New Years....And...Inbetween.....

January 3, 2012


These dogs really have nothing to do with New Year's....but all through the holidays...if the tailgate
of The Farmer's truck came down...the dogs quickly hopped in.  So just to document our pets right now....we have 3 German Shepherds...Boss(the Dad), Bolt (the Son) and Bridget (the daughter).
The aren't mean...but in a group they can be intimidating.  Sometimes that is a good thing...and
sometimes it isn't;)  They LOVE The Darlings...and they miss The Boy.  Instead of The Boy having
a dog...or two..or three...these dogs...have a Boy. 
Back to New Year's....and activities in between....
Midweek...we headed back to El Paso for the wedding of a very close cousin...
On the way we found a great collection of Karins (below).
There is some very creative person who lives in the nearby town, who takes the time to go
along this very baren highway and build little sculptures.  I love it!!
More cousins arrived in El Paso to celebrate the wedding of sweet Jenna....the Lovelies looked
perfectly lovely!  They really are beautiful girls!
The reception had beautiful views of the city...
A great dinner was served...
Friends and family were out in full force...
The bride was stunning!
The dancing was great fun...
It was a great evening.
New Year's Eve found us at Uncle Dave's house...
TONS of yummy food was there as well;)  Not that anyone was hungry....after all we have been
eating non-stop lately.  That's the holidays for ya!
Nonetheless...we ate again...and visited (we do that pretty well too!)

Everyone enjoyed the chocolate fountain...especially the small people;)

The Lovelies were all decked out for the parties that they would be attending...
Aunt R2...gave them a make-up class that afternoon...and made sure they were looking good!
And they were!

The annual Bingo game took place downstairs...with the kids playing first...
And The Farmer was loaded down with explosives...which you and I both know...make a
New Year complete.  He had a great time making sure that anything in that little black bag...
that could blow up.....blew up!  That was a good time!!
New Year's day we switched meeting schedules and found ourselves in church at 9:00am...
and when the meeting began there were all of 4 benches of people there...but it filled up
as it got a little later;)  After church we met at our home for New Year's Day dinner...of
Mole', rice, beans, salad and Lemon Cake....YUM!
Later that night...the Annual Adult Bingo took place....and as was a great time!!

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Pedaling said...

it's always good to include the dogs!

beautiful girls!

looks like lots of good company and food and fun with fire!

Happy New Year!

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