Traveling South...Instead of...North...

January 31, 2012

It seems we are on the road most every week...usually heading North, which is a good thing for
me...that means I get to shop a little in stores I am familiar with.... and enjoy, it means I
get to savor a meal that tastes entirely different from the food found in my "neighborhood,"
A trip North is usually a pretty good thing.
So, last week as I was preparing for the weekly trip "North"...I usually have quite an agenda
prepared before the trip and a long list of "needs"....In the midst of gathering my "plan"....
The Farmer announced that along with traveling "North" we would also be traveling....
"South."  I quickly said never mind...I didn't want to which he replied..
"come will be fun....Chihuahua is a fun city!"  I said..."hummmmm....."
to which he said...."you never go with me to will be fun...I promise..."
And that is when the guilt set I agreed.  I think the reason I don't enjoy traveling
"South" is really because I couldn't find my way around Chihuahua City if my life
depended on it...and usually The Farmer is tied up in meetings so that leaves me....
tied up in meetings right along with him.  I knew that it would be the case this time too...but
The Farmer assured me that there would be great photography opportunities....and he would
take me to see some interesting "stuff."  So off we went....headed North for a very quick trip
to El Paso....after a couple of meetings we crossed the border once again...(twice in one day!)...
and headed to Chihuahua.  It is about a 3 hour drive from El Paso, but the highway is
really nice...unusual for Mexico;)  We soon came to a little town...and as we were entering
The Farmer began to explain that this little town was famous for it's Quesadillas....
How could you be famous for a Quesadialla, you ask???  I asked the same question too!
"It's all about the cheese...." he says.
The cheese is called Asadero, and it is made in that same town, which is also the home
to many very large dairies.  Which by the way was very obvious due to the sent wafting through
the air on a cold winter night;)  It was also around this time that The Farmer began to recount
many fond childhood memories of passing through this town...the Quesadillas he had eaten there...
and another fairly recent memory of he and The Missionary Boy...sharing a Quesadilla
moment together.  Now that one touched my heart!  In Mexico it is common for little
towns to specialize in one thing...and become famous for whatever their specialty is.  It actually
is one of the things that endears me to this country.  As we entered the "Quesadilla Town"...
also known as Villa Ahumada...I noticed that the highway was lined with roadside stands...
and there were many.....that were willing to make us a Quesidilla.
The Farmer selected the "stand" and we parked the car.  No need to get out of your car...
they come to you!  How many Quesadillas would you like????  Would you like to take some
Asadero Cheese home with you???  Would you like to try a Chile Relleno Burrito too???
(they are also famous for those too!)  And last but not least....Would you like your
car washed while you wait???  These are all questions that we were asked...having never left
our car!  How's that for service?  The Farmer Chile Relleno
Burrito...and Yes, one car wash!  I got out of the car and enjoyed taking lots of pictures..
and I must say...the workers enjoyed having their pictures taken too!
Along with the famous burritos and must also try the sauce made
with the very liquid in which the Asadero cheese was cured, mixed with green chile,
jalapeno and onion.  It was extremely spicy, but the flavor was yummy!
This is served as a salsa for your Quesadilla.  Every stand has their version of the
special sauce!  That is really what makes the Quesadilla extra good...the sauce!
It was a Quesadilla adventure like none other!
Just a side note...while getting my hair cut today...I was telling the hairdresser about the
"Quesadilla Town"  and she got a big smile on her face and began to tell me about her
own personal experiences eating there...raving about the "special sauce."
Each vendor owns their own Quesadilla cart...some are really decorated, with lights and
anything else they could think of that would help them stand out from the crowd of vendors.
If you are even in area of Villa Ahumada...I would highly recommend that you stop
and enjoy the experience of one their famous Quesadillas, complete with the special sauce!
Stay tuned...the fun of the trip is just beginning!!

Valentine's...Missionary Style!

January 27, 2012

I do love FHE....Family Home Evening!....I guess I feel like it is a gathering time...
when we are together as a family...a time dedicated just to us!  I am not sure
The Darlings feel the same...they moan alot when I begin reminding them...from the moment
they come in from school (Monday)...that FHE rules EVERYTHING else!
Truthfully I don't know why I need to remind them..after has been happening pretty
regularly for the last 20 years....
This past Monday I gathered items for us to use in creating fun Valentine's for our
Missionary Boys.  Cute paper...stickers...ribbon...everything you could imagine.  The Farmer
said it wasn't normal for boys to give boys Valentine's...I told him that rule didn't apply to
sons....he thought he was going to get out of it...but...he decided he would comply and began
making some of the most creative...yes, that is the word we will use....Valentines I have ever seen.

See what I mean???  Pretty creative isn't  it???
I guess it was his way of punishing me for having to make some Valentines!
I thought it was a pretty creepy Valentine....but
it is sure to bring a big laugh to The Missionary Boy.
PreShie got to work....her creative juices flowing...and came up with the sweetest book called
The Reasons I Love You....
The book is darling!
Sure to bring a tear;) 
My creation

She restrained herself and didn't use too much sarcasm...which is a stretch sometimes...;)
I will admit we had some great laughs while making the cute Valentine's.

We have another Valentine making party planned for Sunday...the plan is to
get the cousins together...they are a pretty creative group so I am sure we will have
great Valentine's from them.  It is so fun to get packages ready to send to England and to Ecuador!
It is more fun to imagine those Missionaries opening them up...and feeling a little of the
love we feel for them.  Yesterday The Missionary Boy completed 5 months of some
it may not seem that long...but to me....the time is passing and seems to pick up speed a
little more each day.
We have a few fun Valentine decorations around the house...
these little mailboxes were fun to make...I found the idea on Pinterest.....(I love that place!!)
Beginning Feb. 1, I plan to leave little notes for The Farmer and The Darlings each
day.  They are never too old for a not from their Mom...and Wife;)
In the dining room we have a few jars filled with candy...mostly
for the visitors....the cousins.  The ribbon garland is fun too!
I have many more fun things planned for the days that lead up to Valentine's Day...
Love is in the air!!!

A Few Little Updates....

January 24, 2012

We should begin with this update...(above)...because it has certainly been the most dramatic!
PreShie had to get her braces on AGAIN...due to some issues that had not been dealt with
when she had them on before.  So very sad!!!  So many tears were shed over this....
but finally she decided she would rather wear the braces for the next few months rather than take
them to college with her!  Great choice PreSh!!!  She did, however make a deal with The Farmer,
to have them removed for her Jr. Prom...and then promptly put back on the day after...
Oh...her Dad is a pretty good sport!  The good in all of that she only needs them for
a few months and she will have solved a lifetime of headache!
(might I add...she is just a beautiful with without them!!!)
Next update....
The "Chalkboard" the first drawing was made...The Farmer made the grave
mistake of not including ALL of the cousins in the "School of Cousin Fish"...and therefore had
several complaints, like..."hey...where am I???"  Especially after Sunday night when a major
part of the "School of Cousin Fish" were present in our home!
So after a little time at the "Chalkboard" the drawing is now complete and everyone
is represented....OH WAIT....
I can see he left off our "Missionary Fish"  Oh wow!  Looks like he will be spending some more
quality time at the "Chalkboard!"
Finally...our last update is that The Missionary Boy has been transferred to a new area....
drum roll please......two miles from his last apartment!;)  He admitted to being disappointed at first
but after a talk with his Mission President...he knew that there was a reason he was assigned to
that area.  He has a wonderful new companion from Cedar City...I have made contact with his
Mother which has been really fun.  The Missionary Boy is happy and thriving and that is all we
could ask for!  We love that Boy!

The Rooster's Eagle Project.......

January 23, 2012

The Rooster's plan has been in the works for a good while...we got a little distracted last year with getting
The Missionary Boy off on his mission....but we can now is done!!!
Saturday morning the youth of our ward met at the cemetery, which is owned by
the plant trees that have died...when he first counted how many trees he would need,
he came up with 80-100...he actually ended up planting 215 trees!
He did a great job planning....everything was taken care of before hand...the only thing we
were scrambling to find at the last moment was shovels...and that was just a lack of
communication....not lack of planning;)

The Rooster organized a team of men to dig the holes before the actual day of the activity.
They have a special thing that fits on the back of a tractor that acts like a drill bit, and makes digging
215 holes much more pleasant than if they were dug with a shovel.  The youth planted each
tree...and a water truck followed behind, and The Rooster water each and every one of the newly
planted little pine trees.  He will return next week for another watering.

The youth enjoyed begin together...they did a ton of work!  Along with planting the trees...they
picked up garbage, big stumps that had been removed and large rocks that were getting in the way.
It ended up being an entire trailer of debris.  Certainly you cannot work that hard without a juice and
doughnut Break...especially if they are Krispy Kreme doughnuts!  I had been in El Paso the day before and
brought back 6 dozen for the working crew to enjoy....and enjoy they did!!
After the activity we headed to a local burrito place that is a favorite...
and 70 burritos later...the working crew were all fed and happy.

I really do appreciate the attitude of the youth in our area.
They didn't complain...or I should say I didn't hear them complain...;)....
they love The Rooster and seemed happy to help with the project.
They worked really hard...had alot of fun...and made us proud!
They all said thank you for the treats...and for lunch....and I think if they had to
do it all again...they would!  They are great kids!!
One of the leaders said something like...hunger is a good means you worked hard!
They were tired and hungry....and happy!
The Rooster came home and after feeding and watering the horses...he spent the
rest of the day asleep on the couch!  I know he was relieved that it was all over....
Way to go Rooster!!!
**as soon as he receives his Eagle....he will also receive two palms for all of the extra
merit badges he has completed!**

A "Dog Day" At The Farm....

January 17, 2012

A "Winter" farm looks like this.
Tractors are working hard to prepare the ground for planting.
Water lines are being installed....tractors repaired....seed is ordered...
It is nearly as much work to "prepare" for a season of farming, as it is to actually farm.
If the correct planning is done, and preparations are makes for a much smoother season.
This year The Farmer's "new project"...we will call requiring a good amount of work.
It is a farm that has sat, uncared for, for many many years.  This year it will be in production again!
It is fun to see something come to life after so many years of abandon.
The Farmer told me a little story about this particular farm the other day that I quite enjoyed.
When The Farmer was a "Young Farmer" (around 12 yrs.)
 he and his cousin decided to organize themselves a  little business. They wanted to make
some $$$.  The Farmer's Father and his uncle were thrilled that
the young boys were interested in working and helped them get the information together to sell Frost
Alarms to the local orchard growers.  They contacted the company, a catalog was sent and off went
the two "Young Farmers" to try to make themselves some money.  In the community was a very large
peach orchard and cannery.  Certainly the "Young Farmers" thought if they could just get the owner of the
big orchard and cannery to purchase a frost alarm or two...they would make a fortune.  The "Young Farmers" grabbed their little catalog and made their way to the beautiful orchards of Rancho Verde.
Upon arrival, they were met by the owner...he took a little time to look through the catalog that the
"Young Farmers" had brought with them and after he by each of the models of
frost alarms...of all price ranges...and then he selected his frost alarms....
The most expensive model in the entire catalog!!!....$489.00...
(The Farmer says that would be the same as $3500.00 today...)
The "Young Farmers" just couldn't believe it!!  The most expensive one in the catalog!
But that The Farmer is a Farmer who has lived a little...he knows that the owner of that beautiful
orchard and cannery was a man, who saw two "Young Farmers" who were trying to work and earn
a little money...and what he was really doing was rewarding their efforts.  When all was said and done...the "Young Farmer" had money enough to buy his school clothes for the next school year and even a pellet gun!  What more could a "Young Farmer" want?!  It is a story The Farmer has
repeated to The Darlings many brings him great joy to recount it.  It is a cherished memory
of his childhood.  And I will say...that when "Young Farmers" show up at our house these days...
selling whatever they may be selling...The Farmer is quick to reward them buy purchasing all that they
are selling...or paying a generous price for whatever their product may be.  And now...all these years
later...The Farmer's new what once used to be the beautiful orchards and cannery
where he sold frost alarms as a child, so the story is even a little more fun to tell these days!


Yesterday was a dog day at the farm.
When these dogs even suspect that The Farmer's truck may be headed to one of the farms...
they will do what ever is necessary to go along for the ride.  They really enjoy seeing the world.
So off we went...taking pictures along the way...and the dogs had the best time ever!
Doing what dogs do best...sniffing things...chasing things...running along side the truck...
Boss the dog...has put on a little too much weight lately...and finds it a bit more challenging to get
into the back of the truck...after a few failed attempts he finally made it in...and I was lucky
enough to capture the moment;)

Dear People Of England....

January 12, 2012

photo (28)
(found in my email this morning!!!)

Dear People Of England....
Thank you for caring for The Missionary Boy....we miss him sooooo
much...but we can see he is in good hands!
Thank you for sending me pictures...there are days I pray for a picture of My Boy...
and it seems that they arrive pretty quickly after I say....Amen;)
Much Love....
A Missionary Mom in Mexico;)

Last week a dear friend...and mentor to The Farmer....was at our happened
to be a Monday...when the Missionaries arrive for breakfast and to do their laundry...
he greeted the Missionaries...and then said to them....
"Aren't you lucky that her (that would be me) son is serving a mission!....I think you get
extra special treatment because of that!"  He would know...he has had sons serve missions...he has
also been a Mission President...and he is right...the service we offer to our local missionaries is
a complete pleasure.....especially because we know that others are caring for our Missionary
Boy...."accross the pond..."
Thank you to the dear people of England who are loving and caring for Our Boy!
p.s. He calls me Mum now.....;)

Here We Go Again.....

January 11, 2012


I am pretty sure it isn't a good thing...that I am already behind in posting for 2012...UGH!
Our holidays are just ending...The Rooster headed back to school this past Monday...
PreShie is still home...she has another week until school starts for her.  By the time she returns to school, she will have had a 6 week break!  I LOVE having her around...but it does seem like it
is a little too long.  The Rooster is really mad about going back...especially since PreShie is still home.
The holiday season has been filled with lots of family time....too much eating...(but that has been
pretty fun too!)....and lazy days around the house.  It has also been filled with tons of radishes
and spinach...thanks to the Memmotts...the planning of The Roosters Eagle Project...which will
happen very soon....unfinished projects getting finished.....and goal setting for a new year!
Here we go again....2012!
While making plans for The Rooster's Eagle Project.....we found ourselves very close to The Farmer's
"new project."  Because a canal runs through this "new project"....he hired a man to move the canal
...dig a new one.  When The Rooster found out that they were using an Excavator to dig...he nearly
fainted;)...(not really, but he was pretty excited)....he quickly lost interest in the Eagle Project
planning and begged to head to the RV Farm (aka...The Farmer's new project)....when we arrived
the man who was operating the machine....who is a friend of ours....asked The Rooster if he would like
to do a little a matter of seconds The Rooster was comfortably seated at the
controls of this big digger.  He figured it out pretty quick....and proceeded to do a little digging.
He was pretty happy about the whole experience!  It was really kind of the operator to teach
The Rooster a thing or two about operating a machine that size.  It made his afternoon!
It has been a lovely holiday season.....we are looking forward to a wonderful year!

New Years....And...Inbetween.....

January 3, 2012


These dogs really have nothing to do with New Year's....but all through the holidays...if the tailgate
of The Farmer's truck came down...the dogs quickly hopped in.  So just to document our pets right now....we have 3 German Shepherds...Boss(the Dad), Bolt (the Son) and Bridget (the daughter).
The aren't mean...but in a group they can be intimidating.  Sometimes that is a good thing...and
sometimes it isn't;)  They LOVE The Darlings...and they miss The Boy.  Instead of The Boy having
a dog...or two..or three...these dogs...have a Boy. 
Back to New Year's....and activities in between....
Midweek...we headed back to El Paso for the wedding of a very close cousin...
On the way we found a great collection of Karins (below).
There is some very creative person who lives in the nearby town, who takes the time to go
along this very baren highway and build little sculptures.  I love it!!
More cousins arrived in El Paso to celebrate the wedding of sweet Jenna....the Lovelies looked
perfectly lovely!  They really are beautiful girls!
The reception had beautiful views of the city...
A great dinner was served...
Friends and family were out in full force...
The bride was stunning!
The dancing was great fun...
It was a great evening.
New Year's Eve found us at Uncle Dave's house...
TONS of yummy food was there as well;)  Not that anyone was hungry....after all we have been
eating non-stop lately.  That's the holidays for ya!
Nonetheless...we ate again...and visited (we do that pretty well too!)

Everyone enjoyed the chocolate fountain...especially the small people;)

The Lovelies were all decked out for the parties that they would be attending...
Aunt R2...gave them a make-up class that afternoon...and made sure they were looking good!
And they were!

The annual Bingo game took place downstairs...with the kids playing first...
And The Farmer was loaded down with explosives...which you and I both know...make a
New Year complete.  He had a great time making sure that anything in that little black bag...
that could blow up.....blew up!  That was a good time!!
New Year's day we switched meeting schedules and found ourselves in church at 9:00am...
and when the meeting began there were all of 4 benches of people there...but it filled up
as it got a little later;)  After church we met at our home for New Year's Day dinner...of
Mole', rice, beans, salad and Lemon Cake....YUM!
Later that night...the Annual Adult Bingo took place....and as was a great time!!

Christmas Day....

January 3, 2012


Christmas Day was a delight!
The Darlings slept in The Rooster's bedroom the night before which I thought was really sweet...
They woke up early...and did their very best to get The Farmer up....
The Rooster got the fire going in the fireplace...and Christmas began....
I really loved that Christmas fell on Sunday this be in church on Christmas Day just
seemed perfect to me.  Anyway...
The Darlings were please with their gifts from Santa....
and there were a FEW surprises...
The Farmer was surprised with a painting of his Great Great Grandfather...that he had been wanting.
The Rooster was thrilled with a saddle that The Farmer chose for him.
The Farmer was about this age when his father choose a saddle for him.
This will always be a special thing for The Rooster.



The cousins all got airsoft guns this year...with hopes of a big huge war....
a few small ones have taken place....thank goodness for protective eye ware and layers of
thick clothes....they have sure had alot of fun!
Certainly the highlight of our day was the Skype call from our Missionary Boy...
We went to church...enjoyed a lovely Christmas program filled with music....
Came home...Skyped with our Mijo Elder Jona...that was an extra special experience!
In the afternoon...we gathered as a family for a Turkey with all the fixins'...dinner....
and spent the evening visiting and enjoying remaining part of Christmas Day.
It was so fun to talk about our Missionary phone calls....having two of our boys on missions....
as well as our Mijo (Jona)....has been a great blessing to our family in so many ways...
to share the experience as a family....has been really wonderful!

Christmas Eve...

January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve began with the pre-phone call from The Missionary hear his voice!
Oh how I miss him!....I sure am glad he is...where he is!  He sounded great!
And then the cooking began....our traditional Christmas Eve meal is Pozole'.....which takes all
day to make...but very much worth the time!
We met at the church for the traditional ward Christmas party...where Santa makes an
appearance.  There were so many visitors this year...and so the cultural hall was full.  It was so fun
to visit and catch up with people we don't get to see very often....and it was even more fun to
watch the children when Santa arrived.  Next we headed to Grandma Christine's for dinner and
the cousins gift exchange.
Opening the gifts was complete chaos...but so much fun!  Everyone was just delighted with
their gifts...and the cousins who gave the gifts were equally excited!
The Pozole' was so yummy!
The soup is topped with cabbage, onion, cilantro, avocado, radishes and lemon.....
The soup was nearly finished off....
We also enjoyed more yummy tamales!
It was a great evening....
We returned home to end Christmas Eve by opening the traditional Christmas Pj's...
followed by a spiritual message to make sure we remember why we celebrate Christmas.
The Darlings had a hard time settling down...which made it hard for Santa to come....;)
Santa finally arrived...and we were able to settle down and get to sleep.
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