A "Dog Day" At The Farm....

January 17, 2012

A "Winter" farm looks like this.
Tractors are working hard to prepare the ground for planting.
Water lines are being installed....tractors repaired....seed is ordered...
It is nearly as much work to "prepare" for a season of farming, as it is to actually farm.
If the correct planning is done, and preparations are made...it makes for a much smoother season.
This year The Farmer's "new project"...we will call it...RV...is requiring a good amount of work.
It is a farm that has sat, uncared for, for many many years.  This year it will be in production again!
It is fun to see something come to life after so many years of abandon.
The Farmer told me a little story about this particular farm the other day that I quite enjoyed.
When The Farmer was a "Young Farmer" (around 12 yrs.)
 he and his cousin decided to organize themselves a  little business. They wanted to make
some $$$.  The Farmer's Father and his uncle were thrilled that
the young boys were interested in working and helped them get the information together to sell Frost
Alarms to the local orchard growers.  They contacted the company, a catalog was sent and off went
the two "Young Farmers" to try to make themselves some money.  In the community was a very large
peach orchard and cannery.  Certainly the "Young Farmers" thought if they could just get the owner of the
big orchard and cannery to purchase a frost alarm or two...they would make a fortune.  The "Young Farmers" grabbed their little catalog and made their way to the beautiful orchards of Rancho Verde.
Upon arrival, they were met by the owner...he took a little time to look through the catalog that the
"Young Farmers" had brought with them and after he looked...page by page...at each of the models of
frost alarms...of all price ranges...and then he selected his frost alarms....
The most expensive model in the entire catalog!!!....$489.00...
(The Farmer says that would be the same as $3500.00 today...)
The "Young Farmers" just couldn't believe it!!  The most expensive one in the catalog!
But now...now that The Farmer is a Farmer who has lived a little...he knows that the owner of that beautiful
orchard and cannery was a man, who saw two "Young Farmers" who were trying to work and earn
a little money...and what he was really doing was rewarding their efforts.  When all was said and done...the "Young Farmer" had money enough to buy his school clothes for the next school year and even a pellet gun!  What more could a "Young Farmer" want?!  It is a story The Farmer has
repeated to The Darlings many times....it brings him great joy to recount it.  It is a cherished memory
of his childhood.  And I will say...that when "Young Farmers" show up at our house these days...
selling whatever they may be selling...The Farmer is quick to reward them buy purchasing all that they
are selling...or paying a generous price for whatever their product may be.  And now...all these years
later...The Farmer's new project...RV...is what once used to be the beautiful orchards and cannery
where he sold frost alarms as a child, so the story is even a little more fun to tell these days!


Yesterday was a dog day at the farm.
When these dogs even suspect that The Farmer's truck may be headed to one of the farms...
they will do what ever is necessary to go along for the ride.  They really enjoy seeing the world.
So off we went...taking pictures along the way...and the dogs had the best time ever!
Doing what dogs do best...sniffing things...chasing things...running along side the truck...
Boss the dog...has put on a little too much weight lately...and finds it a bit more challenging to get
into the back of the truck...after a few failed attempts he finally made it in...and I was lucky
enough to capture the moment;)

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Cathy said...

Cool post, Shelley! Back in the, when I was young, all the men took their dogs in the back of their trucks with them! I think it's awesome that Kelly takes his! Remind me sometime to tell you a funny story about a bog in the back of a truck! Also... love the picture of the tractors sitting in the snow!

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