work on his mind.
The Rooster spent the day picking up mounds of beans that had been left to dry in the field.  The mounds
were thrown upon a trailer...this is all done by hand...walking....scooping up a mound of beans, with a pitch fork...and then tossing it onto the back of a trailer...walking again....scooping again....well you get the idea.
This went on ALL day..and very often The Rooster would send a text message that would say something
like...."hey, I am ready to come home...can you come get me..."  to which The Farmer would
reply..."sure...in a little while....keep working..."  The Rooster got to take his turn driving the tractor that
was hauling the beans....but then...the other men wanted to drive the tractor too...that is the fun part of the
job...so he had to wait for his turn.  Once the beans were loaded, the tractor headed for the thrashing
machines.  By this time...it was early evening and The Farmer invited me for a drive to The Farm...it
was time to pick up The Rooster and bring him home.  When we arrived we found The Rooster on top of
the wagon...scooping the mounds of beans into the thrashing machine.
The Farmer said this on our way to The Farm..."You watch...The Rooster will be really tired from his long
day of work...but he will be happy and he will feel like he really accomplished something great!"
The Farmer was right.
The thrashing maching was blowing bean fodder everywhere!
And...I made the grave mistake of standing down wind...and found myself covered with fodder
in just a few seconds....It was very itchy!!!
As the beans run through the thrashing machine...they are separated...the beans go one direction..
into bags that are waiting...and the fodder is thrown another direction.  Later it is bailed and used for cattle feed.  Another lesson in farming...leave nothing to waste!
You can really see in the background of this picture how dusty it was!
The process was fun to watch...even more fun...was watching The Rooster feel joy for
his long day of working hard.
When we arrived home he announced...."do you know what I had to eat today??"
Knowing he had arrived at The Farm without a lunch...I asked "what did you eat today???"
Happily he replied..."two bean with cheese...two papa's con queso....(all burritos) and
they tasted really good!  I think they were the best I have eaten!"  And I replied...
"food tastes pretty good when you have been working hard...doesn't it??"
The Rooster replied..."Oh...yes it does!"
Once home...The Rooster headed for the shower....and can I just say...
the shower was FULL of bean fodder when he was done.....another sign of a good days work!!
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