A Welcome Sight!

April 16, 2013


Not too long ago, The Farmer invited me on a ride...to visit each  farm.
He wanted to check the Peach Blossoms at each farm... so that he could anticipate what
would be needed to keep them safe and sound;) Although our Spring has been warm...
The Farmer watches very carefully the weather reports each day...
to make he won't be caught off guard with a cold spell.

When the Peach trees are in bloom...pink flowers can been seen everywhere. It is a beautiful sight.


After last year's complete crop loss in our area...
the sight of Peach Blossoms have never been more welcomed!
The communities are counting on a crop this year...and...
so far...so...good!


I never tire of taking pictures of the farms...whatever stage they may be in.
Whether they are waking from a long Winter...or they are preparing to
rest for a season...they are beautiful!

1 comment :

Unknown said...

Beautiful. I pray your crops will flourish this year. I was so sad about the freeze last year.

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