Missionary Monday...A London Overload!!!

April 29, 2013


Peckham Zone

The London "Shard" DSCN9287

Celebrating his birthday with a cake he made...from the mix we sent...his only error?? He used Olive Oil instead of vegetable oil! He said it was a bit greasy!;)

Unexptected Trip To The Hospital...

April 23, 2013

The Rooster stayed home from school sick, a couple of days last week. I didn't think too much of it...his symptoms were very typical of the stomach flu. After resting for two days...he returned to school. Friday, The Rooster mentioned in passing...that he had a cramp like pain next to his belly button. He dear cousin Smackson;) quickly announced..."Rilia (don't ask me why they call The Rooster that name...but they do) that is where your Appendix is!
The Farmer preformed the reflex test on The Rooster...and sure enough he tested positive for Appendix issues. But The Rooster had plans...he was going to do a little hunting, and then some fishing...he wasn't going to be stopped by a his Appendix!
Saturday morning, The Farmer tested him again...hoping that the results would have changed...but no. Off we went to see a Dr. friend of ours, who also confirmed that more tests were needed. It didn't take too long to confirm that The Rooster did in fact need to have his Appendix removed!
Our weekend was spent in the hospital. The Rooster's surgery went well...but once the Appendix was removed the Dr.'s let us know that it would have surely ruptured within the next couple of days. We are sure grateful that everything went well. When he was beginning to wake up, after the surgery..
.he said LOTS of really funny things! Uncle Ping and
 Smackson really enjoyed asking him silly questions;)
Yesterday our house was filled with The Roosters cousins and friends...
checking in on him to make sure he was okay. He is in alot of pain...but he will be fine!

What's The Deal With Us And Fire...??????

April 22, 2013

photo (22)
So...we had ANOTHER fire. I guess it is just that time of year! Just that very morning,The Farmer and I were on our morning walk, and he commented that it looked like the men who work at the Solecito were planning to burn some old straw.
photo (24)
He then was sure to tell the foreman, that it wouldn't be a good day to do that since the wind was really really bad that day. And then we left the Solecito
photo (23)
A little later in the day...our local missionaries joined us for lunch. We always love having the missionaries around! Anyway, during lunch, The Farmer noticed that there seemed to be an unusual amount of smoke in the air and asked a couple of our employees what they were burning. The quickly answered that they were not burning anything...BUT...that the Solecito was on fire.
photo (10)
The Farmer grabbed the two missionaries...jumped in his truck...and headed toward the smoke. Sure enough...one of the haystacks at the front of the farm was burning. Two fire trucks had arrived and there was alot of commotion. I am not sure what he thought the missionaries would be able to do...
but they were there to see the big event!
photo (11)
The wind was terrible...the worst I have seen in some time. And that made it a whole lot more difficult to put the fire out. The fire trucks refilled their water supply a few times from one of the farm wells...The Farmer rode a tractor through the fire in an effort to break up the stack of hay and help it burn more quickly. It took alot of effort and a lot of men to finally get the fire under control.
The Farmer says that around 1000 bails burned. Sadly, they were the bails of a family
member who had asked to store them there.
  photo (26)
One thing I do know for sure, is when The Farmer and The Rooster arrived home after fighting the fire...they smelled really bad! Once home, The Farmer said... "I guess this is our annual fire!"
photo (19)

A Welcome Sight!

April 16, 2013


Not too long ago, The Farmer invited me on a ride...to visit each  farm.
He wanted to check the Peach Blossoms at each farm... so that he could anticipate what
would be needed to keep them safe and sound;) Although our Spring has been warm...
The Farmer watches very carefully the weather reports each day...
to make he won't be caught off guard with a cold spell.

When the Peach trees are in bloom...pink flowers can been seen everywhere. It is a beautiful sight.


After last year's complete crop loss in our area...
the sight of Peach Blossoms have never been more welcomed!
The communities are counting on a crop this year...and...
so far...so...good!


I never tire of taking pictures of the farms...whatever stage they may be in.
Whether they are waking from a long Winter...or they are preparing to
rest for a season...they are beautiful!


April 15, 2013


Last week The Missionary Boy celebrated his 20th birthday. He has left his teen years behind;)
(That is a direct quote from his last letter!)


His birthday was filled with special celebrations! One member who he has grown very close to, invited he and a few other missionaries to their home for a dinner, complete with a birthday cake.


The dinner was then followed by a Musical Missionary Fireside, which he sang in... and then a surprise song of "Happy Birthday" led by Pres. Millar...his mission president.


He said it was one of his best birthday's ever!
This gift was made by a dear member in a previous area... who for other reasons made a trip to his area...and was sure to stop by and leave a gift she had made for him. I am so grateful to the wonderful people of England who have loved and cared for my Missionary Boy!! He left us a boy...and will return a man...what an amazing transformation in a short amount of time!
His Missionary Grandpa said..."he is returning, a man of God..." and that touched my Mother Heart.
Happy Birthday to The Missionary Boy...
who we should probably call The Missionary Man...now!

Cousin Love Found In A Tie....

April 9, 2013


Our missionary letter didn't arrive yesterday...it makes me sad when we miss a letter! Late yesterday afternoon a sweet companion and very dear friend of the Missionary Boy...sent us a quick note letting us know that he would write on Tuesday...Today! And sure enough, a sweet letter arrived along with a couple of pictures. Close to two years ago, The Missionary Boy's dear cousin was serving his mission in Argentina. During a service project the Missionary Cousin ended up with a shard of metal in his eye and was quickly transported to Mesa for surgery. It was a very scary time for our family. The Missionary Boy quickly asked if he could go to Mesa to see his dear Missionary Cousin. His love and concern for his cousin was very tender. We ended up heading to Mesa so both The Farmer and the Missionary Boy could check on the Missionary Cousin. His surgery went well. Miracles took place and the Missionary Cousin healed beautifully. While we were in Mesa The Missionary Boy spent a little time with his Missionary Cousin, they talked and talked. When it was time to go, The Missionary Boy removed the tie he was wearing and gave it to his Missionary Cousin to use for the remaineder of his mission. After a little time of healing...
The Missionary Cousin returned to Argentina and completed an honorable mission.


Not too long after the Missionary Cousin came home he came to my house for a little visit. He brought with him the tie that the Missionary Boy had given him when his eye was hurt. The now returned Missionary Cousin asked if I would please send that special tie back to The Missionary Boy so he could also wear it as he completed his mission. I thought it was a very very sweet and thoughtful gesture. I packed it up...sent it to England and this morning The Missionary Boy sent me a couple of pictures... and named them..."The Cousin Love Tie!" In this picture The Missionary Boy is with an Elder from Argentina...who was in his group when he entered the mission field...who he loves very much. So that Cousin Love Tie has been to...Mexico...Mesa...Argentina...Mexico...and now in England. It will be interesting to see where that tie ends up!;) I am sure it will always find it's home with a....cousin!! *Just a funny side note...the tie is stained a bit but the Missionary Cousin was insistent that it not be cleaned...so it remains stained;)

When Your Hand Doesn't Fit...

April 8, 2013


This boy comes to my house alot. I love it when he is there!
He is one of my Darling Nephews.
In our home we keep several candy jars full of treats for visitors who may stop by.
Our local missionaries know that they are welcome to the treats...
and seem so happy for a little taste of chocolate;)
This young man is what you would call a frequent visitor to the treat jars.
He loves a little something sweet!


When I first put out the Easter candy...he quickly found out that the jar that held
the M&M's was a little too small for his hand to fit into. He said in a very concerned voice...
"Tia, my hand doesn't fit inside the jar..."
He had a really sad look on his face when he questioned me.
It was really pitiful! After he left my house that day...
I made a point to place the candy in a jar that was large
enough for his teenage hand to navigate successfully...
and boy was he happy! It makes me happy that a little trip to the treat jars...
makes his visit to our house a little more satisfying;)

The Morning Walk....

April 2, 2013

Morning Walk 

It begins like this....EVERYDAY!!
You would think that the dog family had never been on the morning walk,
 by their excitement each morning.
But they have...
They chase, they sniff, they run... you get the idea.

Flying Dogs 

The Farmer said yesterday as we were on our way home from The Morning Walk...
"why don't they (the dogs) just go on The Morning Walk without us???
I mean...they know the way just fine;)"
I thought it was a good question...

  Dogs at work

The Farmer has a farm well close to our house...and along the path of The Morning Walk.
They have been working in it lately...and he usually takes a moment
on The Morning Walk to check on it and see what progress has been made.
The dogs are usually looking for a drink about this point...

 well 1

It hasn't been water coming from the well...it has been alot of mud...
I am not sure they knew the difference...

Mud dogs 1 

Until...they dove right in!
It was like quick sand!
They returned home, very, very dirty dogs.
But smiling;)

MIssionary Monday...

April 1, 2013


He is doing great!
Monday mornings are the BEST!!!

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