Our Day Began With Tamales....

January 2, 2012


Our day started with Tamales....actually that is what we had for breakfast.
It is Tamale season around here....fresh..homemade Tamales are readily available...and they are yummy!  This particular morning Uncle Merriner stopped by with a plate and they were
eaten up very quickly!  You know it is Christmas when you are eating Tamales for breakfast;)
The Farmer says a Tamale isn't complete until it has some Ketchup on top!
It was also Gingerbread House Day!  The Lovelies had already decorated their houses....
and young cousins were next.  They arrived excited and ready to decorate!
It has become a favorite activity during the holidays.
During the Gingerbread House party...it began to snow.
That thrilled the little cousins!  The Farmer suggested that if they would go into the front
yard and do a "snow dance"....it was sure to snow harder...and so they headed outside...
and danced.  It was snowing but not too hard...next thing we knew...the cousins were gathered
in the living room...kneeling in a circle and offering a very sincere prayer for more
snow.  Now that was a sight!

Not too long after ending their prayer...it looked like this...(below)
It began to snow...and it was beautiful!

And yes...The Rooster is in shorts....
Each house was decorated with great care and planning....
And when the little cousins left...there was snow on the ground....a dream come true!!
It continued to snow that afternoon...and into the night.  We enjoyed snow for a couple
of days...and then it was gone.

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LaNae said...

It's always perfect when it snows!

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