Valentine's...Missionary Style!

January 27, 2012

I do love FHE....Family Home Evening!....I guess I feel like it is a gathering time...
when we are together as a family...a time dedicated just to us!  I am not sure
The Darlings feel the same...they moan alot when I begin reminding them...from the moment
they come in from school (Monday)...that FHE rules EVERYTHING else!
Truthfully I don't know why I need to remind them..after has been happening pretty
regularly for the last 20 years....
This past Monday I gathered items for us to use in creating fun Valentine's for our
Missionary Boys.  Cute paper...stickers...ribbon...everything you could imagine.  The Farmer
said it wasn't normal for boys to give boys Valentine's...I told him that rule didn't apply to
sons....he thought he was going to get out of it...but...he decided he would comply and began
making some of the most creative...yes, that is the word we will use....Valentines I have ever seen.

See what I mean???  Pretty creative isn't  it???
I guess it was his way of punishing me for having to make some Valentines!
I thought it was a pretty creepy Valentine....but
it is sure to bring a big laugh to The Missionary Boy.
PreShie got to work....her creative juices flowing...and came up with the sweetest book called
The Reasons I Love You....
The book is darling!
Sure to bring a tear;) 
My creation

She restrained herself and didn't use too much sarcasm...which is a stretch sometimes...;)
I will admit we had some great laughs while making the cute Valentine's.

We have another Valentine making party planned for Sunday...the plan is to
get the cousins together...they are a pretty creative group so I am sure we will have
great Valentine's from them.  It is so fun to get packages ready to send to England and to Ecuador!
It is more fun to imagine those Missionaries opening them up...and feeling a little of the
love we feel for them.  Yesterday The Missionary Boy completed 5 months of some
it may not seem that long...but to me....the time is passing and seems to pick up speed a
little more each day.
We have a few fun Valentine decorations around the house...
these little mailboxes were fun to make...I found the idea on Pinterest.....(I love that place!!)
Beginning Feb. 1, I plan to leave little notes for The Farmer and The Darlings each
day.  They are never too old for a not from their Mom...and Wife;)
In the dining room we have a few jars filled with candy...mostly
for the visitors....the cousins.  The ribbon garland is fun too!
I have many more fun things planned for the days that lead up to Valentine's Day...
Love is in the air!!!

1 comment :

Pedaling said...

Wow you go all out for this holiday.

I make a nice dinner- give the kids a little token of my love and call it good1

Love the missionary idea---will be pinning it to my missionary board! Thanks!

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