Here We Go Again.....

January 11, 2012


I am pretty sure it isn't a good thing...that I am already behind in posting for 2012...UGH!
Our holidays are just ending...The Rooster headed back to school this past Monday...
PreShie is still home...she has another week until school starts for her.  By the time she returns to school, she will have had a 6 week break!  I LOVE having her around...but it does seem like it
is a little too long.  The Rooster is really mad about going back...especially since PreShie is still home.
The holiday season has been filled with lots of family time....too much eating...(but that has been
pretty fun too!)....and lazy days around the house.  It has also been filled with tons of radishes
and spinach...thanks to the Memmotts...the planning of The Roosters Eagle Project...which will
happen very soon....unfinished projects getting finished.....and goal setting for a new year!
Here we go again....2012!
While making plans for The Rooster's Eagle Project.....we found ourselves very close to The Farmer's
"new project."  Because a canal runs through this "new project"....he hired a man to move the canal
...dig a new one.  When The Rooster found out that they were using an Excavator to dig...he nearly
fainted;)...(not really, but he was pretty excited)....he quickly lost interest in the Eagle Project
planning and begged to head to the RV Farm (aka...The Farmer's new project)....when we arrived
the man who was operating the machine....who is a friend of ours....asked The Rooster if he would like
to do a little a matter of seconds The Rooster was comfortably seated at the
controls of this big digger.  He figured it out pretty quick....and proceeded to do a little digging.
He was pretty happy about the whole experience!  It was really kind of the operator to teach
The Rooster a thing or two about operating a machine that size.  It made his afternoon!
It has been a lovely holiday season.....we are looking forward to a wonderful year!

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Pedaling said...

That is a big machine for a Rooster!

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