The Morning Walk....

April 2, 2013

Morning Walk 

It begins like this....EVERYDAY!!
You would think that the dog family had never been on the morning walk,
 by their excitement each morning.
But they have...
They chase, they sniff, they run... you get the idea.

Flying Dogs 

The Farmer said yesterday as we were on our way home from The Morning Walk...
"why don't they (the dogs) just go on The Morning Walk without us???
I mean...they know the way just fine;)"
I thought it was a good question...

  Dogs at work

The Farmer has a farm well close to our house...and along the path of The Morning Walk.
They have been working in it lately...and he usually takes a moment
on The Morning Walk to check on it and see what progress has been made.
The dogs are usually looking for a drink about this point...

 well 1

It hasn't been water coming from the has been alot of mud...
I am not sure they knew the difference...

Mud dogs 1 

Until...they dove right in!
It was like quick sand!
They returned home, very, very dirty dogs.
But smiling;)

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