A Few Little Updates....

January 24, 2012

We should begin with this update...(above)...because it has certainly been the most dramatic!
PreShie had to get her braces on AGAIN...due to some issues that had not been dealt with
when she had them on before.  So very sad!!!  So many tears were shed over this....
but finally she decided she would rather wear the braces for the next few months rather than take
them to college with her!  Great choice PreSh!!!  She did, however make a deal with The Farmer,
to have them removed for her Jr. Prom...and then promptly put back on the day after...
Oh...her Dad is a pretty good sport!  The good in all of this...is that she only needs them for
a few months and she will have solved a lifetime of headache!
(might I add...she is just a beautiful with them...as without them!!!)
Next update....
The "Chalkboard"....now....when the first drawing was made...The Farmer made the grave
mistake of not including ALL of the cousins in the "School of Cousin Fish"...and therefore had
several complaints, like..."hey...where am I???"  Especially after Sunday night when a major
part of the "School of Cousin Fish" were present in our home!
So after a little time at the "Chalkboard" the drawing is now complete and everyone
is represented....OH WAIT....
I can see he left off our "Missionary Fish"  Oh wow!  Looks like he will be spending some more
quality time at the "Chalkboard!"
Finally...our last update is that The Missionary Boy has been transferred to a new area....
drum roll please......two miles from his last apartment!;)  He admitted to being disappointed at first
but after a talk with his Mission President...he knew that there was a reason he was assigned to
that area.  He has a wonderful new companion from Cedar City...I have made contact with his
Mother which has been really fun.  The Missionary Boy is happy and thriving and that is all we
could ask for!  We love that Boy!


Bethany said...

Preshy is so cute...even with braces! I love the updates. Glad to hear that Bubba is doing well with a new comp. Love you guys!!!

Pedaling said...

a girl that beautiful...I think I'd be keeping those braces on her till she's 25! ;)

and the nerve of forgetting to name some of the cousins individually!

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