A Little More Love.....

February 18, 2013


It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a few sugar cookies....
LOTS...of frosting....
some fun sprinkles....
...and lots of cousins;)


In Case You Were Wondering....

February 13, 2013

photo (27)
If you are The Farmer...this is NOT a good thing!
There is a well close to our home that is used to water our nearby orchards. Recently the water level has dropped in this well which has made it unable to be used. The Farmer depends on this well. He hired a man that would...with his well rig...drill a little deeper to insure a good source of water.
Last week...just as we were about to begin FHE, The Farmer's cel. phone rang.
By hearing and seeing his reaction to the phone call...I knew it wasn't a good thing.
 He and The Rooster headed to the nearby well and found the well
rig pulled completely over. It is an extremely heavy piece of machinery...
so it was a complete shock for The Farmer and for the men
who own and run the rig. The Farmer said, that in all of his years of farming..
.he hadn't ever seen anything like this. Because it was getting dark,
there wasn't much that could be done until the next morning.
 So FHE continued;)
As pieces of the story began to come together...it was discovered that a  tractor that was
plowing in a nearby field, while making a very wide turn,
caught the cable that was being used to stabilize the well rig,
and pulled the rig completely over.
Early the next morning...a plan was made...
equipment was called in to help....
and the task of setting the rig back up, began.
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It wasn't an easy task...it too a long time...but finally the rig was right side up again!
Thankfully the damage that was sustained, can be repaired.
 Thankfully no one was hurt.
Let the drilling begin!!

Love Is In The Air...

February 11, 2013

Val. 2013

Valentine's Day is a big favorite at our house!
It started a couple of weeks ago with one of The Farmer's famous...Messages from the Chalkboard.
Only it left everyone who came by...confused. I guess we aren't that great a math;)
He was kind enough to do another drawing...which I will share on Valentine's Day.
When he completed the second drawing he asked me...
"can this count as your Valentine's gift???"...he was serious...

Our family "Heart Attack" is in full swing.
This really is one of my favorite activities of the year! I love reading the notes
everyone writes to each other. Some are really sweet and some are really funny!
We had a large group of teenagers in our home over the weekend...
they caught onto the "Heart Attack" activity...and I have found many
sweet notes that were left for us while we weren't paying attention;)

PreShie....oh PreShie....
this was her note from a few days ago. It was after a lecture on
how to be a more loyal family member...;)

021 We got the Valentine package off to The Missionary Boy...
our family Valentine Dinner is planned...and we still have a couple of family
activities to top off our celebration of love.
Love is in the air.....

He's A Gifted Cat-Handler...

February 6, 2013

And he is DARN cute too!!! Isn't he??;) That Rooster!!!
The Rooster has grown 5-6 inches in the last year...he has really changed!
His Missionary Brother is going to be very shocked when he sees him...now on to the story.
The cat...Meow, Meow (really that is his name) came to live with us several years ago... he was PreShie's cat. Well...the cat is crazy...
and that is an understatement!!
Everyone in the family has been attacked by Meow,
 Meow atleast one time. I think he sees us as prey.
He requires several bowls of milk during the day and if you do not get it quick enough for him...
he will "cat yell" at you until you move faster! He knows his bowl...he knows where it is kept...
and he knows the milk is in the fridge. So...if anyone in the family moves
close to the area that any of those three items are kept...milk is demanded!!
If you choose not to give him milk...he actually gives you the "evil eye."
I am not kidding!!!  I think we are all a little afraid of him so we
do what he demands of us!!
Meow, Meow does so many really crazy things...
one day I will have to write them all down... Everyone who comes
to our house comments on how huge he is...of course...
milk will do that to a cat! The Rooster has become our resident cat handler.
He and Meow Meow have what you would call a... Love...Hate...relationship.
The Rooster loves to chase the cat around the house...causing him to slide on the wood floors.
 Meow Meow isn't fond of that activity.
Not too long ago, I heard what sounded like a knock at my front door... As I opened the door...
there sat Meow Meow with a beautiful Dove in his mouth. He tried to come into the house...
I let out a scream and told him he was very bad...
and he ran away with his catch. Later PreShie told me that she had found this
 crazy study that someone had actually done about cat behavior. The study reported that
Cat's tend to hunt and kill more on Wednesday's and Thursday's and that they
 don't hunt and kill because they are hungry. It is play for them. It also said that
they like to show off their "kill" to their owners...oh wow! If you are wondering,
and I am sure you are...they day he presented his catch to me...
was a Wednesday...and he didn't eat it.

Winter Is A Gift...For A Farmer...

February 5, 2013

Winter is needed...Oh the wisdom of Seasons!
For The Farmer it is a time to catch his breath...at least with the farms and orchards.
For the land and the trees...it is a time for rest from growth and stress.
Kind of sound like life...doesn't it?
We all need a little "Winter" to rest at times;)
It is also a time for planting new trees...removing old trees that have finished their jobs...
and a time for the soil to be groomed for another season of growing.
. 004
This year at The Farm...an old orchard was removed,
and now a new orchard is being planted.
It is also time to prune the existing peach orchards. Fruit will grow only on new wood...
so the old is removed to make way for the new! Also, the trees are guided...
through pruning...to grow a certain way that will promote the best fruit production.
. 013
And this....this is hope.
Each little bud could possibly be a peach!
  That is what we hope and pray for!
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